Carnage as Taliban Storm Pakistan School, Kill 141

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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Taliban insurgents stormed an army-run school in Pakistan on Tuesday, killing at least 141 people, almost all of them children, in Pakistan's bloodiest ever terror attack.

Survivors described how the militants went from room to room shooting children as young as 12 during the eight-hour onslaught at the Army Public School in the northwestern city of Peshawar.

The attack, claimed by the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) as revenge for a major military offensive in the region, was condemned by the U.S., U.N. and major Western powers as well as Pakistan's arch-rival India.

The Pakistani government and military reaffirmed their determination to defeat the TTP, which has killed thousands since it began its insurgency in 2007.

Chief military spokesman General Asim Bajwa said 132 students and nine staff were killed, and 125 wounded. This exceeds the 139 killed in blasts targeting former prime minister Benazir Bhutto in Karachi in 2007.

Teenage survivor Shahrukh Khan described his narrow escape from the militants as they rampaged through the school, hunting for people to kill.

The 16-year-old said he and his classmates ducked below their desks when four gunmen burst into their room.

"I saw a pair of big black boots coming towards me, this guy was probably hunting for students hiding beneath the benches," Khan told Agence France-Presse from the trauma ward of the city's Lady Reading Hospital

Khan decided to play dead after being shot in both legs, stuffing his tie into his mouth to stifle his screams.

"The man with big boots kept on looking for students and pumping bullets into their bodies. I lay as still as I could and closed my eyes, waiting to get shot again," he said.

"My body was shivering. I saw death so close and I will never forget the black boots approaching me -- I felt as though it was death that was approaching me."

There were around 500 students in the school when the attack started, and Bajwa said the attackers, equipped with ammunition and food to last "days", only wanted to kill.

"The terrorists started indiscriminate firing as they entered the auditorium so they had no intention of taking any hostages," he told reporters.

The Lady Reading Hospital was thronged with distraught parents weeping uncontrollably as children's bodies arrived, their school uniforms drenched in blood.

Irshadah Bibi, 40, whose 12-year-old son was among the dead, beat her face in grief, throwing herself against an ambulance.

"O God, why did you snatch away my son? What is the sin of my child and all these children?" she wept.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif announced three days of national mourning and described the attack as a "national tragedy unleashed by savages."

"These were my children. This is my loss. This is the nation's loss," he said.

Nobel peace laureate Malala Yousafzai, herself shot by the Taliban in 2012, said she was "heartbroken" by "the senseless and cold-blooded" killing.

U.S. President Barack Obama condemned the attack as "heinous" and said America would stand by Pakistan in its struggle against violent extremism.

Narendra Modi, the prime minister of Pakistan's neighbor and bitter rival India, phoned Sharif to offer condolences, Sharif's office said.

The school on Peshawar's Warsak Road is part of the Army Public Schools and Colleges System, which runs schools nationwide. Its students range in age from around 10 to 18.

Tuesday's attack was seen as shocking even by the standards of Pakistan, which has suffered thousands of deaths in bomb and gun attacks since the TTP rose up in 2007.

TTP spokesman Muhammad Khorasani said Tuesday's assault was carried out to avenge Taliban fighters and their families killed in the army's offensive against militant strongholds in North Waziristan.

"We are doing this because we want them to feel the pain of how terrible it is when your loved ones are killed," he said.

"We are taking this step so that their families should mourn as ours are mourning."

The military has hailed the offensive as a major success in disrupting the TTP's insurgency.

More than 1,600 militants have been killed since the launch of operation Zarb-e-Azb in June, according to data compiled by AFP from regular military statements.

Talat Masood, a retired general and security analyst, said the attack was intended to weaken the military's resolve.

"The militants know they won't be able to strike at the heart of the military, they don't have the capacity. So they are going for soft targets," Masood told AFP.

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Thumb Machia 16 December 2014, 13:19

This is horrible! The acts of sick and deranged Islamist ideologies propagated over the years by Wahhabism and lit up by Khomeinism, (remember when Khomeini issue a fatwa against Salman Rushdie).
Let us remember that the US played an important role in bringing all those sikos to power.

Like the nazism and fascism, there should be a global ban on such racist and sectarian ideologies, including zionism.

Thumb canadianpaul 16 December 2014, 14:50

Oh flamingshit, Khomeini touched a nerve?

Thumb Machia 16 December 2014, 23:41

I guess flamethrower is emotional when it comes to khomeinism and its historic role in the birth of extremist political Islam.
He fails to see that I mentioned wahhabism, the US and zionism.
This is what extremist thought and blind hate do to one's eye sight.

Thumb Machia 17 December 2014, 00:05

"The Iranian constitution recognizes the rights of certain religious minorities, including Christians, but apostasy is punishable by death under the country's Islamic sharia laws"

- So if one decides to renounce Islam and become a Buddhist or (Oh My God) an Atheist, he will be put to death in Iran.
- Salman Rushdie wrote a book, and Khomeini put a fatwa on his head.
- "An Iranian rapper who raps in Persian language has been forced into hiding after hardline clerics offered a $100,000 reward for his murder"
- Iran has executed human rights activist Hashem Shaabani, a 32- year-old Arab-Iranian, for “waging war on God.”
- Amnesty International recorded the names of over 4,482 disappeared prisoners during the Iranian revolution, but Iranian opposition groups suggest that the number of prisoners executed was far higher, and as many as 30,000 dissidents may have been executed.

Islamic State is a mirror image of the cruel Islamic Republic of Iran.

Thumb Elemental 17 December 2014, 01:48

Guys guys, he's just supporting his native Iran, such patriotism....

Default-user-icon Tony Frankston (Guest) 16 December 2014, 15:50

With a little small arms training, do you think you could take five of them? What about two, if I take three? Do you see how easier it gets when the students are allowed to conceal carry? And yes the teacher too.

Thumb megahabib 16 December 2014, 20:01

So how can we blame Assad and Iran?

Thumb megahabib 16 December 2014, 20:01

So how can we blame Assad and Iran?

Thumb Machia 17 December 2014, 00:24

Just say death to al mustaqbal and you will enter in Hezbollah heaven, the way Imad Mughniah, the ex-fatah fighter who became the Islamic Republic's main executioner, entered it after being accused of killing Al Mustaqbal's founder Rafic Hariri.

Thumb Machia 17 December 2014, 00:40

In Hezbollah heaven you will enter Dahieh Paradise Park where people can steal, murder, rape and blow up people and go unpunished.
In Hezbollah heaven you can carry any type of heavy weaponry.
In Hezbollah heaven you can be sectarian to the core.
In Hezbollah heaven you have puppets you can play with, like Aoun etc.
In Hezbollah heaven water and electricity is for free

...ooops, I guess you are already in Hezbollah heaven.

Thumb cash.puppet 17 December 2014, 03:47

al mustaqbal/qaida/boko/shabab/taliban touch a nerve, terrorist?

Default-user-icon (Guest) 17 December 2014, 08:21

Secularism NOW

Default-user-icon mahdi firuz berhouz (Guest) 17 December 2014, 08:25

My boss called me first thing this morning and told me to read your comments so as to learn and get pumped up to face the challenges of the day. You are the Zen master of all... Somesing Anazar flamesrower!

Default-user-icon (Guest) 17 December 2014, 08:27

well said @full.disclosure.