Salam Losing Patience over Cabinet Power Row

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A row in the cabinet over a mechanism regulating the government’s work during the ongoing presidential vacuum caused Prime Minister Tammam Salam to express irritation, stressing that it would tarnish the image of the executive authority.

“I am a very patient person but am also clear. I will hold onto the implementation of the constitution,” Salam said, according to media reports published on Wednesday.

As Safir newspaper reported that the premier “will not endure any longer the abnormal situation,” pointing out that he is keen to resolve the dispute during the upcoming cabinet session.

“He will take a firm decision if solutions were out of reach,” the report continued.

Tuesday's cabinet session failed anew to resolve the dispute among the political arch-foes over the mechanism that should regulate the work of the government during the presidential vacuum.

Al-Liwaa newspaper reported that a verbal spat occurred between Free Patriotic Movement Minister Jebran Bassil and another minister, who wasn't named, over the vacuum.

Bassil stressed during the session the importance of electing a new head of state, prompting a minister to wonder if the “cabinet is responsible for the vacuum,” rejecting attempts to paralyze the work of the cabinet.

The cabinet had convened last week for the first time after the end of ex-president Michel Suleiman's term. The parliament has failed to elect a successor to Suleiman -- whose six-year term ended on May 25 -- despite having held five electoral sessions for that purpose.

The presidential vacuum raised fears that it would affect Lebanon's power-sharing agreement under which the president should be a Maronite, the premier a Sunni and the speaker a Shiite.



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Thumb geha 04 June 2014, 08:31

elect a President!

who heard of a country without a president?

Missing coolmec 04 June 2014, 09:42

right on!! shame on these corrupt politicians who cannot even elect a president and they are still bickering

Thumb Mystic 04 June 2014, 09:43

Depends on which President. Not someone like Geagea, that will take Lebanon to the stone age. Or make us become part of Israel for that matter.

Thumb popeye 04 June 2014, 10:04

ok good, then have your MPs go to parliament and elect someone other than Geagea. Did you hear me?

Thumb Mystic 04 June 2014, 11:07

Vacuum until a realistic President can be chosen. Accept it and quit your whining.

Thumb popeye 04 June 2014, 11:09

I said, did you hear me????

Missing greatpierro 04 June 2014, 10:30

Rather be part of Israel than Iran or Syria.

Missing greatpierro 04 June 2014, 10:32

Syria has been responsible of death of Palestinian, lebanese and Syrian thousands time more than Israel.

Thumb Mystic 04 June 2014, 11:08

Yes ofcourse you want to be part of Israel. Thank you for sharing

Thumb cedre 04 June 2014, 14:44

pierro is right with the number of victims...
Israel says what it wants, Iran do taqiya, pretend to want to free alqods, meanwhile kill sunnis in baghdad and dimashq...

Thumb Chupachups 04 June 2014, 16:17