Report: Injured al-Mawlawi, Mansour Using Civilians as Human Shields

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Wanted terrorists Shadi al-Mawlawi and Osama Mansour have been injured in the latest battles with the Lebanese army in the northern city of Tripoli and are hiding among civilians, security officials said.

The officials, who were not identified, told Ad-Diyar newspaper on Monday that al-Mawlawi and Mansour are being guarded by some gunmen in a civilian neighborhood and that any military operation to capture them would inflict dozens of casualties.

The army is avoiding such a scenario because it is keen on the well-being of Tripoli residents, the sources said.

But they stressed that both militants have been militarily and organizationally disabled similar to Salafist cleric Sheikh Ahmed al-Asir, who went into hiding following deadly clashes between his supporters and the army near the southern city of Sidon in June last year.

Al-Mawlawi and Mansour have been charged with belonging to an armed terrorist group in order to stage terrorist acts, and holing up at a Tripoli mosque with the aim of preparing bombs and explosive devices to target Lebanese troops in the area.

Earlier this month, the militia led by the two fugitives clashed with the army in Tripoli and Akkar district. The gunbattles left dozens of fighters, soldiers and civilians dead and injured.

The clashes erupted after the army carried out a raid in the town of Assoun in the northern district of Dinniyeh during which it arrested Ahmed Miqati, who has admitted to plotting a ground offensive along with accomplices from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant to control vast territory in northern Lebanon and establish an emirate there.

Al-Mawlawi announced via twitter on Monday that he will soon issue a statement to reveal who has “conspired against the Sunnis of Tripoli.”

“Wait for the curtain-raiser,” he said.



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Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (Guest) 11 November 2014, 10:04

get these filthy terrorists they will lead you to their masters and funders

Thumb _mowaten_ 11 November 2014, 13:17

the more it goes, the more we see the kind of human trash they are, the less doubts i have that they were behind the tripoli mosques bombings. their best recruitment stunt so far.

Missing helicopter 11 November 2014, 17:38

mowaten, you are not qualified to talk about human trash, because you see only the takfiri side of trash while you are blinded to the HA kind of trash.

Missing peace 11 November 2014, 21:32

sure helicopter, HA also hid among civilians in 2006....

Thumb kanaandian 11 November 2014, 10:06

tick, tock, tick, tock... then boom.
off to the skies soon ya terrorist enta

Default-user-icon flamethrower.of.the.future (Guest) 11 November 2014, 11:55

do you know why i was banned?>>>>

Thumb -phoenix1 11 November 2014, 14:18

As usual, a terrorist feels strong and fearless when he is wining, but when cornered, he reverts to his true nature, that of a filthy coward. Using civilians as human shield is the sum-mum of cowardice.

Missing ysurais 11 November 2014, 15:27

All terrorists should be arrested, then put on trial, then to be applied z death penalty by the new generation electrical guillotine..

Thumb marcus 11 November 2014, 15:36

except for z rezistanze