Six Injured in Horrific Car Accident in Dahr al-Baidar

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Six people were injured in a horrible traffic accident on Thursday on Dahr al-Baidar highway in the eastern Bekaa.

A truck, car and a pickup truck collided in the area, injuring six passengers, the Traffic Management Center reported.

The injured people were admitted to hospitals in nearby areas, with one critical case.

Another tragic car accident occurred on al-Khodr road in the eastern district of Baalbek, wounding four people.

The state-run National News Agency reported that policeman Jihad Awdeh's vehicle bumped into an Iron lamppost as he was on his way with three girls from Awdeh family to the Lebanese University.

The four Awdeh family members were injured with Jihad sustaining critical injuries.



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Missing thatisit 13 November 2014, 12:07

Problem: Speed(Lebs are always in a hurry to get somewhere or nowhere), lagging traffic laws, lack of serious enforcement, lack of education and roads that do not meet minimum standards, the results are daily death and carnage.

Thumb -phoenix1 13 November 2014, 13:02

I believe that whoever is our minister of the interior must emulate Mr. Abou Faour's sterling job and engage the nation is much stricter controls. Lebanon is losing a lot more people than all the wars combined.

Thumb Maxx 13 November 2014, 19:44

Hear hear! However, I would still say that whoever are our ministers of everything should likewise start doing their job: Lebanon is losing a lot more people through emigration to countries where stuff actually works, because waiting for the government to use our tax-Liras to actually fix the country is like waiting for adult entertainment on the Îqra2 channel.