Nasrallah Meets Jumblat, Discusses with Zarif Means to Support Gaza

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has discussed with Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat the need to elect a president as soon as possible and boost coordination among security agencies, both parties announced on Sunday.

The two leaders held their meeting in the presence of Wafiq Safa, head of Hizbullah's Liaison and Coordination Unit, according to a joint statement issued after the talks.

The communique did not mention the time or place of the meeting.

“Discussions tackled the general situations in Lebanon and the region, especially the Zionist crimes in Gaza against the Palestinian people,” it said.

“The two parties stressed that Palestine remains the central cause, which rises above all political differences, underlining their solidarity with the Palestinian people and Gaza in their resilience in the face of occupation,” the statement added.

At least 1,050 Palestinians have been killed and 6,000 wounded since Israel launched a fierce assault on Gaza 20 days ago.

Nasrallah and Jumblat also touched on the events in Iraq, “specifically the displacement of Christians from Mosul,” noting that both Christians and Muslim are being slaughtered at the hands of “the takfiris.”

The two leaders condemned the practices of the extremist Islamic State group, emphasizing “the need to discuss means to protect Iraq's unity and political diversity.”

IS jihadists last week ordered hundreds of Christian families in Mosul to convert to Islam, pay tribute, or leave the city, prompting thousands to flee. Christians and other minorities who failed to comply were threatened with execution, while the property of those who left the city was forfeited to the Islamic State.

Nasrallah and Jumblat also discussed the situations in Lebanon, mainly the government's work and the need to “boost it and activate it.”

According to the joint statement, the two leaders expressed their belief that a new president must be elected quickly in order to end the current political vacuum.

“Talks also addressed the security situation in Lebanon and the two parties agreed on the necessity to maintain domestic coherence and intensify the measures that were taken to preserve the current stability in the country through boosting the level of coordination among security agencies,” the statement added.

As for bilateral ties between Hizbullah and the PSP, both sides “expressed their satisfaction over the progress of this relation,” underscoring “the need to develop it in a manner that would serve the two parties' interests and the national interest.”

Jumblat has recently criticized Hizbullah in a fierce manner, accusing it of receiving orders from Iran and urging it to end “the historic sin” and withdraw its fighters from neighboring Syria.

Separately, Nasrallah received a phone call from Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif during which they tackled the latest developments in Gaza.

Talks addressed “means of support to stop the (Israeli) aggression and lift the siege” that is imposed on the impoverished Palestinian region, Lebanon's state-run National News Agency reported.

Hizbullah's leader has also met with Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian and an accompanying Iranian delegation, in the presence of Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon Mohammed Fathali.

The conferees discussed “the situations in Lebanon and the region in general and in Gaza in particular, demonstrating the ongoing terrorist, Zionist aggression and means to back Gaza's people and resistance.”

During a Quds Days ceremony on Friday, Nasrallah had announced that his party was closely following the battle in Gaza, vowing that Hizbullah will do anything it perceives as duty to support Gaza's people and resistance movements.


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Thumb CommuniT 27 July 2014, 18:04

without any doubts

Thumb ice-man 27 July 2014, 18:17

leb_roar: so nice to see you post again on weekends! When did you come back from your self imposed hiatus?

Thumb FlameCatcher 27 July 2014, 19:10

@Roar, yes he is a convicted criminal pardonned by your own leaders. He doesn't even hide from it and no one is saying the contrary

However, your own set of criminal politicians and their assassins are evading trial, jail, and are all traitors to this nation and should be hanged for their crimes !

Even your ex-General Aoun is a deserter and traitor and is the biggest threat to christians in Lebanon.

Thumb nickjames 27 July 2014, 20:35

“The two parties stressed that Palestine remains the central cause, which rises above all political differences, underlining their solidarity with the Palestinian people and Gaza in their resilience in the face of occupation”

This part is comedy. This whole meeting is a total PR stunt. Isn't electing a president the main priority for THIS country? Not voicing solidarity with the defunct Palestinian cause. It's like they met to play towleh. It's like Jumblatt said "Hey bro screw Israel, I feel for the Palestinians" then Nasrallah says "yeah dude but I have rockets, and we've been training to invade Israel so that's always an option."

Seriously what was the point of this meeting.

Missing helicopter 27 July 2014, 22:39

right on nick, you stole my thunder. In addition to electing a President, there other a dozen of other priorities needed to rehabilitate our country before we caan even be of help to the Palestinian cause. Political reform (resulting in jailing most politicians and stripping returning their wealth to the people),demarcating the borders, disarming all militias/parties/camps, strengthening the LAF, electricity, internet infrastructure, transportation infrastructure, Depoliticizing institutions of higher learning, ... etc.

Thumb nickjames 27 July 2014, 22:55

Check out this argument between me and big john

Thumb _mowaten_ 27 July 2014, 23:42

lol you should be ashamed to post propaganda from that pro-israeli think tank

Default-user-icon mustapha o. ghalayini (Guest) 28 July 2014, 02:33

its a prelude to sunni/shia cohabitation and a christian decor...its not bad,at least we will have a seat in the new sykes/picot

Thumb CommuniT 28 July 2014, 03:27

mowaten pro israel or not the fact in these articles are accurate unless you can to point out the distortions, besides back then according to your camp Michel Aoun was the posterboy for a pro-Israeli lol

Thumb beiruti 28 July 2014, 09:46

So, Nasrallah is receiving foreign ministers and discussing matters of state as if he were the Head of State for Lebanon. Well, with Aoun blocking the process of electing a president, this has left space for Nasrallah to become the de facto Head of State for Lebanon, in lieu of the President of the Republic.
He commands his own army, provides security, paves the roads, so Nasrallah is like the government. Only one thing, though, he is a servant to the Supreme Leader of Iran, Khomeini. He is turning Lebanon into an Iranian colony through the obstinacy and stupidity of his erstwhile ally, Michel Aoun.

Thumb Captain 28 July 2014, 11:24

To understand the objective of the meeting, check this out:

سالم زهران: (المنار)
- جنبلاط يتخوف من التيارات الوهابية وفي الشوف امارات صغيرة تكفيرية
- إحدى القرى السنية المعروفة بتوجهها الإشتراكي أصبحت مع الجو الوهابي
- مشكلة جعجع أنه لا يرى الأمور على حقيقتها
- هناك كلام أنّه قبل الإنتهاء العام الحالي سيكون لنا رئيساً للجمهورية
- سعد الحريري يعمل لتمديد مجلس النواب نصف ولاية او لولاية كاملة

Thumb ice-man 28 July 2014, 15:01

hello @Captain, first happy Eid Al Fitr to you my dear shia friend and to all your crew. Second, I hope you have not been discouraged by the tragic events that hit commercial aviation over the last few days. Third, how are you?

Thumb Captain 28 July 2014, 15:43


First of all I am not Shia. I am a Christian. Second of all I am not your friend because you are an ice-brained sectarian useless man. Third, the tragic events that happened recently do not discourage me for they are human-caused. Fourth, I will do much better if you can converse in a civilized way without being a sectarian who converses without thinking.

Thumb _mowaten_ 28 July 2014, 13:43

of course they're inacurate, they're biased and oriented interpretations of events.

Default-user-icon foreverlebanon (Guest) 29 July 2014, 01:32

im curios to know the title of the book on the table in the picture...