ISF Arrests ‘Satellite Dish Worker’ for Robbing Houses

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Internal Security Forces said Saturday that it arrested a robber after catching him red-handed at a house in Beirut, but his accomplice was still on the run.

An ISF Intelligence Branch patrol apprehended M.Q. while he was robbing the home in the Ramlet al-Bayda district, claiming he was a satellite dish worker.

The ISF said in its communique that M.Q. and the other man were specialized in convincing people that they could decode TV channels to allow residents to watch the World Cup matches.

But one of them would go to the roof of the building and the other would enter the house and steal whatever he could carry, it added.

M.Q., a former inmate, admitted that he has previously carried out similar robberies.

The ISF asked the people who have fallen victim to their robberies to head to the Barbar al-Khazen barracks in Beirut’s Verdun neighborhood to identify the thief.

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Missing karim. 07 June 2014, 20:11

Probably another February 14 Al Qaeda sympathizer.

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karim i think u rone of them

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funny you criticized bustani but not karim holding same sectarian hatred...
i guess you are only picking the post that suits your BS to appear smart when you are only a useless worm....

you are a hateful bajam too so the day you ll be objective you ll be credible and respectable till then you only deserve scorn and spit....