Report: Israeli Commandos Helped Hizbullah ‘Minister of Infrastructure’ Escape Lebanon

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

An Israeli commando force helped a top Hizbullah official escape to Israel a month ago, An Nahar said Sunday under the daily's 'Secrets of the Gods' tidbit but without saying that he is a member of the Shiite party.

“Abou Abed Ismail’s rank is similar to a Minister of Infrastructure in his party,” it said without mentioning Hizbullah. “The commando force helped him escape from Lebanon a month ago after meeting him at a border village.”

No other elaboration was made by the newspaper.

But on Friday, An Nahar quoted informed sources as saying that a man named Abou Abed Salim escaped to Israel a few days after Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said in a speech in June that CIA members at the U.S. embassy had recruited at least two Hizbullah members and the group was investigating whether the intelligence agency or another foreign agency recruited a third.

The sources said the third person is Ismail.

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Thumb geha 25 September 2011, 08:37

And they say they are nt infiltrated!
they will discover that many of their followers, who followed them for the money they are spreading, are agents to Israel for that same reason.
they will fall soon from within, anyway they started to crumble ....

Thumb canaanite 25 September 2011, 08:49

Hezbollah has become so good at mirroring Zionism that the zionist themselves have recruited Hezbollah peoples...

More proof that the Hezb-Mossad are working for the zionist regime...

Long Live a Free Lebanon! free from Farsi and Zionism!

Default-user-icon marie (Guest) 25 September 2011, 08:54

is he a relative of jabal amel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Default-user-icon Habib (Guest) 25 September 2011, 13:52

Dear Canaaanite!
First and formost I, as an Iranian, must say you and the people like you that there are millions of Iranians that sympathise with your struggle for progress, dignity, and freedom. We are suffering form the same bloody disease as you, namely Hezbollahism and tyrannical Islamism. Why you talk about Iranian so contempt full as” Fars”. All of us Middle East people are in the same boat.
For the second, talking on Hezboalle,s member spying for the Israeli, that is more than correct that the most of the Hezbollah,s member are most ardent Money pathriots. Because of high expenditure of Syrian crisis Iran can no more pay Hezbollah as before, there fore it is natueraly that, that money, and pay patriotism getting wither and die out. Hezbollah com to collapse in not so long in future.

Default-user-icon Bachir Maroun (Guest) 25 September 2011, 15:06

Habib, pathetic attempt by you pretending to be iranian. Here are some facts for you, no iranian would be insulted by beeing called farsi as that is what they call themselves and that is the name of their language. GO GET A LIFE AND PERHAPS SOME EDUCATION. I wouldnt be surprised if your that extremist jew danny who is married to farsi jewish woman and who has no life other than coming on naharnet posting comments. Jesus called you sons of satan, do you know why he did that?

Default-user-icon B A 7aadina (Guest) 25 September 2011, 16:30

Israel is becoming a spies importing country.Gradually Hezbo's environment is providing the best breed of them.

Thumb geha 25 September 2011, 17:30

in todays news, israel acquired 55 new soecial deep bunker piercing missiles. no need to wonder where they will be used :)

Thumb jabalamel 25 September 2011, 18:55

no problem, he'll get the rocket there.

there is no escape for traitors

Thumb jabalamel 25 September 2011, 19:01

and if zionists wants to feed him, than it's their expense.

Default-user-icon The Truth (Guest) 25 September 2011, 19:54

@ Jabal Amel: Yeah get the rocket, he's more likely to die in a car accident. For each 100 rockets Huzb Allah fire they kill 1 israeli, while the Israelis kill dozens per strike. Divine victory indeed!

Default-user-icon faheem abbas (Guest) 14 July 2013, 10:26

Hizbula is brilliant and no one like hungry dogs of isreal soldier can defeat hizbula... Hizbula is victorious we are with hassan nasrula the leader of young soldier like us (NOTE):WIN IS ONLY MADE FOR HIZBULA. (Labika ya hussain<a.s>) Long live hizbula.