Report: Two Lebanese Jihadists Beheaded al-Sayyed

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Two Lebanese jihadists reportedly beheaded army sergeant Ali al-Sayyed, who was taken captive after Islamist gunmen overran the northeastern border town of Arsal.

According to al-Akhbar newspaper published on Thursday, the masked man, who appears in the photos purporting al-Sayyed's beheading and his accomplice are two Lebanese nationals.

Both reportedly hail from the northern city of Tripoli and had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

However, the identities of the two men remain unknown.

Al-Sayyed was decapitated by the militants according to photos posted on social networks on August 28.

Al-Sayyed disappeared from Arsal around the time militants from Syria overran Arsal early August, killing and kidnapping soldiers and policemen.

The militants included fighters from the Islamic State group and the al-Qaida-linked Nusra Front.

The militants have reportedly sought to negotiate the release of the hostages in exchange for Islamist prisoners held in Lebanese jails.

The fighting in Arsal was the most serious border incident since the conflict in Syria began in March 2011.



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Default-user-icon setright (Guest) 04 September 2014, 07:59

another report written by the likes of mowaten

Thumb _mowaten_ 04 September 2014, 10:30

you mean it's going to turn out true like everything i say? thanks for the compliment

Default-user-icon castro (Guest) 04 September 2014, 18:55

i will only believe it once i read it on the free sunni baalbek brigade twitter account

Default-user-icon kazan (Guest) 04 September 2014, 08:13

This is a clear evidence , that the Lebanese society has at least 2 polarized culture and mentality and at least 4 different ideologies , on top of that the majority of these groups think in terms of " my way or the highway"....any attempt to unite them is waste of time and energy , and make the situation even worse. Solution?
Yes : make 2 Lebanon , and facilitate to the Lebanese to choose in which part they want to live.

Default-user-icon Patriot60 (Guest) 04 September 2014, 09:02

The only solution over the long-term and the sooner separation occurs the better for all concerned. Let those who want to live free and those who prefer enslavement have a choice. Heck, I propose to rename the two countries as:
The Republic of Free Lebanon,
The Republic of Dark Lebanon.
[this will be an improvement on North and South but you get the drift...]

Missing helicopter 04 September 2014, 08:20

All Jihadists should go to hell, be they Sunnis takfiris, Christians or Shiite HA

Thumb _mowaten_ 04 September 2014, 10:30

and you will go to heaven, surely.

Missing imagine_1979 04 September 2014, 08:24

Al akhbar sources.... Even better than ahrar el sonna twitter account... Like the tripoli terrorist who blew himself in dahiyeh but was found to play playstation... This time it is even smarter, the guy are from tripoli: but couldnot be identified....
They are really willing to open a sectarian war in lebanon...

Missing trigger 04 September 2014, 09:22

The US, the UK, their intelligence agencies and all of their capabilities have failed to identify the men who beheaded the american reporters...
And Al-Akhbar newspaper successfully identifies the pieces of shit who beheaded our soldier as Lebanese coming from Tripoli.
Al akhbar is one of the biggest sectarian strife incitors and should be closed down ASAP.
Al akhbar is either somehow related to all this or is just spreading lies.
Al akhbar should help the CIA, MI6, DST,.... And other intelligence agencies to identify terrorists since they are unable to do it by themselves!

Thumb _mowaten_ 04 September 2014, 10:34

the "US, the UK, their intelligence agencies" DID identify the beheader of foley

whereas al akhbar did NOT claim to have identified the killers of Al Sayyed, they merely said they are lebanese from tripoli. this can be determined by their accents.

Default-user-icon sarkis (Guest) 04 September 2014, 12:02

we've heard that whining propaganda over and over again mowaten, repeating it wont make it any truer.

Thumb _mowaten_ 04 September 2014, 13:16

i take the fact that you steal my lines like a compliment :)

Default-user-icon Mahdi Rostam Firdaus (Guest) 04 September 2014, 13:38

My brother just called me and asked me to read how you were able to uncover their lies and how you produced proof they are paid. We love it!

Missing trigger 04 September 2014, 14:03

you are a funny little guy.
you spend your time reading/replying on comments... i wonder who the paid one is.
go get a job..
maybe our country would be better off if the likes of you were actually employed in a REAL job.
again go get a job, .... and a life

Default-user-icon massoud Dariush Bahadur (Guest) 04 September 2014, 16:48

haha! love it how you shut the door closed when they ask you if you have a job. Love it, flamethrower, just love it!

Thumb _mowaten_ 04 September 2014, 10:31

indeed it's not clear how they got to that conclusion, but it could be by their accents.

Missing alexander_litvinenko 04 September 2014, 16:04

Al-Akhbar newspaper is in the buisness of inventing facts to sow sectarian hate. This is why Joseph Samaha got "a sudden heart attack" in London, coincidentally immediate after putting the finishing touches of the newspaper.
Unlike Ibrahim Al Amine, Samaha was a proper newspaperman with the ethics and morals of a journalist but the hezb needed a brainwashed ideologist like Al Amine to dispense their hate.
Joseph Samaha was brought for his high profile and the respect to launch al-Akhbar and one the thing was up and running he was no longer needed.

Thumb _mowaten_ 04 September 2014, 16:20

nice story bro. did they execute him using hezbi-trained fpmers from jabal mohsen?

Missing alexander_litvinenko 04 September 2014, 16:44

Oh good you are filling out the details, go on..

Missing alexander_litvinenko 04 September 2014, 17:07

So how does this work, you ladies always show up and disappear all at the same time.
Are you bused in like little children or you come over all together in a clown car?

Default-user-icon ariana (Guest) 04 September 2014, 18:23

lol @alexander. Yes, they are the dynamic duo of naharnet or two in one.

Default-user-icon area 51 (Guest) 04 September 2014, 18:02

After the beautiful, heart warming, patriotic, unifying words of sergeant Ali al-Sayyed's father yesterday here comes Akhbar with their usual unsupported drivel

Default-user-icon ariana (Guest) 04 September 2014, 18:26

any country that respects itself and its laws would arrest these terrorists and jail them. hizb of nasrallah been sending jihadi fighters to all the region's hotspots. He should be the first one to be arrested. I live in Europe and people cannot believe that our government and army stand still watching these terrorists cross into other countries to fight.

Default-user-icon riad al jurdi dubai (Guest) 04 September 2014, 18:31

dear naharnet, i wonder if there is a way you can stop this flamethrower from posting and polluting the forum. As expatriates we expect to read some mature comments and not be faced with messages of hate and incitement on every article. It is sad the forum is hijacked by people intent on poisoning events and bending the truths. Thank you and I would appreciate if you publish my remarks.