Hariri Discusses Saudi Grant with Qahwaji, Salam

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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Former Premier and head of al-Mustaqbal Movement MP Saad Hariri on Saturday continued discussion over the one billion dollar Saudi grant to the military institution with army chief General Jean Qahwaji and Prime Minister Tammam Salam.

"Hariri met with PM Salam and Environment Minister Mohammed al-Mashnouq and the talks focused on managing the Saudi grant that is allocated to supporting the army and the security forces' needs to fight terrorism and strengthen security and stability in the country,” a statement released by the former Premier's office said.

"The talks also tackled the general situation” in the country, the statement added.

Later on Saturday, Hariri held another meeting with Qahwaji at the Center House for the same purpose, a second statement revealed.

The head of al-Mustaqbal Movement, who made a surprise return to Lebanon on Friday morning after three years abroad, also met with Egyptian ambassador Ashraf Hamdi and Tripoli and North Mufti Sheikh Malek al-Shaar.

The ex-PM declared on Wednesday that Saudi Arabia has provided Lebanon's army with one billion dollars to strengthen security.

Hariri explained during a security meeting on Friday afternoon that he was tasked by King Abdullah with supervising the spending of the Saudi grant.


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Thumb ex-fpm 09 August 2014, 21:48

Hezbollah is silent about Hariri's initiative...

Missing greatpierro 10 August 2014, 00:06

iran never gave anything to the laf

Thumb Tony.Farris 10 August 2014, 03:29

@greatpierro, iran only gives us death and destruction.

Missing helicopter 10 August 2014, 02:32

Hariri Discusses Saudi Grant with Qahwaji, Salam...........
I am all for the weapons and for the KSA gift BUT
How many discussions and meetings and articles is it going to take to get the army much needed weapons. If by now (after the original $3 B was announced a year they still are discussing what the army needs, then I say they are either incompetent or the whole thing is a publicity deal for public consumption more than it is to arm the army. Get on with it and stop talking about how wonderful of a gift it is- PLEASE.

Thumb kanaandian 10 August 2014, 06:06

is sheikh saad lebanese or saudi? its a question he should directly and clearly answer himself.

Missing abraham 10 August 2014, 06:49

you guys remember US gave the LAF $450 million worth of military help'
anyone remembers it,to the people who don't recollect they gave them uniforms, used homvees and trucks nothing suffisticated.
The same thing is KSA granting LAF