Hizbullah Expert Killed as Israel Blows Up Spy Device in Adloun

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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Hizbullah military expert Hussein Haidar was killed Friday as an Israeli drone remotely detonated a spy device he was dismantling in the southern coastal town of Adloun.

The Lebanese army for its part neutralized another Israeli espionage device in the area.

“The Israeli spy device was discovered by the Lebanese army and it was detonated by an Israeli drone that is still hovering over the area,” Hizbullah's al-Manar TV said, adding that “a resistance fighter was martyred as he was trying to dismantle the apparatus.”

Meanwhile, al-Mayadeen television, which is close to the party, announced that a Hizbullah member was killed and another wounded.

“The Adloun blast went off as Hizbullah military expert Hussein Ali Haidar was trying to dismantle four booby-trapped spy devices, which resulted in his immediate death,” Voice of Lebanon radio (100.5) reported.

For its part, Voice of Lebanon radio (93.3) said “a second Israeli spy device was discovered in Adloun and the army dismantled it.”

Later in the day, the army issued a statement confirming that “an intelligence directorate patrol found a suspicious object in the vicinity of the town of Adloun.”

“As preparations were underway to inspect it, the Israeli enemy detonated it remotely, which resulted in the death of a civilian who was near the location,” the army added.

According to VDL (93.3), the device had been placed on a telecom network belonging to Hizbullah.

"The army immediately closed the road leading to the location as plumes of smoke covered the area,” the radio station added.

Al-Manar also confirmed that the apparatus was planted on Hizbullah's communication network.

It is not the first time that such a device has been discovered in southern Lebanon. Similar espionage apparatuses had been detonated in December 2011 and July 2012.

The devices had also been placed on Hizbullah's military telecom network.


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Missing greatpierro 05 September 2014, 18:14

strange. You cry wolf on a spying violation but you say nothing on the blatant violations of the lebanese sovereignty at the hand of both syria and iran.

Thumb _mowaten_ 06 September 2014, 14:18

another act of war by israel.

Missing phillipo 05 September 2014, 18:56

Southern, I don't remember how many times I have written you this, but it is only Lebanons' fault that you can still call Israel an enemy state.
You may not remember, or perhaps prefer not to remember, that in the late 1980's representatives of Israel and Lebanon reached a peace agreement which both parties then took back to their governments. The Israeli side accepted the agreement, the Lebanese government, under heavy pressure from the then Syrian occupying forces, was forced to tear it up.

Missing phillipo 05 September 2014, 18:58

There is no reason for Israel to hack the military communications system of the Army of the Republic of Lebanon.
It seems that it is only the military communications system of a terrorist organisation that has been allowed to operate on Lebanese soil for many years that is hacked.

Thumb Tony.Farris 05 September 2014, 19:05

The leader of the Somali Islamist group al-Shabab, Ahmed Abdi Godane, was killed in a US attack earlier this week, the Pentagon says.

Default-user-icon achrafieh (Guest) 05 September 2014, 19:06

thought that hizb was defeated in 06 ...

Default-user-icon aboujoseph.shawarma (Guest) 05 September 2014, 19:08

the price of cheese went up by LL1,000 effective today

Thumb Tony.Farris 05 September 2014, 19:11

@-..flamethrower.. topped the billboard today "Top Rated". The thumb-up-robot is out in full force today.

Thumb lou.williams 05 September 2014, 20:30

27 minutes ago LBCI: After it was revived by Hariri, the Russian grant to the army has been put on the track of implementation and it will be supplied from the depots of the Russian army. The grant involves 77 TA-72 tanks, 36 mortar guns and 4.5 million Kalashnikov rounds.

Thumb lou.williams 05 September 2014, 20:32

texas, you think shah knows of the song "true colors" by Cyndi Lauper

Default-user-icon rolfen (Guest) 05 September 2014, 21:59

Lebanon and Israel are at war, you idiot.

Thumb wassupmanigga 05 September 2014, 23:01

Hizbollah is an agent of Israel, Syria and Iran. Without Hizbullah and Palestine Israel wouldn´t have a reason to cry wolf. Same goes the other way around. Politics is all about power and money, and they are both intertwined in ways we can´t imagine. So don´t think they are fighting any enemy, it is all a show, they act as puppet masters, don´t believe all this rhetoric it is BS, they are all the same crap, all of it. In the meantime, people are starving, without jobs, soldiers and innocent people are dying while everyone thinks this is a real war.

Thumb Mystic 06 September 2014, 00:57

This event proofs the complete opposite mr. takfiri.

Default-user-icon full.disclosure (Guest) 06 September 2014, 07:55

well said Mystic

Thumb Kalzyturks 05 September 2014, 23:38

I'm here

Thumb Kalzyturks 05 September 2014, 23:40

Evil us?

Us is not all Lebanese.. Us is not all Shia.. Us is a non government entity who only answers to Khomeini...


Thumb Kalzyturks 05 September 2014, 23:43

Here you go Hizbollah does not answer to no Lebanese government.


Acting with impu.................

Thumb Kalzyturks 05 September 2014, 23:53

Don't forget israel is technically still at war with Syria & lebanon.


Flamethrower answered you today

Missing phillipo 06 September 2014, 08:27

only technically

Thumb Maxx 06 September 2014, 13:39

Considering that these "military telecom networks" have been also used in the assassination of Lebanese politicians - Hizb invaded Beirut and indiscriminately murdered 110 Lebanese in May 2008 when they felt that their operations will be revealed to the public and thus dampen years of patient take over of our Nation - then good for Israel to have installed those spying devices.

Default-user-icon Danny B (Guest) 06 September 2014, 19:07

Wonder how a sovereign country with an official army would allow a terror group to act within its borders, to inspect spy devices and to keep their own communication lines and equipment. Lebanon is not a country its a joke. Syria can kill how many of people of Lebanon, gangs can behead soldiers but when Israel defending itself from the terror group named Hezbolla who is keeping thousands of rockets targeted at Israel this is accepted by Lebanon.
Well sorry to say but next conflict Lebanon will become dust. better take pictures now of your beautiful Lebanon as nothing will be left of it if Lebanon will allow terror groups to act against Israel from its soil.