Berri: Fate of the Country at Stake

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Speaker Nabih Berri has warned that the “fate of the nation was at stake,” saying the Lebanese army should be equipped with an effective arsenal to confront terrorists.

In remarks to several newspapers that hit the newstands on Monday, Berri said: “The country ... does not tolerate blurred choices.”

He expressed confidence in the army and called for full support despite his concern over the clashes between soldiers and terrorists in the northeastern town of Arsal.

Berri said he was worried that terrorist networks would take advantage of the gunbattles in Arsal and stir trouble in other areas.

The early signs of his warning emerged in the northern city of Tripoli on Saturday night when cashes erupted between the army and masked gunmen.

The state-run National News Agency said that a fierce fighting broke out when gunmen opened fire at army positions on Syria Street, the Starco, Brad al-Bisar, al-Ghoraba, Talaat al-Omari, and al-Qobbeh areas.

“We exerted strong efforts to achieve stability in Tripoli but unfortunately some MPs who are eager to preserve their parliamentary seats made statements that harm Lebanon and instigate strife,” Berri told the newspapers.

The lawmakers, whom he did not name, “harmed the military institution rather than supporting it at this sensitive stage,” he said.

The speaker reiterated that around 5,000 new soldiers should be recruited and the army should be better equipped.

“It is not enough to provide it with invaluable assistance,” he said.

Berri described the Arsal clashes as “a battle in defense of the nation” and expressed satisfaction with statements made by several residents in support of the army.



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Default-user-icon kazan (Guest) 04 August 2014, 08:11

words ,words ,words.This country is hijacked by incompetent people ,disconnected from the real world and the people they are isolated in ivory towers surrounded by their private armies preaching outdated and expired visions.
As long as Lebanese people do not have equal rights, and key positions are allocated based on religion ,Lebanese people will not be united and behave as people of one nation, just the opposite, they will be a prey for foreign powers, and regional conflicts will be fought in Lebanon. Politicians : be honest and brave ,change the constitution; religion should be a private matter and should be disconnected from the politics. this is a pre condition to join the civilised world.

Missing helicopter 04 August 2014, 08:19

Berri: Fate of the Country at Stake..........
Indeed Mr. Berri, this is why M8 should have attended the Parliamentary sessions to elect a President via the Democratic Process.
Indeed Mr. Berri, this is why HA should have heeded President Sleiman's call to abide by the Baabda Declaration and save the country internal divisions.

Default-user-icon Truth (Guest) 04 August 2014, 08:50

The country doesn't exist for a long time ya Istizzz! It has been ruined , challengeg by the mafia state created by your allies!
Back the army? Which army ? The loyal army or the one that has been infiltrated by your terrorist organisation? The one that shoots on Sheikhs in Akkar and allows you with full gear into Syria, or the one that is disarmed by your thugs at will when ordered to maintain order the areas you control? Split the country and take your thugs with you. This is the only solution. Cut the cancerous limb to save the body!

Missing ransar16 04 August 2014, 10:36

you people do not know what is coming next.. the fire is very near

Missing imperatrice 04 August 2014, 14:27

says the man who witnessed every freakin war in modern Lebanon, led a militia and was rewarded with a chief post where he did marvels to democracy and parliamentary development
a man who deliberately shuts down the sole elected state institutions depending on what sistani and khamenei tell him