Al-Rahi Expected to Launch Comprehensive Reconciliation Initiative

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi is expected to reconcile the rival Christian political leaders ahead of an initiative for a comprehensive reconciliation in the country, Bkirki's spokesman said.

Walid Ghayyad told al-Mustaqbal newspaper published on Thursday that al-Rahi “has a certain vision to implement this reconciliation starting with efforts to break the ice” among Maronite leaders.

The spokesman said that the cardinal might launch his initiative by holding bilateral talks with each of the country's top Christian political leaders.

Al-Rahi believes that “enemies meet and engage in dialogue. It wouldn't be difficult for brothers in a single nation to meet and agree,” Ghayyad told the daily.

The spokesman hoped the reconciliation would expand to include the rest of the rival factions in the country.

The initiative resembles a “snowball that starts with resolving the most difficult problems (among Maronites) and then grows” to include the entire country, he said.

The patriarch is setting the stage for the appropriate atmosphere that would guarantee consensus on the next president over fears from the dangerous repercussions of vacuum,” Ghayyad told al-Mustaqbal.

He warned that the presidential crisis could expand to all institutions in the country.

Baabda Palace has been without a head of state since the end of President Michel Suleiman's six-year tenure on May 25.

The differences between the rival March 8 and 14 alliances over a compromise candidate led to a lack of quorum in several rounds of parliamentary sessions.



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Missing forces 12 June 2014, 11:06

Ya batrakna. You made a reference to people taking to the street in civil disobedience and in protest at the current state of affairs. Go forward with this plan and we the Lebanese are behind you. We are the protectors of this country and in turn are protected by the LAF. Together we can make a monumental change and for ever rid our beautiful country of this disease.

Thumb popeye 12 June 2014, 11:35

Ya Batrakna; flamethrower keeps voting us down, what to do?

Missing forces 12 June 2014, 13:08

Lol. You know that old roman proverb. Have thumb. Will vote. :)

Missing politik_buro 12 June 2014, 14:22

How hard is it to understand that none of these figures, with all due respect to those who deserve it, can make a difference. Only the people can make a difference and only the army can protect these people. Names and candidates are being singled out for insults or for praise, but they won't make a difference. We have never been a country, we need a rebirth, we need cleansing from all the sectarian cancers all around, we need the army to take control. We have been through the logical process before, where for the last forty years one sect or the other had the upper hand and shit only had a different name. Time for radical change, time for the army to assume it's responsibility and save this country or brothers I promise you we will disappear.

Missing politik_buro 12 June 2014, 14:26

I am not preaching doom, I am not being naive or simplistic, I am being logical. There is a specification of requirements that this country needs to address, and an implementation phase that can not proceed without the army striking with an iron fist. The people will back the army, there's no ordinary citizen that doesn't want a safe and sound country. Fear is paralyzing us because we think that the other side, whoever it may be, is out to eliminate the other side. We need someone everyone trusts. We need the army. We may not want it, but we need it. We need to go past the first phase and then implement democracy, how can democracy prevail in a country where no side allows the other side to express or air grievances?

Default-user-icon Billy (Guest) 12 June 2014, 14:27

“enemies meet and engage in dialogue. It wouldn't be difficult for brothers in a single nation to meet and agree,”

Really? What is he, new?

..anyway good luck may God be with you and guide your hand

Missing politik_buro 12 June 2014, 14:30

If one does agree with the other it means they are traitors and should be killed, what kind of democracy is that? What kind of democracy can not elect a president ffs? Pride and glory and religious bs, that's what we are good at. Time to admit that we have failed as a nation, failed as a people, time for a fresh start, time for ordinary people to take charge, time for geagea, Berri, aoun, nasrallah, hariri, jumblat etc... To stand aside or face the wrath of the ordinary citizens, time for the army to take the country by the scruff of the neck and start afresh.

Default-user-icon imagine 391 (Guest) 12 June 2014, 15:36

the_roar and his obsession with the irrelevant

Thumb Kalzyturks 12 June 2014, 16:05

There is 3 fts?

Default-user-icon samy (Guest) 12 June 2014, 19:03

wolfie, still alive hallucinating?? lol