Syrian National Seriously Wounded by Landmine along Northern Border

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A Syrian national was wounded on Tuesday in a landmine while he was trying to enter Lebanese territories through an illegal border crossing in the town of Debabiyeh in north Lebanon.

According to the state-run National News Agency, Syrian Abdullah Kh. A. was seriously injured in the landmine explosion and one of his legs was amputated.

He was swiftly admitted to Halba public hospital for treatment.

The NNA said that he was in a critical condition.

Since the eruption of the uprising in Syria in March 2011, security forces and the army have arrested a number of gunmen and individuals who sought to enter Lebanon illegally.

The Syrian army had laced the Lebanese-Syrian border with landmines in attempt to curb what it called arms smuggling and the entry of defectors into Lebanon.

Lebanon and Syria share a 330-kilometer border but have yet to agree on official demarcation.



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