FPM Holds Closed Doors Meetings to Tackle Presidential Impasse

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Free Patriotic Movement is holding behind closed doors meetings to discuss the presidential deadlock and the party's options.

According to the Kuwaiti newspaper al-Anbaa on Tuesday, the FPM so far held a series of meetings away from media spotlight in this regard.

Sources told the daily that FPM leader MP Michel Aoun insists on his stances and rejects any settlement concerning the presidential elections.

On Monday, Aoun slammed the presidential vacuum, saying it damages the legitimacy of other state authorities.

The Change and Reform bloc, which is led by Aoun, also announced after its weekly meeting that all legislation amid the presidential vacuum is “illegitimate.”

"Our priority remains electing a new president and reaching consensus over an electoral law.”

Lebanon has been plunged into a leadership vacuum after Michel Suleiman's presidential term ended on Sunday with rival political blocs still divided over a new leader.

Over the past two months the parliament convened five times to try to elect a successor to Suleiman but failed during the last four sessions due to a lack of quorum.

The political paralysis is mainly due to a deep rift between two rival camps over the conflict in Syria, the powerful neighbor that dominated Beirut for almost 30 years until 2005.



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Thumb popeye 27 May 2014, 08:06

closed door meetings, open door meetings, press conferences, blame blame blame, nothing will change the fact this ally of the terror party is ruining Lebanon's future for the sake of a delusional failed ex general.

Thumb general_puppet 27 May 2014, 08:32

Aoun is a failed military man & a failed politician. Hariri played him & left him wiggling on a fishing hook for two month's until the lunatic lost it at the last minute and blurted out the "power trinity" skit. The funniest part is that Aoun is still waiting for the phone to ring.

Thumb popeye 27 May 2014, 08:35

yes yes and if the phone rings he said he will fly to Paris and bring Hariri with him on the same plane back to Lebanon:)

Thumb general_puppet 27 May 2014, 08:54

MrsGMA said Aoun was going all out and purchased a white horse to make a more dramatic entrance... but Aoun is having trouble staying on it, maybe they should have also purchased a small wooden horse with wheels so that "The General of General's" could practice on.

Missing people-power 27 May 2014, 08:17

There is one solution to the Presidential crisis:

1. Appear at Parliament
2. Vote for a Presidential candidate (either name your own, or vote for someone else)

That may be too complicated for FPM members to understand

Thumb general_puppet 27 May 2014, 08:44

The FPM's voting procedures must be complicated, Southern said that I could not deduce it or assimilate his transmission :-)

Thumb general_puppet 27 May 2014, 08:21

"Michel Aoun insists on his stances and rejects any settlement concerning the presidential elections."... but please check in tomorrow incase the "situations or contexts change" to hear the Lunatics latest stances (as Flimflam puts it)

Thumb popeye 27 May 2014, 08:28

hehehe! "situations change, g_p. contexts change, but you have arrested development. i dont blame you."

Thumb popeye 27 May 2014, 08:32

g_p, did you know both southern and flamethrower love america and its freedom?

Thumb general_puppet 27 May 2014, 08:47

But that can not be... the US is the Great Warmongering Satan or are they the little Satan, I get them mixed up.

Default-user-icon Hanoun (Guest) 27 May 2014, 11:31

popular vote will stop outside interferences and will stop sterile political parties debates nd it will be 100% made in Lebanon and never we will have vaccum
and of course proportionality in parliamentary elections also
god bless democracy and only god bless democratic countries

Missing thatisit 27 May 2014, 12:25

let us hope the general doesn't deliver one of his usual brain farts behind these close door meetings and suffocate his boys!

Thumb gma-bs-artist. 27 May 2014, 16:32

The close door is a must when generating gas. FPM still doing their bit to increase Lebanon's gas wealth even during a period of vacuum.