Toddler Killed, Several Injured in Traffic Accident in Halba

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A Syrian toddler was killed and five others injured on Monday in a traffic accident in the northern town of Hawshab in Halba, the Traffic Management Center reported.

A one-year-old baby, identified as Sarab Ahmed Dreiyi, was killed when a minibus collided with a Renault 12 vehicle.

According to NNA, the accident injured four people, including the mother of the toddler, Nasma al-Mawasi, who is in a critical condition.

Ahmed Assi, Mazen Dandashli and his brother Nazer were among those who were injured.

Two Ambulances rushed to the scene and transferred the wounded people to nearby hospitals.



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RIP little buddy .

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subhuman you are indeed idiot FT... mocking the death of a child... i did not expect less from a creature even lower than an animal....

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Double idiot.