Hizbullah, FPM Hit Back at Soaid over Lassa, Slam 'Sectarian Incitement'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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Hizbullah and the Free Patriotic Movement snapped back Sunday at March 14 General Secretariat Coordinator ex-MP Fares Soaid over the land row in Lassa, with Change and Reform bloc MP Simon Abi Ramia describing him as one of the politicians “who cannot survive unless they see blood.”

“Disputes in the area started in 1992 and there had been disagreements over land since 1936. Back then there was no FPM, General (Michel) Aoun or (Hizbullah chief) Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah,” Abi Ramia said at a press conference.

And in 1994, “an attack took place against Lassa's bishop and the surveying process stopped, but back then the region's MPs were not Simon Abi Ramia, Walid Khoury or Chamel Mozaya,” the lawmaker added.

“On November 15, 2013, (then-interior) minister (Marwan) Charbel went to Lassa and announced the start of obligatory surveying, and we were reassured by the developments,” Abi Ramia went on to say.

He stressed that since November 2013 the FPM and Hizbullah have been calling for legal measures against anyone committing any violation, noting that a panel had embarked on surveying the land lots before its work was suspended.

Clarifying the current dispute, Abi Ramia said “a Lassa resident called Yasar al-Meqdad has an official document that had been certified by Jbeil's district officer, the union of Jbeil's municipalities and Lassa's mayor.”

“When he started the construction works in 2011, the (Maronite) diocese said his document was not based on any legal ground and lawsuits were filed. Seven hearings were held but they were not attended by all parties and the construction was halted,” the MP added.

“In recent days, Yasar al-Meqdad sought to build a ceiling, the thing that contradicts with the Lebanese judiciary's rulings, and as far as I know, the decision (to build the ceiling) was not taken by Hizbullah's Shoura Council,” Abi Ramia said sarcastically.

He revealed that he communicated with Hizbullah and its MPs and "they stressed the need to implement the law."

"Everything that is being said about a cover from the FPM and Hizbullah for the violation is incorrect," Abi Ramia emphasized.

On Friday, Mount Lebanon Public Prosecutor Judge Claude Karam had launched a probe into allegations that residents began constructing a building on a property claimed by the Maronite church in Lassa, amid a judicial order to demolish everything built on the property Number 61, which Yasar al-Meqdad has used.

Real property Number 61 is claimed by the Maronite Patriarchate.

On Saturday, Soaid said Hizbullah and Aoun are to blame for any repercussions that might arise from the land row.

“There is an attempt to turn the dispute into a sectarian and political one. We have politicians in Lebanon who cannot survive unless they see blood. This incitement to violence will not change the political situation in Jbeil, as we're not currently engaged in an electoral battle," Abi Ramia said on Sunday, referring to Soaid without naming him.

"The political orientation of Jbeil will not change and let no one try to intensify the sectarian rhetoric," the MP underlined.

"How did they address the encroachments on land when they used to go to Shiite villages where they would be given a hero's welcome?" Abi Ramia added, in an apparent jab at Soaid.

The MP said he will hold meetings over the issue with Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq, Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi and Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil.

"We need to resume the panel's work, begin the surveying and finalize it in a decisive manner ... The panel must put an agenda for finalizing the issue and must write security reports about those who are obstructing its work. Those who obstruct its mission must be penalized," added Abi Ramia.

"We won't allow anyone to harm coexistence ... The law is the only framework that can preserve coexistence in Jbeil so that we can enjoy security and peace," he underlined.

Abi Ramia reassured that "we won't allow anyone to encroach on the Maronite Patriarchate's lands," noting that "whoever makes a violation must be stopped through the law."

"Everyone saw how we prevented demographic changes in several regions and this is our normal course in Lassa. We won't allow anyone to exploit 150 square meters of cement to stir a civil war across the 10,452 square kilometers," the MP added.

"The surveying of land in Lassa won't take more than six months if there is serious work," he pointed out.

Meanwhile, Hizbullah voiced its first official comment on the issue, with politburo member Ghaleb Abou Zainab noting that “the country is facing an ethical crisis in its political life.”

“Going too far in violating all norms for the sake of petty gains -- even if that came at the expense of coexistence and the unifying history of Jbeil and the neighboring areas – will only lead the person doing that to further deterioration and decline,” Abou Zainab added.

“What you have heard about Lassa from some parties are pure lies, as the case is an individual affair that should be addressed according to the applicable legal norms,” he said.

Abou Zainab noted that Hizbullah has informed all the relevant parties that it is still committed to the agreement that was reached with the patriarchate and that it “does not cover anyone.”

“We tell the 'sedition hunter' that what he's doing will not boost his popularity and that this incitement will not make him reach the parliament,” Abou Zainab added, in an apparent reference to Soaid.

“Hizbullah, the FPM and the people of Jbeil and the neighboring areas will remain advocates of coexistence who pride themselves with their cooperation, and they will only elect those who call for Lebanon's unity and coexistence as their representatives in parliament,” Abou Zainab stressed.

But Soaid hit back at the Hizbullah official's remarks, saying “Abou Zainab is telling me that I won't return to parliament unless I bow to Hizbullah's policies.”

“I say take Jbeil's MPs and we'll have Jbeil's dignity, pride and coexistence,” Soaid added, in remarks on his Twitter account.


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Thumb geha 08 June 2014, 17:43

Abi ramia , aoun and the fpm are sold outs, dilapidating Christian land to the benefit of their master hizbushaitan.
the simple fact that someone holds them accountable for what is going on, they attack back accusing him of being sectarian.

Is there something more hypocritical than this?

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 June 2014, 16:54

FPM and Hizbullah "have been calling for legal measures against anyone committing any violation"

You and your sectarian idols are making big empty claims about "dilapidating Christian land" and trying to portray this as a Christian/Shia dispute, when it's a judicial matter.
Who's sectarian? Who's a hypocrite?

Thumb geha 09 June 2014, 17:34

yes, and there are over armed guys defending the building :)

if they call for something and they support the legitimate security forces, they should order their za3ran to disappear with their weapons.

in short saying something and doing the opposite is the trademark of hizbushaitan and iran.

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 June 2014, 18:32

what armed guys? they exist only in your fantasies and your propaganda.

Default-user-icon disgusted (Guest) 08 June 2014, 17:46

Sheikh Hassan Abi Ramia... and hajj Michel Aoun... preserving Christian land rights...

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 June 2014, 16:55

hey disgusting, take it easy on the sectarian talk, it's a judicial matter, not a religious one.

Thumb canadianpaul 08 June 2014, 18:29

Yes, "the solution should come through the judiciary"... With 50 armed men monitoring the construction.

FPM officials: selling bullshit.
FPM sheep: eating bullshit.

Thumb cedre 08 June 2014, 19:03

nasrallah et bashar ont bien dresser leurs fpm caniches.
Ils repondent au doigt et a l'oeil.
Ils feraient n'importe quoi pour un os a ronger...
Le maronitisme politique est mort, vive wilayat al fakir...

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 June 2014, 16:56

quand on te dit que tu es sectaire... tu nies et tu le prouves dans la foulée :)
ce n'est ni une question de "maronitisme politique" ni de "wilayat el fakih", c'est une question légale / immobilière.

Thumb cedre 08 June 2014, 19:19

Soaid attacked Aoun, Hizballah and armed thugs.
So how can he be sectarian ?

Thumb cedre 08 June 2014, 20:25

except insults, prove us he's wrong or sectarian...
He nailed it : fpm selling christians to assad and iran against power...

Thumb cedre 08 June 2014, 21:00

belle pirouette pour eviter de repondre.
HizbIran and les caniches FPM n'etant pas une secte, les declarations ne peuvent etre sectaires. CQFD.
Btw, dont eat fast food...

Thumb EagleDawn 08 June 2014, 20:29

what coexistence and what cooperation. Coexistence with humiliation and the threat of arms is submission. We will never submit to the sectarian militia.

Thumb cedre 08 June 2014, 20:35

when sunnis resist HizbIran domination, they're called them takfiris or terrorists...

Missing helicopter 09 June 2014, 06:44

Just because you are a shi3a tafiri does not make your opponents so.

Thumb cedre 10 June 2014, 01:27

jonnie, tell us who trained pasdarans and hizbos in the south...

Thumb cedre 08 June 2014, 20:37

tell us what is sectarian in his statement :


Default-user-icon Asem (Guest) 08 June 2014, 21:34

What we can describe Soaid and his fellows is briefly in that fantastic saying: "Once a traitor always a traitor" . You better seek truth and facts before you comment.

Thumb cedre 08 June 2014, 21:44

takfiris this, israel that, captagon this, sunnis that, people get tired of ur propaganda...

Missing politik_buro 08 June 2014, 22:10

Listen to yourselves people, a basket ball game or a ceiling is all it takes for everyone to go up I'm arms, start insulting everyone and declare holy wars...Get a f....life

Missing fathallah.massacre 08 June 2014, 22:15

same old sectarian thugs buoyed by too many imaginary victories


Default-user-icon Mask (Guest) 09 June 2014, 08:39


Default-user-icon Neal (Guest) 08 June 2014, 23:39

let's look at this objectively . the patriarch went on a religious trip to Israel against the wishes of Hezbollah and the fact that the patriarch refused to be a door mats for them comes with a price and what is happening is the Lassa is a message that Hezbollah wants to send to bkirkki about who is calling the shuts in Lebanon and the message is simple " you don't obey what we tell you then we take your land and we treat you like traitor" and here we have Abou Ramia talking about co-existent, . the co existent based on what ? is it based on us being treated as second class citizen? or is it based on us dare to do what we want without repercussions ? and on the other hand Hezbollah is lecturing us about the law and the respect for the it , it is like a prostitute lecturing on purity.

Missing coolmec 09 June 2014, 00:47

you guys are pathetic. please someone answer me. are you aware that in any article and in any event your replies are limited to you guys M8 and M14, insulting each other and blaming each other in a way that readers wonder if you know what you are posting or you simply are so pathetic you don't even know what you post as long as it is mutual blame

Thumb freedomarch 09 June 2014, 02:20

Nsrallah, resistance, liberation, lassa, tareeq el Mattar, communication, captagon, theafs, 7 AYar, Ashraf annas, khaminai pledge, Hashish, helpping aassad regime, killing innocent women and. Hildren. Con t r9ling the government, preventing electing a President, creating the vacuum they've been looking for all along. A you tell us who is sectarian?

Thumb habib 09 June 2014, 03:14

Toz bi tentan

Default-user-icon arafat (Guest) 09 June 2014, 08:10

Yeah ssnpjohn way to deflect from the behaviours the armed islamic sectarian militia in jbeil, keserwan, metn and all the way to hadath and shiyah acting like the PLO in the seventies, this will ultimatly lead to the same place if unchecked. Tekrar bi 3allem l 7mar but the sanctiomanious religious militiamen are not as smart as one. Too bad none of the FPM MPs have the guts to defend their community like FPM Ziad Abs had the guts to stick up and defend the patriarch against the rabid attacks of HA and friends.

Thumb -phoenix1 09 June 2014, 13:36

Everybody knows it so well, Hezbollah is greedy over Christian lands. They ally with a Christian, speak as if it was here to defend the Christian, yet cannot hide its appetite for Christian lands. Hezbollah MUST take a look at countries where Christians were driven out of their land, Iraq masalan, such a country will never see peace again, never. But the utter shame falls squarely on the shoulders of those dirty Christians who promote the sale of the Christian lands to Hezbollah. They are the filth of the earth, a brand so cheap and low that even mud will puke at their sight. Yet, Hezbollah nowadays rates very lowly in the hearts of the Lebanese, the day of reckoning is coming closer and closer for Hezbollah, the day will come when almost no one outside of its traditional constituencies will have any sympathy for it, and those who support it.