Israel on High Alert as it Boosts Deployment of Iron Dome along Lebanon Border


Israel is on high alert for possible attacks from Hizbullah following an airstrike on its members in Syria, Israeli defense officials said Tuesday, as the Jewish State boosted deployment of its "Iron Dome" anti-missile aerial defense system along its northern frontier.

Israel has also increased surveillance activities in the area which borders Lebanon and Syria, the officials said.

Israel's Security Cabinet is scheduled to meet to discuss a potential escalation in violence, they said.

Hizbullah claims Israel carried out Sunday's strike on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights, which killed a prominent Hizbullah fighter, a senior Iranian general, and five other party members.

Israel has neither confirmed nor denied its role in the strike.

Although he did not mention Lebanon or Syria specifically, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday that "Israel is adamant that it will have the right to defend itself against all those who wish to propagate terror and other attacks against its citizens, against its territory."

The prominent fighter killed, Jihad Mughniyeh, was the son of Imad Mughniyeh — a top Hizbullah operative widely considered to have built the movement's military operations infrastructure and the second most revered figure inside Hizbullah.

He was assassinated in 2008 in a Damascus car bombing that Hizbullah says was carried out by Israel's Mossad spy agency.

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Thumb Mystic 20 January 2015, 12:29

Zionists are in fear, yes they should be. Their aggressions will be their doom.

Thumb Mystic 20 January 2015, 15:27

When FT makes a comment, it gets removed within 5 minutes. Watch him make a comment, and wait 5 min.

That is censorship big time.

Missing helicopter 20 January 2015, 16:41

Why is Naharnet picking on f.t. only? Aren't Mystic, Mowaten and Southern made of the same fabric? I am sure someone in naharnet knows the reason.

Thumb Mystic 20 January 2015, 16:48

Our comments gets deleted too, we repost them aswell. Naharnet though, monitors FT's comments more extremely.

Same fabric? Well that goes for you M14 robots too.

Thumb -phoenix1 20 January 2015, 15:48

When friends of the same feathers agree to disagree. So far, I see nothing much happening between Hezbollah and Tsahal, at the most just some maneuvering to make us kinda believe.

Thumb whoareyou 21 January 2015, 03:20

jupiterdrat, let's start with you coming back from your safe western home. I then will personalty ask the Ayatollah or Mullah something or other to provide me with a key to paradise that you can hand around your neck as you lead the first charge. You can also count on me to throw parents, wives, children and any surviving relatives or speck of DNA belonging to you on your funeral pyre as a show of grief, respect and appreciation. And tell your friends, my services are provided free of charge, a meager contribution to the sacred cause. You see how much I am whiling to sacrifice, as you say regardless of the cost..!