Report: Kanaan Agrees with Rifi, Hammoud to Freeze IS Flag-Burning Summonses

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

MP Ibrahim Kanaan has reportedly agreed with Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi and General Prosecutor Judge Samir Hammoud to suspend the summonses issued against several young men who have burned the Islamic State group's flag in Beirut.

Rifi had asked Hammoud to investigate the case when a video showing several men burning the IS flag in Ashrafieh's Sassine square was circulated on social media.

The flag includes the Islamic shahada, “There is no god but Allah, Mohammed is the messenger of Allah.”

The minister considered that their actions were offensive to Muslims. In Lebanon, the disrespect of religious symbols is punishable by law.

However, Kanaan, who is a member of the Change and Reform bloc and a lawyer, immediately rushed to their defense.

LBCI said Thursday that the lawmaker met with Rifi and Hammoud away from the media spotlight.

The conferees agreed to freeze the summonses against the suspects, the TV station added.

There are fears that burning of the flag would up sectarian tension.

Assailants have been spray-painting the walls of several churches in the northern city of Tripoli and reports said that angry men have burned crosses.

Rifi has also ordered an investigation into the alleged cross-burning.



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Default-user-icon illiterate-Southern (Guest) 04 September 2014, 11:55

well said Southern

Thumb Sanelebanese 04 September 2014, 15:59

A party that pretend to defend God ( HA ) as well as this ISIS are equally anti-God

Thumb Sanelebanese 05 September 2014, 05:08

I am glad you learned from your personal experience. ;-)

Thumb _mowaten_ 04 September 2014, 16:02

100% every muslim should burn the ISIS/nusra flags, it's a disgrace

Default-user-icon incorruptible mariama (Guest) 04 September 2014, 16:40

please don't interfere in people's religion specially that you claim to be an atheist

Default-user-icon may7th (Guest) 04 September 2014, 18:08

I almost shed a tear or two, almost.

Default-user-icon BouMeech (Guest) 04 September 2014, 21:41

that's helpful

Thumb Sanelebanese 05 September 2014, 05:09

That's a blessing :-)