NDU, USJ Suspend Student Elections as Geagea Regrets Decisions

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Notre Dame University – Louaize and Saint Joseph University decided on Thursday to suspend student elections for the current academic year.

The decision comes in light of a quarrel between the Lebanese Forces and Free Patriotic Movement students on Wednesday over the erection of electoral banners at the main NDU campus.

The polls at NDU were the first since the FPM boycotted the elections three years ago.

“The political and security situation in Lebanon, which could impact the campus... will not allow the students to practice their democratic role positively,” USJ board of members said in a statement.

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea expressed regret over the scuffle that erupted at NDU, voicing hope that students would adapt with practicing a “democratic and right” political process.

He considered that the incident doesn't “suit our society.”

Geagea called on the USJ to reconsider its decision to suspend the student elections, urging the administration to carry out the “necessary measures to stage a transparent elections.”

NDU expressed regret in a statement over the incident that occurred in its campus in Zouk Mosbeh, considering it “marred the image of democracy at the university.”

The administration vowed to carry out the necessary investigation to reveal “those who were behind the chaos and who participated in it.”

The FPM youth lashed out in a statement at electoral law adopted by the NDU administration, saying that Wednesday's row is a “clear assault by students affiliated to the LF against the FPM students, who were erecting banners that call for boycotting the elections.”

“Never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it,” the FPM said in its statement, quoting a British proverb.

The FPM considered that the “suspicious timing of the incident coincided with a meeting for the USJ administration to discuss whether or not the student elections will be held.”



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Thumb -phoenix1 30 October 2014, 13:05

What happened yesterday is a most shameful thing indeed. Between Geagea and Aoun, we Christians lost a lot, now in 2014 it's clear they both intend to continue where they stopped some 20 plus years ago. This is an absolute shame really and one that not only robs the Christians of any hope but more so all of Lebanon. (Now please dear Naharnet Mods, don't delete this post will you?)

Thumb al.finique 30 October 2014, 13:12

dear bro phoenix, I agree with you on this one bro. But you and I will remain Lebanese Forces at heart although we cease every opportunity to criticize geagea and you know why bro? because I have been travelling quite a lot these past 2 years, meeting with many Lebanese in the diaspora, all of them and without any exception want to see peace in Lebanon and with peace, a good number of them want to reinvest and live in their homeland. The expatriate Lebanese communities are bleeding profusely from the ridiculous situation in Lebanon and most of them want to see military rule. Lebanon is so close to being what everyone of us wants, yet remains so far because of the political establishment, that's right, the crooked mafia of Lebanon. let's have our military rule, and let Lebanon LIVE again.

Missing humble 30 October 2014, 17:51

The caporal is the one creating hatred among the christians. He is the only one destroying the christians.

Missing humble 30 October 2014, 17:50

The caporal is the one creating hatred among the christians. He is the only one destroying the christians.