Geagea Says Biggest Danger Lies in 'Constitutional Decay'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea shrugged off the deterioration of the security situation in the country, saying the biggest danger facing Lebanon lies in the disintegration of state institutions.

The danger posed by jihadists and battles are so far limited, Geagea told the Kuwaiti al-Qabas newspaper in an interview published on Sunday.

The real threat comes from “the Constitutional decay … The Constitution is currently not being implemented,” he said.

“Such a decay started with the failure to hold the presidential elections,” Geagea told his interviewer.

The paralysis of the polls will damage all the Lebanese, the LF chief, who is a presidential candidate, warned.

He was optimistic however that “the security dangers … won't blow up (the situation) in Lebanon.”

Tensions have ratcheted in recent weeks, after jihadists from Syria overran the Lebanese northeastern border town of Arsal in August, capturing and killing soldiers and policemen.

The militants, including the al-Qaida linked al-Nusra Front and the extremist Islamic State group, took with them hostages from the army and police.

At least three have been killed by their captors. Two have been beheaded by Islamic State militants, sparking days of violence against Syrian refugees in Lebanon and tit-for-tat kidnappings between Sunnis and Shiites.

Geagea, a member of the March 14 coalition, reiterated his rejection of so-called self-security.

He gave the example of the Christian border village of al-Qaa, where “March 8 alliance parties distributed weapons” to residents to allegedly protect themselves from jihadists.

“If 60,000 rifles owned by the Lebanese army, in addition to its tanks, canons and training are not capable of deterring possible attacks, how would 50 rifles be able to do so?” Geagea asked.

He accused the March 8 camp's parties of seeking to leave the impression that they are defending Christians in the region.

On the presidential deadlock, Geagea told al-Qabas that he rejects to limit the term of the president, which currently stands at six years.

His refusal came in response to a question on why he would not accept a proposal for his rival Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun to be elected for a term of two years.

Geagea said some centrist officials were making the proposal. He did not name them.

“Shortening the presidential term is rejected because it is prohibited to touch the tenure of the head of state,” he added.

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Default-user-icon The_roar (Guest) 21 September 2014, 09:46

well said @wolf... I always agree with you and am happy you post in the mornings while I post at night so those M14s cannot tell we are the same poster.

Default-user-icon CFTC (Guest) 21 September 2014, 11:56

hear hear flamethrower

Default-user-icon mahdi ballout (Guest) 21 September 2014, 12:05

Even on a sunday, your wicked sense of humor goes on and on and on. You are limitlessly talented

Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (Guest) 21 September 2014, 13:06

always right ya hakim its the Constitutional decay ...the problem
so the constitution should be remade with materials that cannot decay
god bless democracy

Missing .karim-. 21 September 2014, 14:04

Genocidal war maniacs like Geagea, who were responsible for the deaths of THOUSANDS of innocent Lebanese in cold blood (not to mention bombing a church and assassinating the prime minister) should not be eligible to run for the Presidency.

Thumb ex-fpm 21 September 2014, 14:38

not thousands but millions and it is all documented in your book of facts

Thumb lebpatriot0007 21 September 2014, 14:56


Missing helicopter 21 September 2014, 16:40

It was constitutional decay that allowed the take-over of Beirut in 2007 by the elements suspected of killing a prime Minister in 2005.

Missing helicopter 21 September 2014, 22:03

please f.t.,
Before 2000 HA was a legitimate resistance,but after 2005 HA became a violation of the State and Collaborators with Iran and Assad.

Default-user-icon UmmaGumma (Guest) 21 September 2014, 17:09

Obviously Mr Geagea has no solution for the situation either.
Geagea, as other Christian leaders continue to steer the blame elsewhere, leading to the notion that perhaps the Maronites do not deserve the Presidential palace..

Thumb nickjames 21 September 2014, 17:26

Yeah just like the Assads defended the Christhians of Lebanon by forcing all their leaders into exile or prison after the civil war.

Karim, explain this to me: Geagea killed Christians, so he should be ineligible for the presidency, right? So what about Berri, he killed Shi3a, yet he's been the Speaker since 1992. Why does Berri get a free pass?

Point is everyone killed each other, whether it's Geagea killing Christians and Palestinians, Berri killing Shi3a and Palestinians, Joumblatt killing Shi3a and Christians, Aoun killing LAF and Christians, Hezbollah killing Shi3a. It's all the same thing.

So if Berri the Shi3a murderer is eligible for Speaker (and been in this role for 22 years), Geagea is eligible for a 6-year term president.

Thumb ex-fpm 21 September 2014, 17:50

karim, mowaten, flamethrower, southern, etc etc and their fake accounts always speak for the christians. They know what is best for us

Thumb nickjames 21 September 2014, 18:47

"but under what circumstances you killed them, is what makes you eligible or not."
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Flamey that was the joke of the day. All of these dudes are warlords. Either all of them are eligible, or they're all ineligible. You can't go justifying one dude's killings over another. They're all guilty. Just so you know when soldiers face court martial, even when they're found innocent they're honourably discharged simply because their reputation has been ruined by the trial. "Under what circumstances you killed them" doesn't matter, you still killed them. If Geagea is ineligible for the presidency, Aoun should be as well, and Berri should be ineligible for speaker.

Thumb nickjames 22 September 2014, 00:01

All I'm gonna say is please explain why is Berri allowed to be the Speaker (the top Shi3a post) when he's killed Shi3a.

Thumb nickjames 21 September 2014, 19:42

And Flamey, just a question: so Geagea paralysed the presidency, while Aoun is boycotting it, and now trying to shorten it to two years? Isn't that paralysing the presidency?

Then you wanna say "ya walad it wasn't Aoun who proposed it." Okay then who are these "centrists" coming up with the proposal? Didn't your idol just take a hike in Moukhtara last week, when Jumblatt said he was "convinced with Aoun's patriotic rational behind his candidacy"?

I guess patriotic rationale means Aoun wanting to be president for two years is rational, whereas six would be irrational.

Thumb nickjames 21 September 2014, 23:01

We'll see in another week or two before Aoun comes out and proposes it himself

Thumb megahabib 22 September 2014, 00:50

The biggest danger is delusional maniacs like Gaga who are ready to hand Lebanon to the Caliphate of Hell.