Geagea: We Seek President who Won't Conspire against Constitution

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea accused on Wednesday the March 8 camp of obstructing quorum during the presidential polls, urging Speaker Nabih Berri to exert the sufficient pressure to persuade all lawmakers to attend elections sessions.

He said during a press conference at his Maarab residence: “We seek a president who won't conspire against the constitution.”

He added that the Free Patriotic Movement is obstructing the elections, noting: “My nomination bolsters FPM leader MP Michel Aoun's chances of being voted president.”

Commenting on recent March 8 claims that he is not a “constitutional” presidential candidate, Geagea said: “If I am rejected by half the Christian population, Aoun is rejected by the other half.”

“Surveys show that I enjoy the backing of the majority of Sunnis, while Aoun enjoys the support of the majority of Shiites. My support among Sunnis however exceeds his among Shiites,” he remarked.

Addressing Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's recent speech during which he stated that the resistance protects the Lebanese state, Geagea said: “Such remarks are unacceptable.”

“Hizbullah's current existence weakens that state and creates despair among the people,” he added.

“We want a president who will not conspire against the constitution or stab the state in the back,” he declared in response to Narsallah's demand for a president who “won't stab the resistance in the back.”

“We want a president who will demonstrate his loyalty to the Lebanese people,” continued the LF chief.

On Nasrallah's claims that he is a confrontational presidential candidate, Geagea responded: “Why am I considered confrontational? Am I not a Maronite? Do I not represent the majority of Christians? Do I not have a presidential program?”

Nasrallah accused on Sunday the March 14 alliance of fielding a “confrontational candidate” – Geagea -- to block the election of a "serious nominee” and seek the extension of former President Michel Suleiman's term.

Geagea's nomination was officially endorsed by the March 14 camp, while Aoun, an ally of Hizbullah, had stressed that he would only run in the race as a “consensual candidate.”

“The other camp's real plan was not at all the election of a president before May 25, but rather the extension of the president's term. Let no one say that we had obstructed the election,” said Nasrallah.

The next presidential elections session is scheduled for June 9.

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Thumb ex-fpm 28 May 2014, 13:48

Always the true Lebanese at heart, never waiver, never give up, never compromise.

Thumb geha 28 May 2014, 15:03

Hizbushaitan = baby killers
hizbushaitan = Iranian terrorists
hizbushaitan = shia extremists.
hizbushaitan = invaders of Lebanon.

Thumb theresistance4.0 28 May 2014, 19:34

Says the Israeli conspirator....lady Gaga loOked so nice in his Blue IDF uniform standing with his old master Sharon...Ahhh the good ol days as he calls them

Thumb -phoenix1 28 May 2014, 13:48

Mr. Geagea, you know as we all know, that M8 under Hezbollah's tutelage is seeking exactly what you and I fear most, a president that will be a Yes-Man to them, to the Syrians, to the Iranians, to the Russians and to God knows who more. They've accused President Suleiman of all inconceivable things, knowing that the man did his job as impartially as possible, but the truth is, that they are the most partial of people. And NO, Michel Aoun will never see that seat.

Thumb Mystic 28 May 2014, 14:19

Rather have a pro Resistance President than pro Israeli phoenix, that is the difference between us. We can't get along when you want a Pro Israeli to be President. We need a President that can sit down with both M14 and M8.

Thumb Mystic 28 May 2014, 14:26

Phil, if you consider yourself a "civilized Lebanese" then something is definitely wrong. You really think Israel cares about you? Or USA for that matter, all they see Christians as are collateral damages. You need to wake up, and see who is the real threat, and that is not The Resistance.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 28 May 2014, 15:21

Phil- Your words are pure poetry my friend. Pure poetry!

Thumb -phoenix1 28 May 2014, 20:38

Mystic, just for reference if it's OK by you, people like Elias Hrawi and Emile Lahoud, what should we call them? Twice in a row plus one with extension, what did they do but sell anything Syria wanted. Our farmers in the Bekaa, what are they watering our veggies with but sewage water and why? Because a lot of our water goes to Syria, and what about the Litani for example, have they both done anything? Why must a president that is not pro-Syrian/Iranian be a Pro-Israeli? Are we that short of choices? Right now, after Suleiman left, Suleiman was simply Pro-Lebanon, how about if we asked some good candidates to take his place, Demianos Kattar or Ziad Baroud, if they do not toe pro-Syrian/Iranian lines, will they too be termed Pro-Israeli? Just wanted to know. Thanks bro.

Missing forces 29 May 2014, 00:29

Why would you rather have a pro irani/Syrian president Mystic? We tried these already and we are no better off than we were during the war. Wouldn't you rather a pro Lebanese president from which the country can directly benefit and prosper? If I take one point in Geagea's program that is education. I would suggest the very same people that argue against his candidacy would gain the most and would be amongst the first to take up the new system. Is this a bad thing? Or let's talk about the conflict of interests any MP holding a portfolio cannot have conflicting commercial interests. Does this sound unfair and unreasonable? It seems many are argue against Geagea on one point only that is HA weapons which by itself is not a credible view to take. LF handed their weapons in much more dangerous times to Persue diplomatic means why does HA find this such a challenge if it considers itself Lebanese?

Thumb Mystic 28 May 2014, 14:23

The American days of hegemony is over. You need to seek new allies my friend phoenix, look what is happening to your brother Christians in Syria, what has Mr. Geagea done for them? Nothing.

Thumb Mystic 28 May 2014, 19:27

Was that your own comment? Or did someone make you send it? I would go with the second. Always with the American garbage about Shia and Visas when they are out of arguments. Let annoying texas say that himself next time, instead of his other account.

Thumb Mystic 28 May 2014, 19:28

Roar, these minions has a desperate way of claiming everyone on Naharnet lives in the US. But that amuses me, what they don't know is good for the rest of us.

Missing forces 29 May 2014, 00:39

Mystic I read your comments and it appears you like comparing apples to oranges. The Christians in Nigeria and in Pakistan and and... Are being persecuted also. Have you just turned lebanon into a superpower and want it to do what the Americans do in the name of protecting free speech and human rights? These are all sad events and must be challenged but why have you burdened lebanon with these tasks. We want a president who is strong and can strengthen our country so that any diplomatic pressure we exert their way carries some weight. Diplomacy does not come at the end of a gun as you so often insist the USA is doing, but rather from a position of strength from within.

Default-user-icon Hanoun (Guest) 28 May 2014, 13:48

as democratic as you are mr geagea as long you are voted democratically as the head of the LF do the same for the presidency
lets have a popular vote since you represent the majority of Christians
btw even in your so called party you excluded the old combattants how can you be a president for all Lebanese and you exclude a majority and the founders of the LF
set your house democratically before giving lessons

Thumb hanibaal 28 May 2014, 14:09

Unfortunately, the strength of an armed group that surpasses that of the state renders the constitution superfluous. And when that armed group pledges allegiance, not only in word, but in the blood of its "martyrs" to foreign despots, it becomes evident that the military strength is coupled with steadfast zealotry. The name of the block is "Loyalty to the Resistance" rather than "Loyalty to Lebanon." The group seeks the loyalty of all the Lebanese helots, including that of the president. The president has to pledge allegiance to them! There is only one enemy: anyone who is painted as opposing the group. The same mercenary can be told to kill his compatriot, and then sent off to a foreign land to kill the "enemy." Welcome to Hizbullastan.

Thumb -phoenix1 28 May 2014, 20:41

Hanibaal, yours is an excellent post, a situation that I personally kept stating for so long. Thanks for bringing it up again, many need to be made aware of this.

Thumb hanibaal 29 May 2014, 06:52

Thank you Phoenix. They made it clear that no one will see the presidency unless loyal to the "Resistance." La raison du plus fort...

Default-user-icon kimye (Guest) 28 May 2014, 14:28

Aoun and Geagea split the Christians in half, both parties agree to this.
Geagea is "not constitutional" because the Shiites don't support him.
Aoun is "constitutional" although the Sunnis or Druses don't support him.
Logical reason for M8 not to secure quorum if you live in the Bizarro world.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 28 May 2014, 15:40

actually they have elections every 4 years. Are you planning on running for the next one?

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 28 May 2014, 15:42

sorry Kimye. this comment was not directed towards you. I do agree with everything you said though.

Default-user-icon achrafieh (Guest) 28 May 2014, 14:42

Mr geagea how long have you been the head of Lebanese forces and can you help us to remember your election date ?if any
and how many elections you had to stay head of Lebanese forces such a long time ?
god bless democracy

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 28 May 2014, 16:01

actually they have elections every 4 years. Are you planning on running for the next one?

Default-user-icon wamos (Guest) 28 May 2014, 16:21

actually there were no LF for twelve years did you girls forget the syrian occupation?

Missing Ghazanfar 28 May 2014, 16:46

Confusion will be their epitaph

Missing peace 28 May 2014, 18:08

LOL look at the one supporting a party whose leader is elected for life! and he pretends lecturing others about democracy! what a jerk!

Thumb beiruti 28 May 2014, 15:29

The problem here is context. Geagea wishes to engage in an electoral process where he can accept that 49% of the vote in Parliament will go to someone other than himself.
Aoun, on the other hand wishes to engage in a consensus process where he has the support of all parties so that no one will oppose his election.
So the divide is not just between the Aouni and the LF, but even on the process in which they are participating. Geagea knows that he does not have the support of everyone, but maybe of the majority. Aoun still thinks that he has the support of everyone, when he does not and does not need 100% support, only 51%, but he does not want 49% opposed to him.

Default-user-icon Uzbengo Distekan (Guest) 28 May 2014, 15:31

As one retard (among those Drs. Arteena Satleh who bounce and clap like the retards that they are at every twitch of his lifeless right arm and useless lips) says, 7akim wbasssss!

Thumb beiruti 28 May 2014, 15:32

This is the old mentality where leaders fear a fifth column of dissenters, people who want someone other than the Fuhrer constitute an existential threat to his government. In tribal societies, maybe so, but for a modern republic, it is absolutely necessary to have an active legitimate opposition party so as to give the people a choice at election time. If one leader fails the people are free to choose another.
Under the Aoun paradigm, if the leader fails, he continues to govern because there is no other alternative. This is the Assad model of government.

Default-user-icon mazen (Guest) 28 May 2014, 15:54

This man has committed crimes against humanity. the fact that he is free is shameful for Lebanon. the fact that he is free, and running for president is a filthy twist of fate that reflects the filth that is Lebanon. You should all be ashamed, maybe not as you are all shameless and probably deserve what you get.

Default-user-icon ekshkin (Guest) 28 May 2014, 16:13

bashir gemayel was also called a criminal by people like you and flamer and ran and was elected

Missing coolmec 28 May 2014, 16:24

Your post above makes sense only if you include ALL of our current leaders in your list of crimes against humanity. it is easy and misleading to accuse geagea of crimes against humanity because he is a controversial figure. Can you deny the fact that Jumblatt, Berri, Frangieh etcc have committed crimes against humanity? The only difference between Geagea and the rest is the fact he served time while the others did not but they are still as guilty. it is worth mentioning that geagea served time for political reasons. Although I am not a geagea supporter but I give him credit for standing up for his political convictions unwavering unlike the others who have chosen the path of obstruction namely the lunatic Aoun

Missing peace 28 May 2014, 23:36

hey FPM thingie! "try to convince us with facts,"
where are your facts? you only spend your miserable time insulting others... facts? none, inexistant like your brain...

i give facts but not to you, no need to spend time on an arse like you!
the day you respect others i will respect you, till then you deserve only the filthy language your were taught in your slums...

Default-user-icon mazen (Guest) 28 May 2014, 16:52

Indeed the_roar. He killed with his own hands. And the difference between him and others(who ordered their thugs to kill) coolmec is that he runs for President!! And no one seems to mind?? I do not personally agree with the program of LF; however I will respect their choice had they put forward someone (CLEAN) for the post of president. Even Mrs Gea Gea could have been acceptable (border line, as she is married to a criminal) But GEA GEA himself? This is an insult to all of us who lived through the civil war, lost loved ones, lost a home (and how many of us had lost their home more than once?)

Missing coolmec 28 May 2014, 17:31

the roar
you are implying that geagea did that while the other leaders acted in self defense. I am not sure of that but still your example is somewhat misleading. The truth is that all of the above have been guilty one way or another. implying that geagea killed in cold blood while the others acted in self defense is simply wrong. they are all criminals period

Missing coolmec 28 May 2014, 17:32

by the way I am not defending him I am simply saying they are ALL criminals and ALL should be eliminated from politics and tried for crimes against the Lebanese people

Missing peace 28 May 2014, 18:43

"Another 21 people died on Wednesday in another wave of barrel bomb strikes on Mghayer,
Nine children figured among the dead"

and this pussy cat is the regime you support... so let us laugh at your concerns for children, ya hypocrit ....

but you still defend this filth LOL

Missing peace 28 May 2014, 21:03

hey kiddo! go and play with your ball and leave things you do not understand to grown ups...

nighty night kiddo....

Default-user-icon orna (Guest) 28 May 2014, 22:38

ado g'day mate resisting much?