Families of Captive Servicemen Say State Only Authorized to Negotiate Jihadists

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The families of the kidnapped soldiers and policemen stressed on Thursday that the Lebanese state is the only side authorized to negotiate with jihadists the release of their loved ones.

“The state is our only representative and voice as we are all under its authority,” the relatives of the hostages said in a statement.

The statement warned the state and the cabinet's crisis cell from stalling negotiations, reiterating calls for a swift and bold decision that would ensure the safe release of their sons.

“We will escalate our endeavors,” the relatives vowed a day after they warned the authorities from escalatory measures starting Friday morning.

“We apologize from the citizens that our endeavors might harm and call on them to support our case as the abductees are the sons of all the Lebanese people,” the statement added.

On Wednesday, the relatives warned they will block all of Beirut's entrances starting Friday as a female protester appealed for Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah to bring home the captives the same way he did with the Hizbullah hostage.

The families were angered by Hizbullah's success in releasing one of its fighters who had been in the custody of Syrian groups in the mountains of the Qalamun region near Lebanon's border.

Imad Ayyad was released in exchange for two gunmen who were in Hizbullah custody, the party announced on Tuesday.

The soldiers and policemen were abducted by Islamic State group and al-Qaida-linked Nusra Front that briefly overran the northeastern border town of Arsal in August. Three of the hostages have already been executed.

The relatives of the captured men have erected a protest camp near the Grand Serail to press the release of the captives.



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Thumb cash.puppet 27 November 2014, 11:18

Dont count on this so called "state" to do anything for any citizen. Its a couple of mafias and their head honchos are lining their pockets in the parliament and ministries while the country burns! Secularism or nothing

Default-user-icon mystic@full.disclosure@bill.the.butcher (Guest) 27 November 2014, 11:45

well said Mystic, secularism HA way!

Thumb Mystic 27 November 2014, 14:13

Still trying to figure out, why iceman still writes this garbage with a guest comment. They really do think we are one and the same.

Thumb Mystic 27 November 2014, 14:14

Family of captives. You can thank M14 and their political cover for the takfiris in Arsal to begin with. They sre the reason your sons got captured.

Thumb -phoenix1 27 November 2014, 14:23

No Mystic, Hezbollah's foray into a war that is not ours is the root cause of so much problems today. Well now it's a bit surpassed anyway, as of now we will have to mop up the mess and as it is said, behind every cloud there is a silver lining. The cloud that still hangs over Lebanon is Syria as always now in a state of total mess, then we have Hezbollah that as it showed yesterday still behaves lawlessly as if it was the state, but then here is our silver lining, in spite of all the clouds hanging over our heads, we are now seeing the rebirth of a strong, powerful Lebanese Army, born of its ashes, undergoing its baptism in fire and blood. The army is here to show us that our peace will only come through many sacrifices and that our savior is the army, now and forever. I look forward when there will be no more militias, HA's included, and that we all live as one people, under the same law.

Thumb al.finique 27 November 2014, 15:21

Bro i agree with you on this one bro

Thumb cash.puppet 27 November 2014, 15:36

lol yea phoenix... dont blame those who actually started the war, but those who reacted to it. brilliant analysis. You believe what you want to believe dude, its called a self fulfilling prophecy.

Thumb cash.puppet 27 November 2014, 15:38

Under phoenix's analysis, if you start a war but keep it secret and lie about it, you are thus not guilty, and those who react to the situation are the ones to blame. Silly. You just want to wiggle and turn and blame HA for this mess because you're an LF fanboy no matter what. Khalas, stop trying to act like your an analyst... it's getting pathetic. At least just be honest and say that you will oppose HA no matter what and be LF's fan for life, like you do on countless occasions. Its getting old.

Missing hajjradwan 27 November 2014, 15:50

"dont blame those who actually started the war"

lol yea i wonder where he learn this..
"We did not think, even one percent, that the capture would lead to a war at this time and of this magnitude.. You ask me, if I had known on July 11 that the operation would lead to such a war, would I do it? I say no, absolutely not." Hassan Nasrallah Aug 27, 2006

Thumb Mystic 27 November 2014, 16:09

Phoenix, you were one of those to support the unrest in Syria to begin with. Didn't help Lebanon did it? We heard your hero Geagea call out for support to the takfiris.

Missing peace 27 November 2014, 16:28

if you were defending Lebanon you would also support the syrian revolution... but as the Americans and hezbollah you choose to support the regime that killed thousands of lebanese and destroyed its economy instead...

we see how patriotic you are.....

Thumb chrisrushlau 27 November 2014, 17:00

The families in particular demanded that Hezbullah not get their family members back. The relatives said that they would kill their returned family members if these were released by the efforts of Hezbullah. "Since Hezbullah, based on the majority population of Lebanon, is the legitimate government of this nation as well as the only efficient administrative structure, we condemn it outright and call on God to destroy it with fire," the statement said.

Thumb Mystic 27 November 2014, 17:04

There was never a revolution peace, if the majority of the Syrian people were against Assad, then he would've been gone a long time ago. Quite controversy the Syrian people rather want him, than these takfiris you seem to be very fond of.

U.S on the other hand, created ISIS as they created Taliban against the soviets.

Missing peace 27 November 2014, 17:11

sure miss tic... that is what hezbi and syrian propaganda tells you to repeat... but facts contradict you, sorry...

i know it is difficult to comprehend that USA and assad are together in this... the USA do not want assad to leave.
i know it is hard for you to be allied with the US on this, it explains your rage...
and israel also prefers assad, like you and hezbollah!

seems the only one against israel and the USA is me here not you... it makes your brain bug i m sure....

Thumb cash.puppet 27 November 2014, 17:25

Just because they want perpetual war doesnt mean they "want" assad. Stop being ridiculous. They prefer puppets like Sisi, qatar and saudi.

Thumb Mystic 27 November 2014, 17:26

No other than Israel and the west, gained from this war. Not your beloved takfiris, and not the syrian government. The takfiris were merely used by the U.S to destabilize Syria. Mission accomplished, now all is being done, to clean up your masters mess.

Which is going pretty well, I might add.

Default-user-icon anti-taef (Guest) 27 November 2014, 17:30


"The problem with the Taef is that it enshrines the Maronite sectarian system" Hassan Nasrallah An-Nahar 6/11/1989

"إن اتفاق الطائف مشكلة لأنه يكرس النظام الطائفي
النهار 6/11/1989

Missing peace 27 November 2014, 17:41

"perpetual war"... mmmm what a nice new concept to hide the fact that hezbollah and the US israel agree on leaving assad in power... you always need an excuse to deny that hezbi objectives are the very same... we know it is very bad for your anti US propaganda...

if the USA wanted to oust assad he would be out by now... don't be afraid to admit it...

Thumb -phoenix1 27 November 2014, 19:00

Mystic, hey man, you seem to write whatever you want these days, please pause. I never supported the unrest, rather I was against the way the regime reacted towards the peaceful protesters of those days, plus the way Hezbollah was so very heavy handed with the protesters, including killing them and making say things against their own sect's affinities. Torching and disfiguring Sunni mosques was one of your oversteps don't forget. Yes, I welcomed change in Syria, peacefully though, then when the regime started mass killings I supported the FSA, but then the monster of radicalism took over and things got muddled up. Please Mystic, you are dismantling your integrity here, just don't get carried away with anything. Peace.

Thumb -phoenix1 27 November 2014, 19:10

FD, the moment you turn matters personal, it is the time when you become irrelevant with me. I've an opinion to voice, if you see this as my being an analyst or an LF fanboy, or disagree, all this doesn't matter. I am sure you can get your voice across if only you found yourself less acrimonious towards the opinions of others. Learn to live with people.

Thumb -phoenix1 27 November 2014, 19:24

Al Finique, 3ish bi hal ne3meh, I gave you one thumb up and LO, you got two!

Missing peace 27 November 2014, 23:31

better a vassal than a slave to hezbollah and assad like you, idiot of the month....

Thumb al.finique 27 November 2014, 17:04

I don't agree with you on this one bro.

Thumb Mystic 27 November 2014, 17:16

roar, just be glad we know his true face now.

Better late than never.

Thumb -phoenix1 27 November 2014, 19:17

Roar, I do not float or drift with the wind as you want people to believe, because you are the Roar, I'll explain briefly, I am a centrist and it's never a simple position. There are times when I am very critical of M14, other times I am critical of M8. So Roar, when I defend M8, I receive a tap on the shoulder, when I criticize M8, I get this from you, well, I can live with that. If you look at this forum you will notice the that I hardly ever take matters to the personal level like do some, you one of them, I focus on the issue itself. Sadly taking matters personal have a way at demoting the person who does it, as does FD, now sadly Mystic. Well Roar, I am no praise singer, if you notice, till now I still call someone like Sayed Hassan in the same way I always do. Charity begins at home, so does respect, everyone is free to disrespect himself, I don't have the cure for such people.

Thumb -phoenix1 27 November 2014, 19:21

Mystic, 3ayb 3a leik, ste7e 3ala 7elak ya akh. I am who I am, and rest assured, I am not here to please anyone. Thankfully you or people like you don't own this forum, thus you will have to live with facts that people have their opinions, and people are not walls where you put one color and expect it to stay this way. For once in your life accept to be bold and be critical of your side, of Hezbollah, of the FPM, man, you guys commit as many mistakes if not many more than M14, yet you only see M14's wrongs and ignore your sides? It's very sad, debating with you and your likes is beginning to sound all too familiar. Please elevate it to a much better level, except if belonging to Hezbollah or the FPM or M8 has seriously impaired your ability to reason and to be free of subjugation. You see, I am an LF person to the very bone marrow, but I am free to speak my mind the catch word, FREE.

Thumb lebnanfirst 27 November 2014, 19:35

Unfortunately, almost all M8rs and HA supporters do not comprehend centrist positions since as extremists they only understand doctrinaire views and violence as a solution to opposite views or ones that do not fit within their warped perspective. A balanced perspective for the sake of Lebanon is soarly needed especially when we have the likes of HA and Aoun around.
Rest assured there are many of us Lebanese who espouse views similar to yours. Despite what HA supporters say to undermine the fact that our army is growing stronger, it definitely is as you mentioned. The day will come when only the LAF will wield weapons on behalf of all Lebanese. Just a matter of time now.

Thumb -phoenix1 27 November 2014, 19:50

Roar, please elevate your kind of debate, you are still acrimonious for nothing. Then everyone can remember when I was capable of giving dry shaves when the case asked for. LF, M8ers are sore, they can and never will accept their wrongs. Now that the army is getting stronger and stronger with real weapons due soon, $bn4 worth of it, now that it's confirmed that old man Aoun will die without ever seeing the presidential seat, now that Sayed Hassan's official rubber stamper is running dry on ink, now that his regime master in Damascus doesn't seem to move an inch, now that Syria is on the verge of total fragmentation into mini statelets, M8 led by Sayed Hassan are reeling back. But of course, M8ers will never concede, it's their brain-lock problem sadly for them.

Thumb the_roar 27 November 2014, 19:53

You know all about dry shaves ''you received it on this forum 3 years ago.....it must of affected you, its all you speak of since.

Thumb cash.puppet 28 November 2014, 01:59

Sorry that you can't face the facts and are dodging my calling you out Phoenix, but it doesn't change the fact that geagea and hariri are in fact zionist stooges who are getting paid to divide our country and they in fact helped start the war against assad in Syria before ha got involved. Anyway, your hypocrisy is simply astounding:

"I am a centrist and it's never a simple position. There are times when I am very critical of M14..."
"You see, I am an LF person to the very bone marrow ..."

Enough said. La centrist w la shi. You are an LF fanboy and I don't understand why you got offended at the truth. Have a nice day.

Thumb Thunderbaby 27 November 2014, 14:32

Mystic my brother is resistance and such, next Ashura please wear a helmet.