Two Teens Die after Slipping into Bnashii Lake

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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Two teens were killed on Monday after accidentally falling in Zgharta's Bnashii lake, the state-run National News Agency reported.

The teens were taking pictures after sitting for the final days of official exams, but suddenly they slipped and fell in the lake, the NNA detailed

According to the news agency, they were with dozens of their peers visiting the site after the exams, and they arrived in Bnashii on board four school buses coming from the northern city of Tripoli.

"Civil Defense crews and Red Cross volunteers looked for the two boys for a while, but they fell in a dangerous place to which access is forbidden,” the same source noted.

“The maritime rescue units of the Civil Defense crews then retrieved both of their bodies, and the Red Cross transferred them to a hospital in the region.”

They were both fifteen years old, remarked the NNA.



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Thumb lebanon_first 16 June 2014, 16:51

so sad. These boys were taking a break after the stress of their exams. And they die like that. Horrible. I cant imagine the family's pain.

Missing coolmec 16 June 2014, 17:22

Poor kids may they rest in peace and may god grant serenity and strength for their grieving parents!!

Default-user-icon Basil Hamdan (Guest) 16 June 2014, 17:50

I have seen many inappropriate and insulting comments from you, but taking advantage of the news tragic and senseless loss of two young people to make a martyr out of your heroes is as base a comment as you can go. You are a disgrace to humanity.

Default-user-icon Omar (Guest) 16 June 2014, 19:52

Could u guys keep it civil just for a second? Someone lost their kid. Show some respect!

Default-user-icon Basil (Guest) 16 June 2014, 21:32

This is not about lack of swimming ability. The story specifies that they fell in an unsafe area that is closed to the public. That means they were close to the lake outlet where they could have been sucked by the current if the lake is draining and no amount of swimming ability can get you to avoid being sucked by a water current.

Missing peace 16 June 2014, 21:50

subhuman you are indeed idiot FT... mocking the death of a child and now two teens... i did not expect less from a creature even lower than an animal....

Default-user-icon Mazen (Guest) 16 June 2014, 22:31

You seem to ignore the fact that thousands of children in Lebanon do not attend school.
They work, some as young as the age of10 are helping feed thir families.
I do not know o f a single free for public swimming pool in lebanon. Not a single public school
Has a pool on campus, maybe a few private schools, not evn sure they do.

Thumb thrust 17 June 2014, 10:53

I was very lucky to be born in an area in Lebanon, where ALL the children went to school. Not one minor worked to feed his parents, and they all shared one of the best swimming pools in the world, the Mediterranean.
Researching a lit tad, I find that underage employment in Lebanon, started in the 50's where Palestinian kids worked outside of the camps to learn a career. Police could not arrest them because they were underage. This should have been stopped by the govt' of that time.
If today this exists, it should be attributed to LAXISM.
Any parent who sends his minor to work for a pay, should have never had this child in the first place. But due to certain religions, beliefs, habits, some people do in the arab world and should be castrated, unless the family has a career accident, but you are speaking of thousands

Thumb thrust 17 June 2014, 10:58

I stand corrected, Governments should have stopped the underage Palestinians from working, by placing them in schools, please do not understand my view otherwise...

Thumb kanaandian 17 June 2014, 03:32

How do you drown so easily in a still water lake - what makes it so dangerous/forbidden?

Missing cedars 17 June 2014, 04:12

If this is a dangerous spot then why m8 or frangieh has not built it securely. If I am the parent I will sue frangieh's for his lack of appreciation for human being as all he cares about is unleashing wild bears to hunt them down in this forest.

Default-user-icon theCh (Guest) 17 June 2014, 12:14

something's just not clear, how did two boys slip in water together? how come neither could swim? what's dangerous and forbidden about the water there? how come nobody noticed they fell until they both died, weren't they with their entire school?