Army Arrests 18 Syrians in Arsal for Illegally Entering Lebanon

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The army announced on Wednesday that it arrested over the past three days a number of Syrians in the eastern Bekaa region of Arsal for illegally entering Lebanon.

It said that 18 Syrians were arrested at Arsal checkpoints for entering the country with fake Lebanese General Security documents.

The General Security confirmed, after investigations with some of the detainees, that they had entered Lebanon through forged documents.

The Syrians confessed that they had each paid USD 250 for the documents.

On May 2, the army said that it had arrested seven Syrians for also illegally entering the country.

A number of Syrians have in recent months been arrested for attempting to infiltrate Lebanon through illegitimate means.

Ever since the Syrian revolt erupted in March 2011, Arsal has served as a key conduit for refugees, rebels and wounded people fleeing strife-torn Syria.



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Thumb -phoenix1 21 May 2014, 15:00

let me see the equation, the army arrest a bunch of Syrians, yet seems to fail to see the estimated million plus Syrians already in our country, plus the thousands more Palestinians that came along with them and the Kurds that tried to kill a Lebanese national, so what is the army waiting for, for the spark that will pit Lebanese against Syrian? Does the army have what it takes to contain that kind of violence if and when it happens?

Thumb ex-fpm 21 May 2014, 15:03

We also have over 100,000 iraqis who bought permanent residence in Lebanon @ a cost of 70,000 USD. They too will get the citizenship soon. Thanks HA

Thumb zahle1 21 May 2014, 15:09

I never knew you could buy permanent Lebanese residence. Anyone have the link to that form?

Thumb ex-fpm 21 May 2014, 15:13

When you bribe somebody, do you think you fill in a form or get a receipt:?)

Thumb cedre 21 May 2014, 15:26

exfpm, if u have info on those iraqis, please post, very interested, thanks.

Thumb Mystic 21 May 2014, 16:24

ex has a great way, to fill his little minions in with his own stories. Yet he has no proof behind his claims, pathetic as always.

Thumb -phoenix1 22 May 2014, 12:42

Ah Bani Maarouf has had another name-change, why didn't you send your little flies ya habibi? Trust me, I owe you no explanation, you live in your own world, in a world where hatred is the order of the day. To the best part of my understanding? You need professional help, believe me, I am but a simple writer in this forum, I am no psycho nor shrink, but I can all the same give you the advice that the sooner you get professional help, the better. I am worried that you will end up losing it altogether. For your own sake, listen to me habibi, you are now well at all.

Thumb -phoenix1 22 May 2014, 12:42

**You are NOT well at all...***

Missing karim_ 21 May 2014, 18:46

God bless the Lebanese Army!

Thumb FlameCatcher 21 May 2014, 19:15

Good ! Let them catch Hezbollah terrorists too illegally entering and exiting Lebanon with weapons !