Bassil Says Shebaa Attack Occurred on Lebanese Soil, Warns of Division

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil accused on Thursday Israel of “manipulating stability and using the takfiri attacks to change the balance of powers,” considering that the resistance's operation in the Shebaa Farms occurred on Lebanese soil.

“The ministerial statement states the liberation of the Shebaa Farms and the occupied Lebanese territories with all the possible means,” Bassil said in an interview with al-Akhbar newspaper.

He said that the resistance carried out the attack in retaliation to the death of Lebanese in operations carried out by the Jewish state.

Two Israeli soldiers were wounded on Tuesday in a bombing that targeted an army patrol in the Shebaa Farms in the South.

Hizbullah claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it was in retaliation at Israel's assassination of a party military expert as he was dismantling an Israeli spy device in September.

The minister stressed that Lebanon is committed to U.N. Security Council resolution 1701, saying: “Dozens of Israeli violations of Lebanese airspace, soil and maritime border are monthly recorded and Lebanon has the right, unanimously, to resist, which is a right stated by international laws.”

Israel routinely sends F-16 fighter planes over Lebanon, in violation of resolution 1701 that ended the 2006 war.

Bassil warned of a political division between the cabinet members, calling for unity in order to combat Israel and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

Asked about the growing international coalition that was resolved to confront the Sunni extremists rampaging in Iraq and Syria, the Free Patriotic Movement official pointed out that the combat against ISIL “didn't reach a serious level.”

“Any attempt to contain ISIL is a disastrous endeavor,” Bassil told al-Akhbar.

On the Iranian pledge to offer Lebanon military assistance, the minister called on officials to deal with the matter “in a manner similar to that used with other grants.”

“The political rift shouldn't deprive us from such assistance.”

The head of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, Ali Shamkhani, who made a one-day visit to Beirut last week, said that Tehran will provide military assistance to Lebanon.

Bassil said that ties between FPM chief Michel Aoun and Progressive Socialist Party MP Walid Jumblat are “flourishing due to the common opinions regarding the threats facing Lebanon.”

“Together we might be able to gather the conflicting parties.”

He also stressed that the “ties with (head of al-Mustaqbal Movement) Saad Hariri haven't been cut.”

“The dialogue between us had many positive outcomes, in particular the cabinet, but we reached a standstill in our dialogue,” Bassil added.

Asked about his meeting with Syrian FM Walid Muallem on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly meeting in New York, the FPM official said: “Our diplomatic ties with Syria are not cut.”

It is considered a rare meeting between a Lebanese official and a representative of the Syrian government.

“There are common concerns that we need to discuss with the Syrians, without taking a part in their local conflict, in specific the Syrian refugee crisis.”

Bassil called on the government to lay the grounds of a serious plan to decrease the number of refugees.

“There are practical measures that we can take but we're not,” he told al-Akhbar, listing several options such as “preventing those who are not refugees from entering Lebanon and removing the refugee status from those who don't deserve it.”

The minister reiterated his opposition to the establishment of camps for the displaced, describing Syrian refugee camps on Lebanese territories as “illegal.”

“We are against the veiled naturalization of Syrians,” Bassil stressed.

Hosting more than 1.3 million Syrians fleeing their country's three-year war, Lebanon is home to the highest number of Syrian refugees in the region, and also to the highest refugee population per capita in the world.

Reports said that the cabinet is mulling the establishment of camps in buffer zones between the Lebanese border crossing al-Masnaa and Jdeidet Yabous crossing on the Syrian side.



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Thumb EagleDawn 09 October 2014, 09:22

Bassil Says Shebaa Attack Occurred on Lebanese Soil. Wrong Bassil it did not. Even your ally HA admitted it was for other reasons.
Hizbullah official source to al-Mayadeen: The operation (in Shebaa) is a response to the collusion between the takfiri groups in Syria and the Israeli enemy.

Bassil and the FPM have become the spokesperson and political wing of the terrorist militia.
Also, contrary to all claims, Bassil and the FPM don not want to set up refugee camps for syrians and prefer the situation as is.
"The minister reiterated his opposition to the establishment of camps for the displaced, describing Syrian refugee camps on Lebanese territories as “illegal.”

Thumb EagleDawn 09 October 2014, 09:26

but flamethrower says it was the FPM who wanted to establish refugee camps but were called "nazis" by M14. Again, reality hits him in the face and exposes his lies.

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 October 2014, 12:04

eagledown never fails to pop-up to defend israel. what a true patriot he is.
in the mean time, he forgets even the most basic facts, there is no such thing as israeli soil. there is stolen lebanese soil, stolen syrian soil, and of course stolen palestinian soil.

shebaa is stolen lebanese soil, as confirmed by all parties, including syria and the UN.

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 October 2014, 12:12

as for refugee camps, bassil and the FPM have been constant, they refuse the establishment of camps inside lebanon because those tend to turn into permanent ghettos. the way to go is to establish camps on the borders, and ensure they can return to their homes as soon as it is safe for them to do so.

ps: you keep pretending you're pro LAF and all, it's funny you didnt mention the israel aggression on the LAF a few days ago, when tsakhal crossed the blue line and shot one of our soldiers!
but worry not, we are teaching the aggressor that aggression will not go unpunished. if the LAF is paralyzed by traitors in the government and cannot respond, HA will take care of it.

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 October 2014, 12:13

pps: meanwhile, the takfiri terrorists who claim to be emulating hezbollah, what are they doing? fighting the common enemy alongside the army like hezbollah? or shooting LAF soldiers?
right. what they are really emulating is tsakhal, the extremist, intolerant aggression entity in all their fantasies (killing arabs and muslims, driving christians away from the region, occupying lebanese and syrian land etc etc...)

Thumb geha 09 October 2014, 12:42

m8 are hysterical from all the below posts :)

get it in your minds: the Lebanese people will never accept to legitimize your Iranian extremist terrorist militia.
the Lebanese people recognizes only its armed forces as legitimate.

I sincerely hope this is clear.
an extremist sunni militia will never drive us to return to the militias days. our armed forces are there to defend Lebanon, not the other extremist Iranian terrorist militia!

I wonder why it is hard to comprehend this reality: in Lebanon all extremists are not welcome.

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 October 2014, 13:53

norma.jean, it is indeed very dramatic what he did, asking where caroline was, CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT????? INCREDIBLE!!

this is why like you, and for the sake of protecting women's rights and their dignity, i am considering joining isis. how are they treating you? did you get your share of "jihad el niqah" action today?

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 October 2014, 13:54

geha: lol you still think you're speaking for the lebanese people? one would think your shrink would had solved that part by now!

Thumb ex-fpm 09 October 2014, 11:21

“We are against the veiled naturalization of Syrians,” Bassil stressed.

Another scare tactic of the imagined "sunni" threat. The Sunnis themselves will be the first ones to oppose this non existent issue. But Bassil has to give the refugee issue a sectarian spin.

Thumb ex-fpm 09 October 2014, 11:48

nothing the syrians are doing now they could not do before the syrian war thanks to the brotherly treaties that were enforced on Lebanon and are supported by the FPM. Debate without insults, but that is something you were not brought up to do loser!

Thumb galaxy 09 October 2014, 11:53

the one sided FPM-HA government allowed the syrian refugees to come in and never organized their status. Jordan and Turkey took charge of the situation from day one. The failures of the FPM led to this refugee crisis. The FPM-HA government had no opposition in the cabinet and any attempt to blame this crisis and mismanaging it on other than the FPM is futile.

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 October 2014, 13:43

galaxy: "the one sided FPM-HA government" which one? the one headed by miqati, chadi mawlawi's chauffeur?

Thumb EagleDawn 09 October 2014, 13:25

Flamethrower: Bassil did and HA did.

1)Hizbullah official source to al-Mayadeen: The operation (in Shebaa) is a response to the collusion between the takfiri groups in Syria and the Israeli enemy.

2) Bassil said that the resistance carried out the attack in retaliation to the death of Lebanese in operations carried out by the Jewish state.

There you have it ya hilween! No where it says it was an incursion or defense. Reality once more is beyond your reach.

Thumb geha 09 October 2014, 13:30

drop it and do not bother to discuss with an illiterate like this ft.

he clearly does not get it anyway you explain it to him. he is not worth the bother :)

Missing cedars 09 October 2014, 14:10

The militia admits in public to all news aganecyies it's expertise of car bombs on Lebanese soil. This is what basil is trying to say..right? The militia does not differentiate between Israeli and m14 politicians which is why they assisinated them

Default-user-icon farty (Guest) 09 October 2014, 17:12

bomb them with a barrel of wine , the ultimate weapon ;)

Thumb geha 09 October 2014, 09:23

according to the UN, shebaa farms are not Lebanese, and this is what counts legally.
jumping to defend his tutors once again!

his friends are loosing daily, and the latest news is that hizbushaitan lost a large number of militants in the battles happening north of Aleppo.

Thumb geha 09 October 2014, 13:27

you know what? you not worth the trouble of an answer.

you simply do not get it :) too stupid :)

Missing rami 09 October 2014, 13:40

Digging into history again, troll?

Default-user-icon Luisa de Amaral (Guest) 09 October 2014, 13:57

That Português spellchecker is still causing you problems southern.

Default-user-icon João de Barros (Guest) 09 October 2014, 14:40

"figures" what does that mean.. in Português, figurês? You are so ridiculês!

Default-user-icon Aleixo de Menezes (Guest) 09 October 2014, 15:24

Sorry Southern but I will leave that to you, you obviously enjoy riding it. btw is that some kind of Português Ferris wheel, Ferris is just the guy named Ferris who brings you your wheel?

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 October 2014, 12:15

you have a half brain, do you think if they come to your village/town/house this will be enough to repel them? please elaborate on how you plan to use that half brain of yours to stop hysterical monkeys armed to the teeth and filled with hate and dreams of massacres and rape.

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 October 2014, 13:47

i read very well, yet what i cannot see here is an answer as to how they "will be repelled by anyone with half a brain". i'm very disappointed, i thought you had discovered a new military strategy, maybe even equal to geagea's widely praised military doctrine (dig you head in the sand and pretend they're not here), but all i can see here is a frustrated person unable to make a point and pathetically resorting to insults.

Thumb ex-fpm 09 October 2014, 12:40

is Ziad Rahbani also a traitor now?

Thumb geha 09 October 2014, 12:54

hysterical! ft is one of those seeing his whole world crumbling these days.
he sincerely thought that hizbushaitan will have the support of the Lebanese people and is surprised why the majority of the Lebanese people refuses to support his Iranian militia.
he does not realize that the Lebanese people learned their lesson from the past and the errors done in the past will not be repeated.
he does not understand that no militia is acceptable let alone an Iranian extremist terrorist militia.
not one sane Lebanese will support an Iranian extremist terrorist militia that has done murders, bombings,... on the Lebanese people.
the Lebanese people support the legitimate armed forces only.

Thumb EagleDawn 09 October 2014, 13:26

your whole existence is irrelevant.

Thumb EagleDawn 09 October 2014, 14:33

my comment was for flamethrower not norma. Your attempt at humor is not very successful. troll

Default-user-icon Chantal (Guest) 09 October 2014, 13:19

CAROLINE! Where's Caroline!!

Thumb EagleDawn 09 October 2014, 14:37

do you just troll or have another job we are not aware of?

Default-user-icon Aoun (Guest) 09 October 2014, 15:21

"Sha2fi Carolina"
Shame on you!

Default-user-icon boujamara (Guest) 09 October 2014, 16:01

Bassil is just trying to over compassionate and get back on hezb's good side after the criticisms he was subjected to early in his tenure as FM and following his stances at the Jeddah summit.

Thumb nickjames 09 October 2014, 17:41

Lol at everyone arguing. Let me explain to everyone the history of the Shebaa Farms. Were they Lebanese at one point? Yes. But by the 1950s, property records show that the residents of the area were paying taxes to the Syrian government. Syria took over this land from Lebanon. It was under Syrian control when Israel took the Golan. When Israel withdrew from South Lebanon, Hezbollah said they didn't withdraw from the Farms. Numerous maps showed that this land was Syrian. Lebanese can farm on this land, but that doesn't necessarily mean the land is Lebanese.

Thumb nickjames 09 October 2014, 17:41

When the French left in 1946, Syria administered the land. The 1949 armistice agreement between Israel and Arabs put the Farms in Syrian territory. Afterwards a Lebanese-Syrian committee suggested to put it in Lebanon, but neither country did anything. Both the Lebanese and Syrian armies' maps put the Farms in Syria (LAF map in 1966 had the Farms in Syria). When asked about it, Hafez al-Assad said "Syria and Lebanon are a single country." His son Bashar argues it is Lebanese but hasn't provided any proof, and he also refuses to demarcate the border until Israel withdraws from the area. The former Syrian VP even said that it's nothing but a pretext because the Farms would take less than an hour to demarcate if there was a political will.

Missing peace 09 October 2014, 19:24

sure this dwarf will never complain that an armed militia attacks in place of the national army without any orders from the state...
sure he will not complain that an armed militia violates a UN resolution...
then he pretends to abide by the law and constitution? LOL

Missing karim- 09 October 2014, 20:49

مزارع شبعا كذبة، وأنا مسؤول عما أقول، لا يمكننا تعديل الخريطة على مزاجنا، مزارع شبعا ليست لبنانيةا

ميشال عون برنامج سجّل موقف
"٩ اذار ٢٠٠٢" mtv مع إيلي الناكوزي تلفزيون
من أرشيف السفير١٠ اذار ٢٠٠٢