Patriarch: Failure to Hold Presidential Elections Harms the People

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi stated on Friday that holding the presidential elections is necessary because it is closely linked to the people's daily living and future, the state-run National News Agency reported.

The Patriarch's comments came during a visit to Adonis.

“Staging the presidential elections is not a luxury nor a political activity, and it should not be undermined. It is closely related to the fate of people and their daily livelihood and future,” said al-Rahi.

The political rift “which led to the elections' failure, is also leading the people to impoverishment and living and economic deterioration. It is pushing them to migrate knowing the dangerous repercussions of migration,” the Patriarch concluded.

Lebanon witnesses currently a vacuum in the presidential post, as the parliament failed over five sessions to secure quorum to elect a successor to former President Michel Suleiman.

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Missing peace 06 June 2014, 16:41

are there any politicians caring about Lebanon Aslan?... they are all caring for their seats and their masters interests... if lebanese get harmed in the process they do not care, with the blessing of their sheep followers....

Default-user-icon Templar (Guest) 06 June 2014, 23:50

National pact Re-visited

Maronite Leaders must mend their own personal differences, which undeniably is at the root of the Maronite split. Unable to do so, Mr Gemayel, Mr Frangieh, Mr Geagea, and Mr Aoun, among others who continue to be burdened by vendetta, should be persuaded to vacate their leadership positions, go in exile, for have failed to reach a unified objective suitable for ALL Maronites.

These disappointing relics are unwilling to strike a deal, for fear of losing tribal authority. If Gemayel, Frangieh, Geagea, and Aoun are serious about protecting the Maronite role within National Pact, then they should clear the stage for an untarnished Younger Generation of Maronite leaders, FREE from foreign influence, willing an able to negotiate a better share of the National Entity. Anything less, would weaken the Maronite role and precipitate the brain drain from Lebanon. History will never forgive.