Bassil Calls for Election of New President, Democratic Electoral Law

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil stressed on Sunday the importance of electing a new head of state and the drafting of a more democratic and just electoral law.

“Lebanon is in the eye of the storm... Instability in the region and the Syrian conflict have repercussions on our country, which is facing the most dangerous existential threat in its recent history,” Bassil said from Dakar during his statement at the La Francophone summit.

The 15th Summit of La Francophonie kicked off on Saturday in Dakar's Senegal, in the presence of around 35 heads of state and delegation leaders.

Bassil, who headed the Lebanese delegation to Dakar, called for the election of a new head of state without any foreign interference.

“We are calling on you to help Lebanon and let the Lebanese live in peace.”

Lebanon has been without a president since May when the term of Michel Suleiman ended over differences among the parliamentary blocs on a compromise head of state.

Concerning the Syrian refugees crisis, Bassil said that the number of Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Lebanon surpassed two millions in compare with Lebanon's 4-million population.

“Lebanon is seeking to achieve a balance between the humanitarian needs of the refugees and the country's nonnegotiable right to preserve its stability.”

The minister pointed out that the cabinet adopted a clear strategy in this regard.

Lebanon has all but shut its frontiers to new refugees, allowing only humanitarian exceptions across, and the state is beyond its absorption capacities and urgently needs other countries to share its burden.

Lebanon had said it would ask the U.N. to stop registering refugees who enter the country from war-torn Syria, formalizing a decision to all but close its borders to them.

It already hosts more than 1.5 million Syrian refugees, an enormous strain for a country with a population of just four million.

The influx has tested overstretched infrastructure and created fresh tensions.

Bassil also lashed out at the terrorist groups, including the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, that are threatening the country's security.

“These organizations are spreading ideologies that are far from our culture and political system.”

He noted that the army is firmly responding and combating these groups to eradicate them.

A battle between Lebanese troops and militants in northern Lebanon was widely expected after members of the Islamic State group and al-Qaida's branch in Syria, the Nusra Front, launched several attacks in areas on the border with Syria.

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Thumb the_roar 30 November 2014, 14:30

Calling for a more "democratic & just law" without outside interference!

But M14ers will have a fit hearing these outrages demands.

Just as they did when you told them Lebanon must restrict refugees to genuine folk & in they cry at having 2 million without anyone knowing who is who.

Thumb Machia 30 November 2014, 15:07

"Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil stressed on Sunday the importance of electing a new head of state and the drafting of a more democratic and just electoral law."

FM Gebran Sa'eel is, as usual, spinning fibs.
It is his team that is preventing a presidential election by not showing up to vote and it is his team that is backing an ultra sectarian election law.
I was deceived by Aoun from 1989 to 2005 and was ready to defend his actions but his staunch alliance with the enemies of Lebanon, his aggressive language, and the behaviour and corruption of some of his MPs and Ministers made me see the self serving megalomaniac that he truly is.

Thumb the_roar 30 November 2014, 15:28

you forgot to mention his private jets etc, machia.

You also forgot to mention how does allowing Lebanese to choose their own Pres upset so deeply....smear campaign is the best you guys can come with?

This is how bankrupt M14ers have become..they now all claim to be ex-Aounies etc who have seen the light...full steam ahead boys..keep them I used to be an Aounie posts coming..I love the obvious.

Thumb Machia 30 November 2014, 15:52

Well whether you believe it or not, I was a supporter of General Aoun, that is until he sold his sould to Assad and Khamanei.

Thumb Machia 30 November 2014, 16:11

Meant Soul not Sould.

Thinking about it, Aoun had a Black Friday sale (Sold in French) and his deal was: All the political stances you want for 1 presidency and a few 100 million dollars.
Khamanei, Nasrallah and Assad were seen going out of Rabieh with bags full of politics and a smile on their faces.

Thumb the_roar 30 November 2014, 17:01

So bankrupt it's not funny....As I said all M14ers are ex-Aounies.

They have no facts or evidence of their hate & smear campaign, so its the only thing left for them to use as their legit smearing.

Of course you m14ers were ex-aounies...We believe you..

Now that we believe you, can you explain why you have such a problem with allowing the people to vote for their own Pres & stop outsiders from choosing on their behalf? or is that not important & knowing who you used to support of greater significance?

Thumb Mystic 30 November 2014, 18:36

These M14, boys. Started to hate Aoun, when he supported the Resistance against Israel in 2006. No other reason than that.

Thumb -phoenix1 01 December 2014, 16:14

No ya Mystic, don't delude yourself with valueless thoughts, think loudly instead. There was a time, in fact not so long ago, when almost everyone loved Hezbollah and Aoun seemingly was riding a high wave. But you see, when you start cheating on people, when you you become the worst impediment to the people's desire wanting to lead a normal life right here inside their own country, then that's the time when you begin your downwards spiral. Aoun is a foregone conclusion, Sayed Hassan will follow soon after. Time controls you just as much it controls me, so let's wait and see.

Missing peace 30 November 2014, 17:50

Saudi Arabia acknowledged executing at least 79 people, of whom three were juvenile offenders, in defiance of international law. The US put to death 39.

Iran officially acknowledged the execution of at least 369 people (55 more than in 2012) but activists say many hundreds more were put to death in secret, taking the actual number of executions in the Islamic republic close to 700.

LOL @FT ..... talk about iran too if you were objective.... the ones you know your allies take as a model!

Missing peace 30 November 2014, 17:53

if saudis are babaric then iran is beyond it.... LOL

so please compare both regimes... the one you support is NO better than the one you claim M14 are owned by! LOL

sweep in front of your door before trying to lecture others! LOL

Thumb Mystic 30 November 2014, 18:39

Funny how we keep hearing about, Iran Iran Iran. How about Saudi, Israel, USA? That is the ones supporting you M14 kids.

It is no secret that M8, is allied with Syria and Iran.

But you try to make it a secret, that you are pro Israel. Which is so false, and everybody sees that.

Thumb nickjames 30 November 2014, 19:15

Mystic, being M14 doesn't mean we're pro-Israel. We just don't want wars with them -- sorry we don't want Hezbo wars with them that destroy the whole country. What we want is peace with everyone and not get involved in foreign conflicts. Let the Palestinians worry about Israel.

Thumb Mystic 01 December 2014, 00:25

James, because according to you, there is nothing wrong with Israel and USA. Israel that destroyed Lebanon on several occassions. I guess they were just doing "self defense" right.

Thumb nickjames 01 December 2014, 01:10

Israel destroyed Lebanon because Hezbollah started a stupid war by kidnapping Israeli soldiers. And during the civil war, Fatah were firing rockets from southern Lebanon at Israel so that's why they invaded in the first place

Thumb nickjames 01 December 2014, 01:12

There is nothing wrong with being with the USA, it's better than being against them. Just look at the stupid Arabs who thought they could fight Israel. And look how all the Arab countries made either peace or a truce with them. The only two who are in a "state of war" with them are Hezbollah and Hamas the two terrorist organisations

Thumb nickjames 30 November 2014, 19:18

Israel is Hezbollah's pretext to hold on to their illegal arms. Clearly they are not "resisting" when they're fighting in another country. And spare me the takfiri argument because there were none before Nasrallah publicly acknowledged his party is in Syria, then after all the attacks started. Hezbollah went on Iran's orders, if Nasrallah had a choice he wouldn't go trust me. Iran is doing everything to keep Assad in power and is using not just Hezbollah but Shia militias from Iraq

Thumb nickjames 30 November 2014, 19:21

Hezbollah even has fighters in Iraq. Now tell me what does Iraq have anything to do with defending Lebanon from the takfiri invasion?

Thumb the_roar 30 November 2014, 19:35

James have a day off dude, seriously just're an obsessed nutter

I'll tell you how being in another country helps defend your own when you tell us why the U.S & its allies are Thousands of miles away fighting IS etc for their lands freedom.

Just one day off dude.

Thumb nickjames 30 November 2014, 19:58

The flaw in your argument is that Hezbollah claimed two things: 1 they're a resistance to Israeli aggression and 2 they will never turn their weapons against other Lebanese. They broke both their pledges. They went off fighting in Syria (which has nothing to do with resisting Israel) and they invaded West Beirut in 2008. They have taken over the country by force.

Thumb the_roar 30 November 2014, 20:08

No flaw from me ..just lies from you.

They are more than just a resistance...they saved Lebanon from a threat the world recognizes, except you M14ers.

2.. They never invaded Beirut, they merely turned some slime balls over to the army that were armed & prepared to ignite the nation.

If they wanted to invade Beirut, they could take it & the rest of Lebanon in an afternoon...never forget it.
oh & stop lying & have a day off.

Thumb nickjames 30 November 2014, 20:14

They saved Lebanon?? Loooool they're the ones who brought Daesh and Nusra into Lebanon. Remember there were no bombs before Nasrallah announced he had fighters in Lebanon?? Then a month later, all the bombs started... They never invaded Beirut??? Yeah that's why they even took over Hamra and shut down Future TV, remember that?? Hezbollah would take over all of Lebanon?? We'll see about that. You think PSP and LF have no weapons?? They just disappeared after the civil war?? Think again...

Thumb nickjames 30 November 2014, 20:23

Loooooool you're even tracking when I post lmaoooooo talk about double shifts...

Thumb the_roar 30 November 2014, 20:26

no tracking clearly says 16 hours ago next to posts.

not that hard when you read the days posts who wrote & when..

just one day off huh

Thumb -phoenix1 01 December 2014, 16:17

Roar, you still committing the very same mistake that wins you so little sympathy, please man, for the same of reason, stop calling people by names or tell them what to do. If James doesn't sound music to your ears, it does not mean a blank check for you to use or cash on. For God's sake man.

Thumb nickjames 30 November 2014, 19:56

The United States is a country, Hezbollah is a group of terrorists. Are you really trying to compare the two?? Lol and Hezbollah is hated by half the Lebanese. The US is the world police and they have interests. Daesh is a bigger threat than al-Qaeda. Social media has helped them gain sympathisers in the US even. Some black dude in Oklahoma beheaded a worker a couple months ago. It is a sick ideology that needs to be removed. And airstrikes aren't enough. US troops need to go back

Thumb the_roar 30 November 2014, 20:04

I not only compared the two , I insist you take lessons in geography & see who's nation is more at risk from your friends IS etc.

Only blindfolded M14ers can;t see the threat on their door...oh well.

Thumb nickjames 30 November 2014, 20:20

The entire world is at risk, Roar. These terrorists can get on planes and go around the world. Lebanon is more at risk because Hezbollah the Shia sectarian militia is defending a mass murderer and the Sunnis despise Shia (and vice versa, that's how Islam is).

And let's say Hezbollah didn't go to Syria, and the takfiri came. Hezbollah would then have the right to resist because Lebanon would be under attack. They would be working within the legal capacity i.e. resistance. Remember that word??? But when you say as Hezbollah did, that there are no more borders we're going to Syria, logically you'd expect these people you're fighting will also cross the borders and come fight where you come from.

Thumb the_roar 30 November 2014, 20:24

HA didn;t interfer for nearly one year...villages & soldiers were being killed...someone had to act or it would have reached every major city.

now buzz you yapper...You're boring & lame who keeps posting thinking his got a clue...the only reason we don't reply is you bore us to death

have a f day off due

Thumb nickjames 30 November 2014, 20:31

Villages and soldiers were being killed... yeah in Syria, and that's none of our business. There was no takfiri before Hezbollah announced they were fighting in Syria, that is a fact. And that's just when they "announced" they were in Syria. They had been there for months. First it was protecting Shia villages, then Shia shrines, then... they're helping Bashar and preventing the takfiri invasion of Lebanon. You can spew all the rhetoric you want, but the truth is there were no al-Qaeda suicide attacks IN THE HISTORY OF LEBANON before Hezbollah announced they were fighting in Syria.

Thumb khallas_ba2a 30 November 2014, 20:16

So through association according to your logic, Iraq is Pro Israel

Thumb the_roar 30 November 2014, 20:20

Before I go...I must repeat what this article was addressing !

Calling for a more "democratic & just law" without outside interference!

But M14ers will have a fit hearing these outrages demands.

Just as they did when you told them Lebanon must restrict refugees to genuine folk & in they cry at having 2 million without anyone knowing who is who.

Thumb nickjames 30 November 2014, 20:34

Roar, if you have a MacBook, triple-click on the word Hezbollah and see what it says...

Missing peace 30 November 2014, 20:58

i wonder why you engage in a conversation with pussycat... he already knows everything, he is the smartest on this site, even Einstein compared to him is a kindergarten boy....

so let him display his knowledge and just entertain yourself in reading his lecturing us is cheaper than buying a monty python show and brings a good daily laugh!

Thumb nickjames 30 November 2014, 21:26

Are so false

Missing peace 30 November 2014, 23:10

he is a fan of aoun, that explains it all....

Missing peace 30 November 2014, 21:06

MISS TIC = "Les Americains tablent sur l'experience democratique des Libanais sur le pluralisme, sur le dialogue entre les civilisations que l'on retrouve chez nous... Mais malheureusement, au Liban, on ne fait pas la difference: les Americains veulent lutter contre le terrorisme et ne provoquent pas, comme on les accuse, ce que l'on appelle un choc des civilisations. En realite, ce sont les integristes musulmans qui sont hostiles aux autres civilisations aussi bien musulmane, chretienne que bouddhiste; ce ne sont pas les Americains qui appellent au Jihad. Pourquoi les Libanais n'ont-ils pas le droit de miser sur les Americains, de defendre leur souverainete et leur independance?"

Michel Aoun,
24 oct 2003 Magazine

when Aoun asks for the help of the US he is a statesman for M8ers but when M14 does the exact same thing they are traitors... food for thought, LOL