Man Injured in Clash with Army as Several Suspects Arrested

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Lebanese army said a suspect was injured in a clash after attacking a patrol in the northern city of Tripoli on Thursday night as the military announced a series of arrests it has made.

The army said in its communique that the patrol came under fire by Khaled Zakaria al-Khaled when it interfered to disperse gunmen involved in a family fight in the area of al-Beddawi.

The soldiers fired back, injuring al-Khaled.

The patrol seized his firearm and ammunition and arrested Khaled Akram al-Hajj Deeb who was involved in the fighting, said the communique.

An army patrol also raided the house of Othman Mohammed al-Abdullah, a wanted terrorist suspect, in the area of Bab al-Tabbaneh, but did not find him.

It seized from his residence grenades, arms, ammunition, an explosives belt, detonators, military gear and the flags of a terrorist organization, said the communique.

Another suspect was arrested in the northeastern border town of Arsal on Thursday.

According to the communique, Omar Ali al-Hujairi was apprehended for smuggling food and military gear in a tractor to the outskirts of Arsal where Islamic State group and al-Nusra Front militants are hiding.

A man involved in an attack on the army in the summer was among the arrested suspects on Thursday, said the military.

Mohammed Ali Allaw, who was apprehended at dawn Friday in the Haret Hreik neighborhood of Beirut's southern suburbs, had opened fire on soldiers in al-Marj in Hermel in June, it added.

An army patrol also arrested in Haret Hreik a Syrian identified as Juan Fawzi Ahmed who is wanted for attacking soldiers in October in the town of Naameh.



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Default-user-icon Je Suis Flamethrower (Guest) 16 January 2015, 14:26

Je suis Flamethrower, Je suis alaouite, Je suis un terroriste

Thumb freedomarch 16 January 2015, 14:27

IHOPE really hope that the Lebanese army is looking into possibility of taking calculated action to finish the isis and nusra once and for all.

Thumb -phoenix1 16 January 2015, 14:42

(1). Yesterday we watched on Kalam El Nass with Noah Al Mashnouq an absurd situation in Roumieh jail, by this I mean Block B or the one referred to as the five star hotel. ACs, fridges, wifi, full kitchens, phones, extensive telecoms networks. even a barber shop. Now imagine the bloody crooks of the state security personnel assigned to this jail, the amounts of cash they received to allow all these things to happen. Who else but the taxpayer is wasting his money over such extremely crooked acts in our largest jail? Our army sees often its soldiers being shot at, killed, maimed for life by the people who ultimately are destined in to Block B in Roumieh as preceded by others before them.

Thumb -phoenix1 16 January 2015, 14:45

(2). Why keep these evil killers in jail, why allow them to live when they intentionally killed our boys and will kill more hopefully not!? Why not just execute them at the very earliest and relieve our prisons and tax payers from their presence? It's time to act, not time to procrastinate anymore, just execute, yesterday before today, period.