Cars Stolen in France Seized at Beirut Port

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Eight cars stolen in France and shipped to Lebanon have been seized at Beirut's port, the Internal Security Forces announced on Thursday.

“The bureau for combating international theft crimes managed on November 21 to seize at Beirut's port two containers carrying eight recent model Range Rovers and BMWs,” the ISF said in a statement.

The vehicles had been “cut in half after being stolen in France with the aim of sending them to Lebanon,” the ISF added.

It noted that the attempt was thwarted as a result of “follow-up and cooperation between the ISF and French police through the command of the (Lebanese) Judicial Police and the liaison officer at the French embassy in Lebanon.”

“48-year-old Lebanese national A. B. and 40-year-old Lebanese national G. K. were arrested” over their involvement in the case, the ISF added.

“During interrogation, they confessed that they had ties to a French car theft gang that stole more than 40 recent model cars over the past seven months before sending them to Lebanon,” the statement said.

It pointed out that the seven members of the gang were arrested by French police.

“Investigations are still ongoing under the supervision of the relevant judicial authorities,” the ISF added.


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Thumb -phoenix1 27 November 2014, 19:26

Does anyone have any idea where they were supposed to end up these stolen cars? Just a small question, as innocent as it is written.

Thumb Maxx 27 November 2014, 19:39

Most probably at one of those car-dealerships that line Tareeq Saida el Qadeemeh. Back when I used to live in Shiah we used to hear about police raids at least once a month over stolen cars ending up displayed in broad daylight there, though usually with the colour changed.

Default-user-icon Mutrib (Guest) 27 November 2014, 19:52

Sou2 el 2a7ad.

Thumb -phoenix1 27 November 2014, 19:55

Maybe Mystic, FD, the Roar and others have other locations to tell us ma heyk?

Thumb Tony.Farris 28 November 2014, 06:45

The BMW' s for ASSad and families, the Rovers for FT, southerner, mowaten, and the roar in Aussie. lol

Missing coolmec 28 November 2014, 08:28

@Tony farris
I want one and will settle on a bmw
may I please?

Thumb -phoenix1 28 November 2014, 11:22

TF, I'll buy the BMW for our Aussie friend Roar, you know just to soothe his newborn anger on me. Please include some Gillette G4 plus shaving foam for him. :)

Missing peace 27 November 2014, 20:01

ali baba :)

Thumb ex-fpm 27 November 2014, 20:28

Jumhour al moqawame'

Thumb fadi_albeiruti 27 November 2014, 22:05

how good are these vehicles if they are cut in half?

Missing peace 27 November 2014, 22:16

they are half price so you get half a car :)

Thumb -phoenix1 28 November 2014, 11:57

Fadi, they re-glue them back that is why one gets the "railing effect" when one drives them.

Default-user-icon P (Guest) 28 November 2014, 09:28

chillax dude