Syria Conflict Costs Lebanon $7.5 Bln

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The conflict in Syria has cost Lebanon $7.5 billion as it struggles to cope with hosting more than a million refugees from the neighboring country, according to World Bank chief Jim Yong Kim.

"We estimated last summer that the impact of the crisis on Lebanon was $7.5 billion," Kim said late on Sunday in the Saudi city of Jeddah, which he visited in the first stop of a regional tour.

He said the conflict has had a "profound" impact on Lebanon and Jordan, which also hosts around 600,000 Syrian refugees.

The conflict that broke out in March 2011 with demonstrations against the regime of President Bashar Assad descended into a civil war that has killed more than 160,000 people, and driven millions from their homes.

Kim said the World Bank is trying "as much as possible" to help the two countries that host the largest Syrian refugee populations.

Lebanon's gross domestic product dropped 2.9 percent annually between 2012 and 2014, according to World Bank estimates, while 170,000 Lebanese fell into poverty and the unemployment rate doubled to more than 20 percent.

The World Bank warned that refugees in Lebanon and Jordan are putting extra strain on services such as water, electricity, waste disposal, primary education and health, while increasing competition for scarce jobs.

"The international community needs to step up its support to the Jordanian and Lebanese hosting communities," said Kim in the statement. "The people of these countries have demonstrated unprecedented generosity. They should not be left to shoulder this crisis alone."

After visiting Saudi Arabia, Kim will travel to Lebanon and Jordan.

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Thumb theresistance4.0 02 June 2014, 18:05

Must have been all the "Milk and Blankets" Sakr and Harrir where giving at the inception of this "revaluation" supporting the head chopping organ eating democratic loving Rebels! Money well spent Harrir/Saudi/Turkey/Qatar/ and the good ol US of A :)

Thumb iamymasterscard 02 June 2014, 18:20

Three year old Syrian conflict costs Lebanon $7.5 Bln
One month long laou kountou a3lam 2006 war costs Lebanon $10 Bln and 2000 dead
Hassan claiming victory, priceless!

Thumb .mowaten. 02 June 2014, 18:58

if that's all you can see in those major historical events, i pity you.

Thumb cedre 02 June 2014, 19:08

what i can see is hizbIran bringing destruction to lebanon and syria for khamenei's interest, dont worry, u're time will come ya Hizb-al-Mut3a

Missing peace 02 June 2014, 19:15

sure mooowaten... hezbi and syrian Madness brought those costs on the country... and who is paying? certainly not those at the root of the problem but the lebanese citizen who asked nothing!

assume it like a man for once....

Thumb cedre 02 June 2014, 23:45

sorry ft, i forgot mentionning qassem soleimani, my bad...

Thumb .mowaten. 03 June 2014, 06:59

cedre dont think everyone is as stupid as you, you started your sentence addressing me and ended it saying "u're time will come ya Hizb-al-Mut3a". despite the appalling spelling, it's pretty clear what you were trying to say.

and like the takfiri slime you defend, i see you dont even have the backbone to stand for your words, trying to sneak out of it as soon as you said it.

Thumb .mowaten. 03 June 2014, 07:02

and lol gotta love peace's comment. poor guy cant read, doesnt understand a word anyone says, doesnt realize nobody is talking to him and still thinking he's the center of the world.

Thumb .mowaten. 03 June 2014, 17:17

another comment that vanished, while cedre's remain:
"lol you think your threats or insults impress me? pathetic takfiri slime, all you are good for is hate speech, and threats and insults from afar.
and i wish i could show you a burial of takfiri slime, but sadly nobody bothers burying or mourning them, not even their families.
they are just left to rot on the ground."

Missing peace 02 June 2014, 18:22


Thumb chrisrushlau 02 June 2014, 18:59

Give Shiites equal rights in Lebanon and your terror will go away.

Missing peace 02 June 2014, 19:13

always a good laugh and entertainement with bashar's cheerleader!

Thumb FlameCatcher 02 June 2014, 19:44

@Mowaten : The war in Syria was caused by Bashar el Assad fighting a legitimate democratic opposition with terror, bullets and bombs. What happened next is he opened the doors of hell by having terrorist groups infiltrate the opposition and Hezbollah joining the game as mercenary terrorists !

Missing karim. 02 June 2014, 19:55

Make Saudi Arabia pay us then. This is the fault of them and their terrorism.

Thumb .mowaten. 03 June 2014, 07:04

already when it happened i thought it made no sense, it was clearly made to provoke a reaction against the regime. now when I see what takfiri slime are doing in broad daylight, i dont have a doubt anymore that they were the ones who killed and butchered Hamza.

Thumb .mowaten. 03 June 2014, 06:55

"legitimate democratic opposition" hahahahhaha