Report: Gemayel Wants to Become March 14's Alternative Candidate

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Kataeb party leader Amin Gemayel is reportedly insisting on becoming the March 14 alliance's candidate for the presidency if the camp was able to agree with the rest of the country's factions on a compromise figure.

Gemayel wants to replace Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea, a March 14 alliance source told the Kuwaiti al-Anbaa newspaper in remarks published on Thursday.

The March 14 source told al-Anbaa however that certain officials have informed Gemayel that he should receive the backing of centrist Progressive Socialist Party chief Walid Jumblat first.

The camp made an initiative on Tuesday, saying it holds onto the candidacy of Geagea, but expressed the camp's “full readiness to discuss with the rest of the factions the name of a person who receives the backing of all the Lebanese and who is committed to the country's principles.”

The majority of the March 8 camp's officials have claimed that there should be an agreement on a compromise candidate before heading to the polls. They have boycotted parliamentary sessions aimed at electing a president in a clear message of rejection to Geagea's candidacy.

Geagea's rival, Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun has not officially announced that he was running for the polls, claiming there should be a compromise on him first.

The disagreements among the rival parties and the parliamentary blocs have left the country's top Christian post vacant.

President Michel Suleiman's six-year tenure ended in May.



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Thumb charlesmartel 04 September 2014, 11:32

He is versatile and incompetent. Lucky inheritor of his uncle and his brother for his political career. He tried once to defy the LF and lost his "metn control".
I left the country due to his poor mishandling of the country leadership and i will again if he is appointed... walk aoun bobi is better

Default-user-icon Lou Williams (Guest) 04 September 2014, 11:57

is this your first break of the day flamethrower

Default-user-icon mazen (Guest) 04 September 2014, 12:04


This man's presidency was the WORST in Lebanon's history. In a bit more civilized countries in Central America (AKA BAnana republics) , presidents who performed like him ended up in jail or exile.

Thumb charlesmartel 04 September 2014, 13:27

Thank you Mazen

Thumb Bandoul 04 September 2014, 13:01

@Amin Gemayel, thanks but no thanks! Uneffen believable! Is this country so lacking in talented and qualified candidates that we have to resort to this re-tread? No to Gemayel, no to Aoun, no to Franjieh and no to Geagea. W'khalssouna ba2a min hal masra7ieh el khabiseh.

Default-user-icon roukuz (Guest) 04 September 2014, 13:03

how do you keep doing it flamethrower! you always know how to get them. Keep'em coming

Thumb charlesmartel 04 September 2014, 13:28

Clown makes people laugh... with him we are more prone to cry...

Default-user-icon SaveLebanon (Guest) 04 September 2014, 16:11

This is ridiculous. We are all more educated and more civilized than any of those politicians, yet we still support them, and even worse, we argue with each others over which one is better (or let's face it, which one is less bad). Please wake up and condemn any of those politicians who in 30 years only contributed to bring the country down to its knees, and who still have the "wa2hane" to pretend for a post in our republic, as our representatives. Do we have no self-respect anymore? Don't we deserve better?

Default-user-icon dehablo (Guest) 04 September 2014, 18:20

hahaha I agree

Thumb thepatriot 04 September 2014, 18:44

No thanks Amin... YES please Sami!!

Thumb nickjames 04 September 2014, 18:52

And how exactly does making Aoun president turn the page of war? How does he bring new blood? Any of the guys who were involved in the civil war should be ineligible, that would actually lead to someone being elected. Aoun, Geagea, Gemayel and Franjieh shouldn't be considered.

Btw, what makes you hate Gemayel? You should love him, since he handed the government over to your idol in 1988. If it weren't for Gemayel, your idol would have never been acting president.

Thumb nickjames 04 September 2014, 20:52

1. Aoun should be against wartime nominees, as should you and every Lebanese who wants to move on.
2. You're still going with this technicality "he didn't nominate himself." If he wasn't a candidate, then why is he boycotting the elections? Why is trying to impose a new electoral law if he wasn't in the running?
3. I'm not telling you what to love and hate. I said from logic, since Gemayel gave Aoun authority you should have a little respect. Gemayel picked Aoun because he was loyal to the army despite all the others defecting.
4. Acting president meant in charge of the army and had the authority to stand against Taef and Syria. I said a million times he was right for this stance, but then he went 180 and joined Hezbollah when he came back to Lebanon. But then that's right: Bashar is your enemy in Lebanon but your friend outside Lebanon so it's okay for him to ally with Hezbollah.

Thumb Tony.Farris 04 September 2014, 22:08

Judge "Judy" for president...