Emir of Nusra Front in Qalamoun Says Damascus Bombing Clear Message to Hizbullah

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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Abou Malek al-Shami, the emir of the al-Qaida-linked al-Nusra Front in al-Qalamoun, considered on Tuesday that the blast which targeted a bus carrying Lebanese Shiite pilgrims in Damascus a “clear message for those who are assaulting Sunnis.”

“Hizbullah played a substantial role in supporting the vicious Nusairi regime and shed the blood of Sunnis in Damascus... our response had to be brutal,” al-Shami said in a post via his Facebook page.

He slammed “certain sides that are describing the assault as terrorist and turning a blind eye to the Iranian Hizbullah crimes against the Sunnis in the Sham.”

“Those sides are aiding Hizbullah by oppressing (the Syrians) who were compelled to flee their country to Lebanon and other areas.”

A blast ripped through a bus carrying Lebanese Shiite pilgrims in Damascus on Sunday, killing at least nine people in an attack claimed by al-Nusra Front.

Al-Shami also called on Sunnis in Lebanon and Syria to “avenge” those who contributed to the genocide in the Sham.

The bombing underscored the sectarian nature of Syria's four-year war, and how neighboring Lebanon has become ensnared in the complex conflict.

Al-Nusra accused the bus passengers of being Hizbullah fighters, claiming it was a suicide bombing, while Syrian state media and al-Manar TV both said the blast was caused by a bomb placed on the bus.

The Nusra Front claim spotlighted why the pilgrims were likely targeted: as revenge for Hizbullah fighters defending Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Hizbullah's direct participation in the Syrian conflict has prompted hard-line Sunni radicals to lash out against Shiite communities in Lebanon.



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Thumb joebustani 03 February 2015, 09:49

bless anyone person, entity, brigade, organization or country that inflicts extreme pain, suffering, death or destruction upon the terrorist sectarian iranian militia and its supporters wherever they maybe

Thumb _mowaten_ 03 February 2015, 11:00

the message was indeed crystal clear, it read as follows:
"We are worthless cavemen and cowards who can't help killing civilians because we wet our pants when faced with real soldiers. Please come and put us out of our misery and end this disgrace to humanity"

Default-user-icon nice turban! (Guest) 03 February 2015, 11:34

Worthless cavemen, worthless sewermen mere semantics, otherwise same speech same stone age i jihadi deology, hell they even begin their speeches the exact same way, in the name of god the merciful... two sides of the same coin, brothers from another mother.

Thumb _mowaten_ 03 February 2015, 13:49

Only seems the same to total ignorants or lying hypocrites with an agenda.

Two "soldiers" in two different armies do not serve the same causes because they are both called "soldiers", same goes for "jihadis", which is only another word for fighter.

As for the way they begin their speeches, would it also be the same speech if they both started with "hello"? What special kind of retard are you to make comparisons based on the greetings they use instead of the content of their speeches, and more importantly, actions?

Thumb barrymore 03 February 2015, 16:38

all the dead were wrapped in HA flags and not Lebanese flags!!! What does that tell you?

Thumb _mowaten_ 03 February 2015, 18:17

It tells me that when you attack and massacre people they gather around those they see as the best suited to defend them.

Thumb EagleDawn 03 February 2015, 18:39

the people were dead and did not choose, the party of terror chose to claim them as martyrs and drape them with their yellow flags because they were not civilians as you claim but terrorists criminals who got what they deserved.

Thumb _mowaten_ 03 February 2015, 18:44

The people as a whole has chosen eaglyawn, all those under attack by you and your friends, whether israelis or takfiris, have gathered around the resistance.
I know this enrages you, your bosses thought blackmail and murder would make them distance themselves from hezbollah, but got the opposite reaction. Instead of weakening hezbollah it grows stronger with each attack.

Missing humble 03 February 2015, 10:08

Ebola, Nusra, ISIS same evilness.

Default-user-icon was not now (Guest) 03 February 2015, 10:59

Nusra don't need to accuse the alleged pilgrims of being hezb fighters, the hezb flag draped coffins at all but two funerals of the bus bomb victims confirm that fact. One note, hezb fighters call each others hajj, akin to the communists calling each others comrade, hajj translates to pilgrim.

Default-user-icon alias (Guest) 03 February 2015, 11:51

Aka loopy!

Thumb _mowaten_ 03 February 2015, 13:50

Yes Nusra are massing up in the Golan because they are preparing the liberation of Palestine, right after their slaughter some more Arabs of course.

Default-user-icon bonjour (Guest) 03 February 2015, 13:59

Are you ladies together, a couple? You always come and go together.

Thumb _mowaten_ 03 February 2015, 14:43

typical cockroaches of this site, when they have nothing to say they just spam. can't believe naharnet moderator still approves these kind of posts.

Default-user-icon bonjourein (Guest) 03 February 2015, 14:56

there you girls are again, well timed about twenty to minutes apart up and down the site cockroach would be an evolution for your species mo

Thumb -phoenix1 03 February 2015, 15:51

Emir, what a joke. I hope the day will come soon when we shall see such emirs hanging from our poles.

Missing peace 03 February 2015, 19:10

funny how hezbi lovers are never so active like they are here when assad kills dozens more innocent civilians in syria by bombing them and leaving them no chances....never do they talk about assad's massacres... poor things they are.