One Killed, 20 Injured in Tayyouneh Blast as Mashnouq Says Situation 'Under Control'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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Speculation encircled the bombing that targeted an army checkpoint at the entrance of Beirut's southern suburbs as Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq insisted that the security situation in Lebanon is “under control.”

An army communique said on Tuesday that a suicide bomber in a white Mercedes-Benz 300 model, carrying license plate J/3247784, detonated himself on an army checkpoint on Tayyouneh roundabout.

“The explosion wounded several people and the whereabouts of a General Security member remain unknown,” the statement said.

The army cordoned off the area and experts arrived swiftly at the scene of the explosion, which happened at 11:40 pm Monday.

“The car was rigged with 25 kilograms of explosives,” the communique added.

Media reports said that that DNA tests carried out on human remains that were discovered at the scene belong to General Security member Abdul Karim Hodroj.

As Safir newspaper reported earlier that in one of the scenarios two General Security members felt suspicious of the car after the driver got out of it in the middle of the road, which prompted Hodroj to point his gun at the driver who detonated the car immediately.

Hussein Haidar, who was reportedly said to be the owner of the car, denied in comments to Voice of Lebanon radio (93.3) the news.

“My car was parked next to the car that exploded... I am not the owner of the Mercedes,” he pointed out.

As Safir newspaper had reported on Tuesday morning that a 1961 Mercedes-Benz 180 that exploded is owned by Hussein M. H., who hails from the southern town of Jwaya, carrying a license plate with the number W/144631.

A witness told the daily that ahead of the explosion the driver got out of the car after he turned off the ignition in the middle of the street, claiming that it broke down.

Another witness, who was on a motorcycle, passed near the Mercedes-Benz and asked the driver why he was blocking the road, who in turn claimed that the key broke.

The witness said that the driver, who seemed confused, is in his thirties and has a light beard.

The National News Agency reported that a white Mercedes car was traveling fast on the wrong side of the road before exploding.

The car bombing, which killed one person and wounded around 20 others, came three days after a suicide attack in the east of the country which left one person dead and 30 wounded. The attack was the first inside Lebanon since March.

“The attack indicates that the suicide bomber was confused, which is a sign that the security situation is under control,” Mashnouq said in comments to As Safir newspaper.

The minister said that all the “security measures taken by the security and military agencies prompted the car to travel in the wrong direction, similar to Dahr al-Baydar's bombing.”

Later on Tuesday, Mashnouq held talks with Speaker Nabih Berri in Ain al-Tineh.

"The priority now is for security and the readiness of security forces led to the failure of the two suicide attacks," the minister said.

"I extend my condolences to the family of the General Security martyr," he added.

"I discussed the security plan with Speaker Berri and I support his viewpoint on the need to reactivate the work of institutions, whose paralysis is paralyzing the entire republic," Mashnouq went on to say.

As Safir newspaper that the bomber improvised a random attack that didn't follow the same routine as the previous suicide attacks that targeted Dahiyeh area, which is a Hizbullah stronghold.

Most of these were claimed by Sunni extremists who blamed Hizbullah for sending thousands of fighters into Syria to support President Bashar Assad's regime in neighboring Syria.

The newspaper said that human remains reached the fourth floor of one of the buildings in the area.



Comments 41
Thumb geha 24 June 2014, 09:18

the rock that hizbushaitan will hide behind, will shout telling where they are!

with suicide bombers, there nowhere shia will be able to hide. thank you hizbushaitan for bringing once more death and destruction to the Lebanese people through your irresponsible involvement in the Syrian conflict.

Thumb irus_da_virus 24 June 2014, 09:22

2 bombings within a few days and its "under control"? I wonder what it would be like if it was out of control??

Thumb cedre 24 June 2014, 17:36

irus, they mean under syro-iranian control...

Thumb irus_da_virus 24 June 2014, 19:02

No not that either, just something a bit more realistic. Once again in this close of cancelling my summer trip to Lebanon and his words are not giving me any comfort whatsoever.

Missing rudy 24 June 2014, 09:34

1961 Mercedes 180? shame. very nice car. What a waste

Thumb saturn 24 June 2014, 09:56

Undeniable logic! Confused bomber = everything is under control!

Default-user-icon hanoun (Guest) 24 June 2014, 10:07

le nerf de la guerre c est l argent
just know where the funds comes from for these terrorists and burn the funder country to the ground

Missing karim.. 24 June 2014, 10:07

God bless the Lebanese Army. Your time is coming kingdom of terrorism, and you will be brought to justice for your countless crimes against Lebanon and against humanity.

Thumb zeinab.ali.jaafar 24 June 2014, 10:23

habibi karim.. ibni.. rou7i.. danay!

Missing dubailebanese 24 June 2014, 14:50

Mamazeinab, please don't use a picture of a random woman like this. Also, why did you use the name of zeinab in your screen name? There really is no need for this. The real zeinab (not the shia myths and lies about her) was a pious woman. Zeinab was not a shiite.

Missing dubailebanese 24 June 2014, 14:46

But the army is accepting support from that kingdom. Karim, dont you see some flaws in your logic?

Thumb cedre 24 June 2014, 17:38

karim's logic ? just repeating almanar nonsense, he probably went to one of those iranian-funded schools in the south where kids are endoctrinated to become Khamenei's soldiers...

Missing peace 24 June 2014, 10:15

good boy, you are just repeating what hezbis want you to say... Wake up sheep!

Missing peace 24 June 2014, 10:59

lebanon's days are not outnumbered but your country , capital damascus, is...

Thumb saturn 24 June 2014, 10:31

as if Arabs need an excuse to slit each other's throats...

Thumb saturn 24 June 2014, 10:39

"imperialist dogs" funding one side, Iran & Co. funding the other to slit each others' throats. Clear?

Missing imagine_1979 24 June 2014, 10:47

Well iran is not funding any religious group at all, it is just sendding flowers... But it's not a big deal because iran is so much more modern and secular and demaocratic..
Hezbos are going in jihadist duty but that's fine with u...
I'm not a mislim but don't u think there is some deeper cause to whats happening in the region, other than saudi is funding terrorist and iran is sending proudely troups and making official funerals to martyrs comming back from jihadist duty of protecting dayeda zaynab and co...
Can u imagine sapudiya doing official martyr funeral...
Worseless, really...

Thumb saturn 24 June 2014, 10:59

You have been offered residence in Iran , North Korea, and the United States. I am certain you chose wisely and joined Kim Jung Un in the fight against imperialism.

Thumb saturn 24 June 2014, 11:05

Prefer to be an alive coward than a dead hero.

Thumb saturn 24 June 2014, 11:35

Nice ideology there, sounds exactly like what hungry people in North Korea are coerced into. Same crap USSR taught for 70 years, before it, too, became an "imperialist dog".

Missing imagine_1979 24 June 2014, 11:49

Go review the meaning of imprialism, and stop using words just like this, rusia and its satelites georgia, cremea, chechenia is not imperialist? (at a time it was spreadding socialism (now what are they spreadding?)so that was different from US which expqnded for explotation of people and resourse (imperialism) so now tell me iran action in the region, russa's action in its region, all these are only to spread a more convivial leaving, laicity, idealism...
Very constructivelogic man
Really time for chupachups man, chupachups...

Missing dubailebanese 24 June 2014, 15:02

Full disclosure, how do you feel about what the jaysh el mahdi and badr brigades did in iraq? How do you feel about the secterian videos of HA scum in syria that leaked? If you are against those terrorists too then i consider your stance honest and a positive but if you support such scumbags then whatever you say is hypocrisy.

Thumb zeinab.ali.jaafar 24 June 2014, 10:40

nothing wrong with a man banging a child. we do it all the time in the islamic republic. grow up people and listen to what the imams tell u. they are ur true leaders!!!!!!!

Missing imagine_1979 24 June 2014, 10:42

Don't have utube but i'm sure ur vid is verry interesting and constructive...
By the way at what age can girls "legaly" get married in great islamic republic of iran...
U r really great man, imperialist there, and amrican there, and it's always someone elses fault.. Sp hezbos, bachar, iran, maliki... Alll thise have nothing to do about the shit we are in now?... It it the gulf contry getting nuts and stopping the great democratic and secular change iran is foing in the region...
Bravo man perfect analysis...
Now go have some chupachups man, really...

Thumb saturn 24 June 2014, 10:45

Besides, ISIS stole 400+ million from banks in cities they captured. They can now buy their own dope.

Missing peace 24 June 2014, 11:00

waw! seems FD the voice of hzebis is here to spread the propaganda he is told to... but when he ll clearly see that his masters are behind this he will fall from very highhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh LOL

Missing peace 24 June 2014, 11:12

your nervous laughing proves my point : you will fall from very highhhhhhhhh LOL!

Missing peace 24 June 2014, 11:39

seems you are very familiar with netanyahou to call him "bibi"... you just betrayed yourself, like a brave israeli ally that protects the golan for him like a faithful puppet you are! LOL

i thought you called people against your hezbi lies salafis or cannibals, now you are back to zionists? LOL make up your mind!

the higher you fall the harder it gets... i pity your poor hezbi a... LOL

Thumb kanaandian 24 June 2014, 11:01

whats the difference between iranian and saudi terrorists? saudis dont use stolen cars- al saud pays for mercedes so they can die in luxury

Missing imagine_1979 24 June 2014, 11:56

Iranian revolution gard and great islamic republic of iran are so secular, modern and democratic...
Please can u remind me the legal age of mariage in iran?...
Not going over the executions, the bassij, the revolutionary gards and rape... Cause u'll say it is pure propaganda (like if i care of iran or saudi reputation, but i'm just wondering why u would support such guys while we have our country, while we can try to leave like normal, occidental imperialist in europe or like doubai qatar...)
Anyway, again chupachups man chupachups...

Thumb iamymasterscard 24 June 2014, 12:12

It's an evil philosophical and moral dialectic such as this, taught by sanctimonious charlatans in holy robes, that give disillusioned youth the rationale to commit such heinous act. It's a worse evil than colonialism, imperialism and slavery

Missing youssefhaddad 24 June 2014, 12:21

With a crippled government and factions directly involved in the savage events in the Region, Lebanon is bound to be dragged again into the bloodbath.
There is still hope if the Lebanese could see through the sectarian haze that they will be the main victims of any conflict.

Thumb FlameCatcher 24 June 2014, 12:35

It's time for the Lebanese army to withdraw from Dahyé.

Hezbollah must choose between war in Syria or being protected by the army. They cannot have both.

We cannot allow our soldiers to die for Hezbollah's mistakes and wars !

If they want to keep fighting, then they must face the consequences themselves !

Thumb FlameCatcher 24 June 2014, 15:59

The best way to "protect" Dahyé is for Hezbollah to stop its illegal war !

Yes, we want the army to control Dahyé. But we cannot have our soldiers face terrorism on behalf of Hezbollah.

If they want the army to protect them, then they must stop being a terrorist magnet. We should not risk losing soldiers because Nasrallah decides to go to war despite the Lebanese being against it !

Setting up HA roablocks is illegal.

The army should setup roadblocks on Dahyé exits only to prevent armed Hezbollah men from roaming around the country. If suicide bombers want to bomb Dahyé, let this be HA's problem.

If the sheep want security, then they should stop fighting other people's wars !

Thumb FlameCatcher 24 June 2014, 16:42

Really FT ?

This is the entrance of Dahyé. Don't try to appear dumber than you actually are.

It's even called the Hadi Nasrallah highway. Remember Hadi Nasrallah ? Hassan's son who died in a drunk bar fight and suddenly became a Martyr who died in a glorious battle against Israel ?

Thumb FlameCatcher 25 June 2014, 13:01

@FT : If you want to play the assumption game, we can all play it and come up with BS theories like "This car was rigged by HA to gain popular support" and create more alarmism to justify expanding from Syria to Irak !

And according to your theory, this car would then be a Hezbollah rigged car wouldn't it ?

Thumb FlameCatcher 24 June 2014, 16:03

PS : "Barking" is the job of Aoun and Nasrallah !

What will you do when soldiers will refuse to man checkpoints because they do not want to be responsible for HA's illegal actions and their consequences ?

What do you do when our soldiers start a mutiny because they are risking their lives for a chunk of the population that disrespects our sovereignty, constitution, security and the will of the people ?

This is exactly what HA wants in the end : a weak army !

Thumb FlameCatcher 24 June 2014, 16:38

Really FT ? You believe the army is strong enough not to split up like it did in the past ?

When you ask the army to defend and protect people who have no respect for them, you will have a mutiny. Because our army, just like our national fabric is made up of elements that are politicised.

Because the Sunni soldier or Christian soldier will refuse to give his life to protect and defend Hezbollah's criminal activities when Hezbollah disregards a national understanding not to interfere in Syria.

Hezbollah is putting all of us in danger when we are all asking them to stop.

The soldiers unlike what you believe are not united. There will come a time when they will refuse to take orders and this will lead to the break up of the army.

And yes, HA is a terror and war magnet. All bombs, explosions and wars in Lebanon since the end of the civil war can be linked to Hezbollah ! Whether or not they are responsible is irrelevant !

Missing dubailebanese 24 June 2014, 14:54

Raping women because she was undressed is something that non-religious people to. If you said jailed or something like that, it would make sence. But to comit zina as a response to a much much lesser wrong (as seen in religion) is not part of the extremists methods, rather if someone did that he would be flogged.

Thumb cedre 24 June 2014, 17:40

u believe almanar, almayadeen and wiam wahabi ?

Thumb cedre 24 June 2014, 18:55

my bad texas, u're right.
Officials really taking the piss with their citizens.

Watch this texas :