102 Held as Security Forces Raid Hamra Hotels over Suspected Terror Plot

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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The Hamra area in Beirut was the scene of a major crackdown over a suspected terror plot on Friday, with security forces arresting 102 people at a number of hotels, among whom only 17 remain in custody.

“Security forces arrested 102 people during the raids that were carried out today in the Hamra area and its surroundings, after obtaining information about the presence of terrorist groups plotting to stage security acts in Beirut,” state-run National News Agency reported.

“Following interrogation, 85 people were released while 17 were kept in custody,” NNA said in the afternoon.

Earlier, the agency said raids were ongoing in Hamra and nearby areas, adding that “around 30 detained suspects had entered Lebanon using passports issued by Arab countries.”

“These terrorist groups were plotting to carry out a major terrorist act against a ceremony that was scheduled to be held before noon at the UNESCO Palace” in Beirut, NNA said.

The suspects intended to head to the ceremony's location “in an unconventional manner, on foot or through using transportation means that do not raise suspicions,” the agency added.

Earlier on Friday, AMAL Movement decided to postpone a conference at the UNESCO Palace after receiving security warnings and following contacts with Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq. Speaker Nabih Berri was supposed to attend the conference.

In the afternoon, Mashnouq told al-Jadeed that “most of the hotel guests who were arrested in the morning in Hamra have been freed."

Meanwhile, the Internal Security Forces issued a statement saying security forces had "obtained information that a terrorist group was plotting to stage bombings in the city of Beirut and other Lebanese areas.”

Consequently, “a joint force from the (ISF) Intelligence Bureau and the General Directorate of General Security raided a hotel in the Hamra area after suspecting that a number of dangerous individuals were in it,” the ISF said.

“After carefully checking the identities of the hotel guests, 17 people of various nationalities were brought to the ISF Intelligence Bureau where their legal status will be scrutinized,” the ISF added.

Media reports said the raid targeted Napoleon Hotel. A strict security cordon was imposed in the area.



Comments 12
Thumb FlameCatcher 20 June 2014, 12:05

If they are in Hamra, then they are certainly elements of Bashar ! No one does anything in Hamra without Bashar's gorillaz knowing about it !

Thumb FlameCatcher 20 June 2014, 12:36

How is that ?

The only result of the this terrorist attack you mention is giving more excuses for Hezbollah to continue holding onto their weapons and fighting to protect foreign illegitimate regimes !

Hamra is plagued by pro-syrian elements. Let's wait an see what these guys were up to.

I'm willing to bet they are linked to Bashar somehow ! Otherwise, they would have opted for any other location where they would be safe from prying eyes !

Thumb FlameCatcher 21 June 2014, 00:20

Unlike you, I don't support any terrorist. May they all burn in hell Takfiris, Salafis and Hezbollah included.

No one using weapons in the name of god deserves to stay alive.

Default-user-icon Emile (Guest) 20 June 2014, 13:04

Get a life guys

Default-user-icon mazen (Guest) 20 June 2014, 16:22

they should question them, get all info.possible then kill them, and do what the Israelis do to body parts of suicide bombers (bury them with porcine parts).

Thumb Machia 20 June 2014, 19:56

How the hell did 102 terrorists get into Lebanon? Does anyone know their nationalities ?

Thumb Machia 20 June 2014, 20:09

Sorry meant those 17 terrorists. And according to TV reports there is a car bomb that is holding 3 tons of explosives. This is crazy! Allah y najjeh!
All Lebanese must stand side by side.

Thumb Machia 20 June 2014, 20:10

An international tribunal must be set up to bring to justice all those who finance, recruit and plan those attacks. It is an international effort.

Default-user-icon zed (Guest) 20 June 2014, 22:50

Nice and measured comments, Lebanon clearly has a great future. The irony is that all of you rant as if your pointless and vulgar comments mean anything.... We are all ants in this chess game and I can assure you that your futures are not getting any brighter with all this senseless arguments and hatred. Iran is a major player in the Middle East, accept that. Saudi is a major player in the middle east accept that.... Neither of these will have absolute power over the Lebanese, accept that and get along.

Missing .karim 21 June 2014, 01:36

The terrorists are not Muslim, they are Salafists that have been exported to Lebanon by the kingdom of terrorism. They are also your allies and your brethren, so maybe you're the one who needs to take a good look at himself.

Missing people-power 21 June 2014, 05:52

Can someone please remind me how many arrests were made for the bombs that killed or tried to kill the following?

Rafik Hairi
Marwan Hamadeh
Pierre Gemayel
Gebran Tueni
Samir Kassir
George Hawi
Basil Fleihan
Elias Murr
May Chidiac
Walid Eido
Antoine Ghanem
Francois Hajj
Wissam Eid
Wissam al Hassan
Mohamed Chatah

I must have missed the news reports when they announced the arrests for the perpetrators or suspects of those crimes

Missing people-power 21 June 2014, 06:52

Oh, I forgot..... they only make arrests when Shiites are targeted, or when Hezbollah was not involved in the crime.