FPM, Harb Debate Threatens to Paralyze Cabinet Work

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The cabinet will witness on Thursday a heated session over a dispute between Telecommunications Minister Butros Harb and the Free Patriotic Movement.

According to As Safir newspaper published on Tuesday, the FPM is threatening to abstain from signing all decrees if Harb didn't ink the decrees that are linked to ministries governed by the party.

Sources told the newspaper that Education Minister Elias Bou Saab, who is affiliated to the FPM, informed the cabinet that party's ministers will refrain from inking any new decrees if Harb didn't sign those that have been frozen for a month now.

Prime Minister Tammam Salam gave the ministers until this week to resolve the dispute, which threatens to paralyze the work of the government.

In July, the cabinet approved a mechanism that governs its work following vacuum at Baabda Palace in May. It agreed that all decisions should be based on consensus among ministers representing different political parties.

The agreement also includes a deal to distribute the agenda to ministers 96 hours ahead of the session's scheduled time.

As Safir newspaper said that the dispute emerged after Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil refrained from signing a decree linked to the telecommunications ministry, prompting Harb to retaliate.



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don't worry lqu7, this account 'tyrant' is a fake one operated by nanaharnet just to create sectarian hate !!!

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Bunch of kids we have in this government. Zero responsibilities. We should ban parties to be part of governments