Israel to Assad: We Will Bomb Gaza, Whole of Lebanon if Tel Aviv Attacked

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Israel has warned Syrian President Bashar Assad that should Tel Aviv be attacked, then it will retaliate by bombing the Gaza Strip and the whole of Lebanon.

Israel’s NFC website reported that the Jewish state’s government relayed this message to the Syrian president through European intelligence circles.

These sources said that seeing as Tel Aviv is Israel’s economic and financial hub, a retaliation for an attack against it, by Hizbullah, Hamas, or Syria, will not be limited to Syria, but all of Lebanon and Gaza.

NFC reported Israeli military circles as saying that the Jewish state’s message to Assad “is clear in that Damascus’ fate, should it be targeted, will not be different than Lebanon’s.”

These revelations came in light of an Iranian report that Assad had warned that he would “set fire" to the Middle East if foreign forces launched a military strike on his country and would ask for Hizbullah’s help to attack Israel.

An Arab source told Iran’s Fars news Agency that Assad made the warning to Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu during his visit to Damascus.

"If a crazy measure is taken against Damascus, I will need not more than six hours to transfer hundreds of rockets and missiles to the Golan Heights to fire them at Tel Aviv," the Syrian president said.

On Thursday, an official source at the Syrian Foreign Ministry denied these reports, adding that “no messages were conveyed from or to anyone during the meeting.”

The Iranian news agency did not indicate the date of the meeting between the two officials.

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Default-user-icon Muhamad (Guest) 07 October 2011, 17:22

Zionist war games and illusion with their long time friend the Assad regime, yah complaining of what, he never send a bullet towad the Joulan hights, so what you are complaining about, the south is saffer than many streets in Jerusalem, London and Baltimore. What is that, under table deal to make war and split Lebanon in half again. People of Israel need to have the courhge and revolt against the corrupted Zionist government.

Default-user-icon Marcel (Guest) 05 May 2012, 18:45

Another dilusional Arab. Israel friends with the Assad regime? Have you been taking drugs? Or are you simply stupid?

We are witnessing the last days of the Alawite-run dictatorship of the Assad family in Syria. Hezbollah will be next to disappear. Iran is isolated and engaged in a proxy war with Saudi Arabia. Israel will take care of Hamas.

All is well.

Thumb geha 07 October 2011, 17:31

Israel has nothing to worry: neither syria nor hizbushaitan will ever launch any rocket towards them. their weapons are only to target they syrian and Lebanese people.

Default-user-icon TITUS (Guest) 07 October 2011, 18:02

I think the Israelis need to stick firmly to retaliating very hard against the Assad Regime militia (AKA Syrian Army) and most importantly his palaces and hideouts ,and in order to deter Hezbollah should consider attacking Tehran and Qom, anything else, Bombing the "WHOLE of Lebanon" will not fly this time around and has proven to be futile... Unless they hope to get some wind into Hezbollah's sail that is... This would be very unfortunate indeed for Israel and their ruling class might as well shoot themselves in the foot...One would think that they have learned so far from the mistakes of the past...Cleaning up the filth of Hezbollah starts in Tehran and Qom from where the umbilical cord stretches NOT from Lebanon where the captive nation is held at gun point by the criminal Iranian gang, anything else is just hacking at the branches of terror and shows impotence and even complaicancy that Israel would have to answer for to the Free World...

Default-user-icon Nizar Ma (Guest) 07 October 2011, 18:30

So if Syria attacks Tel Aviv, Israel will attack Lebanon and how they don't mention that they'll attack Syria..

Like usual, Lebanon is stuck in a tug-a-war between all the regional powers

Default-user-icon Gabby (Guest) 07 October 2011, 18:36

Why didn't they mention bombing Damascus? More destruction for Lebanon because of The Hezz and Assad.

Default-user-icon TITUS (Guest) 07 October 2011, 18:38

In other simpler terms ... You do not threaten the hostage taker by threatening to kill his hostage unless you are both partners in crime, in this case a lot of things may need to be revisisted....

I would target the hostage taker or even better his boss who is ready to recruit other hostage takers if this one perishes while fullfilling his criminal duty... but maybe its just me..

Default-user-icon Free Lebanese (Guest) 07 October 2011, 18:50

Sho khasna ni7na ! hayda hassoon bado yid7ashna wein ma kein. What does the orange lunatic think about that? Doesn't "the shepherd" feel that christians are in danger if israel went into war with Lebanon?

Thumb canaanite 07 October 2011, 18:51

Best we sit on the sidelines while Israel-Hezbollah-Syria blow themselves up...

Couldnt have planned it better.

Thumb jabalamel 07 October 2011, 18:51

those 2 from zionist information war department are talking nonsense.
ignore them.

and as for the zionist entity bombing whole lebanon, come and try. i'm sick of hearing threats from netanyahu since he came to office. like we take you seriously.

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) 07 October 2011, 19:27

the sionist entity and the assad family are on the same side,bombing will not help u settlers, just shut up,after the bombing what will u do?afghanistan or vietnam?

Default-user-icon neutral (Guest) 07 October 2011, 19:32

This is all bs talks. The jews know better than attacking lebanon. they know that this time they will be destroyed and sent to never land. I would love to see them try to bomb lebanon. I want to see tell aviv destoryed and leveled to the ground. Maybe peace will come back to the middle east. The jews are the cause of all the wars in the world. The jews are cursed by God himself and they are the curse on the whole world. Kill em all and let God sort them out.

Default-user-icon Myself (Guest) 07 October 2011, 19:39

Read the article.
Assad said that he would have Hizbullah strike Israel.
In that case, why blame ISrael for retaliating? If Laebanon does not want to be struck by Israel, they should hold Hizbullah back.
Its very simple

Default-user-icon 4pk4 (Guest) 07 October 2011, 19:59

They won't.
Israel is afraid of Turkey.
The Turkish army is much more powerful than what most of people think, and Turkey won't miss an occasion to show it. The ideal for that would be against Israel's army.

Thumb jabalamel 07 October 2011, 20:28

bigdig did you notice that those fro zionist information war department, pretending to be lebanese, never have any problem with zionist entity bombing lebanon?

they will always blame it on our glorious resistance and syria and iran but never zionist entity.

even more. in this case zionist entity say they will bomb lebanon if syria attack tel aviv. WHOLE lebanon. and no supposed lebanese has nothing against that.

Missing realist 07 October 2011, 20:34

HABAL AMEL, it is very interesting how israel says it would bomb lebanon, gaza but NOT Syria, don't you think? wana know why? becase Bashar is their ally, their friend, their protector, and your nasralah is also their protector: not a single shot fired on israel since the "victory" of 2006, the hizbustan occupied lebanon and that is the REAL MISSION. Your mask has fallen idiot, otherwise explain to me how an israeli spy as big as FAYEZ KARAM gets only two years in jail!?!? huh? i cant hear you

Default-user-icon Hekani (Guest) 07 October 2011, 21:14

If this happens. I wonder how much time the US forces in the Middle East and the Aircraft carriers need to blacken the sky above Syria . They have no idea what stealth aircraft will do .

Default-user-icon Danny B (Guest) 07 October 2011, 21:20

neutral: Jews cursed by God? I think Arabs are cursed not Jews, We the Jews helped the world and Arabs destroy it. Look how Arabs likes to kill each other.
You don't need Jews for killing Arabs, you do it with greater success.
If no Jews the Arabs would have continue sleeping in caves with their sheep.
What did the Arabs contribute to the world except bloodshed and hate?
How many Nobble prices did Arabs gain ? what development they did for human kind?
You speak exactly like Hitler and for Jew haters like you I always wish to replace my family who went to heaven through Aushwitz Chimneys .

Thumb canaanite 07 October 2011, 21:43

If Israel bombs Lebanon, we will blame Hezbollah for starting it without government approval and population consensus.

Both Hezbollah and Israel are our enemy and we will fight both of them at the same time.

Default-user-icon Marcel (Guest) 05 May 2012, 18:42

Good. Why don't you start with wiping out Hezbollah. They're ruling your "country". Call Israel for help.

Default-user-icon Yarden (Guest) 07 October 2011, 22:02

NFC is hardly a credible news source. Any quote from there is close to being worthless...

Default-user-icon lebansese (Guest) 07 October 2011, 22:08

Where are the lebanese so called leaders?!? one one hand you have a monkey putting words in Lebanon's mouth (Assad stating that Hizb would attack) on another hand you have a terrorist who threatens to attack a country that has not made any statements itself. When will our leaders strap a pair on and start standing up for us as Lebanese and not allow us to be dragged into every single war in the region.

@jabalamel => unlike you i wouldn't invite them to "come and try". Because Lebanon is not a high school playground were kids decide to bully each other to see who is the strongest, with the outcome being one person getting beaten up. Your ego/ way of thinking is putting the country, it's infrastructure, it's fragile economy, and it's innocent people at risk. Unlike you this is a risk i do not think we should gamble with just to prove the possible strength of the resistance.

Default-user-icon Nicolas (Guest) 07 October 2011, 22:28

Here is why Israel threatened Assad with war on Lebanon:
The Zionist war propaganda etc etc keeps monitoring Hezbo & Co who have been giving it ample evidence about who is the actual boss of this new old government..

Missing realist 07 October 2011, 23:46

TO BIG DIG, the reason NATO does not attack Syria is because Assad is good for israel and the alternative/chaos is a nightmare for israel. This is the simple truth idiot unless you really think that the ridiculous Syrian army is any challenge to NATO, the syrian army will divide sectarianly as soon as an attack ios done, the regime would not last two weeks my friend. Either way, it is the SYRIAN people that will bring your Bashar down whether you, israel, iran like it or not. And yes hizbustan, iran , israel, syrian regime are all in the same qhandak aganist the Arabs. After all the vast majority of Arabs are sunis and it is clear you would like to kill them all and have the survivors be slaves but fashartu

Default-user-icon LebExile (Guest) 08 October 2011, 00:00

From what I understand from this quote from the article:

“is clear in that Damascus’ fate, should it be targeted, will not be different than Lebanon’s.”

Is that Israel will destroy Damascus - like it will destroy all of Lebanon!
Damascus' fate will NOT be different than Lebanon's!

Default-user-icon NeedSecurity (Guest) 08 October 2011, 00:26

I think that a consortium for joint defense against israel (CJDI) should be created by all concerned countries and parties, including Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Hezbollah and Hamas, whereby all would pledge to simultaneously launch an all-out war against Israel in a coordinated fashion if israel were to attach any Arab or Muslim country (including Palestine or Palestinian territories) with anything more than 9mm bullets. Even a bulldozer demolishing an Arab home in East Jerusalem would be viewed as an act of aggression. This would give israel the ultimate deterrence and a reason to think twice before committing any acts of aggression. Just as NATO countries are bound by Article 5 which says that any attach against one member shall be considered by all as an attach against all, the CJDI would have a similar binding clause in its charter. This would put a sure end to Israel's free reign of terror in the Middle-East.

Thumb ado.australia 08 October 2011, 02:02

The only solution to this rogue state of Israel is a one state solution, not two. This will occur sooner or later which will rid the world of the last fascist government. Evil, war mongering, facist zionists! what a freak statement, to threaten to bomb gaza and Lebanon if Syria attacks them?

Thumb Chupachups 08 October 2011, 03:43

What the HELL? if assad attacks Israel WHY SHOULD allllll of LEBANON be attacked??!!!

shouldn't the israeli's say all of SYRIA will be bombed?

that just shows israel and syria want to use us POOR LEBANESE

(insert many swear words to syria and israel)

Thumb jabalamel 08 October 2011, 04:31

lol caananite and his miltia of 10 people will crush our glorious resistance and zionist army in the same time.

Thumb jabalamel 08 October 2011, 04:34

the zionist information war department is selling story that our glorious resistance is guilty for zionist aggression.

they moved from propaganda to fairy tale.

Thumb canaanite 08 October 2011, 06:28


how is it zionist aggression if Assad or Hezbollah start throwing rockets first?

And we are counting on Hezbollah and Israel to do most of the work for us... blowing each other up.

Thumb commonsense 08 October 2011, 09:45

for those asking why Israel announced they will bomb Beirut & mentioned nothing about Damascus I will give heads up on that. In all nations in the world, when your country is threatened by an outsider, your urge of patriotism soars to its highest levels & you'd support your regime no matter wat, coz u will consider it as ur & ur country's savior. Ofcourse this very rule doesn't apply in LB, wher we keep finding excuses to hate eachother & ways to set our country into flames so that we (one side of we) can win & rule the country ignoring all the losses!
For those who are applauding the possibility of having Israel destroy LB in order to get rid of Hizbullah, I am not going to accuse you of being zionists or israelis or any of this nonsense, I am just going to tell you that you are a bunch of ignorants & you don't really care about lebanon. Let's say we accept the fact that hzbullah & maybe all shiites r wrong, does that giv u the right to burn the country? 2 wrongs dont make a right.

Default-user-icon Pong Lenis (Guest) 08 October 2011, 09:58

Israel will not bomb Lebanon because they fear the 3000000000 rockets of Hezbollah.
Israel has some 200 F16 war planes. Only one F16 plane is sufficient to destroy our infrastructure in 2 hours. They can destroy our electricity and telecom plants as well.
But of course the resistance will be firing rockets.
In the logic of the retarded people commenting here (alike their leaders) they think there is a balance in destruction.
Israel invented Hezbollah and they are keen to keep it because each 5 years we give them serious reasons to destroy Lebanon. Exactly as they created Hamas.

Default-user-icon thunderbird27 (Guest) 08 October 2011, 10:53

How sad it is to read some of these comments. First, you need to know that the SOURCE of this nonsense is from IRAN. No name or any sources are mentioned. What should that tell any intelligent Lebanese? That it is fabricated by someone in Iran to INCITE hostility against Israel. Whatever news comes from Iran or Syria to the Lebanese press is "doctored" and sedicious. There is an agenda. I only wish more of you were familiar with Dr. Jihadi Albani, a courageous and great patriot of Lebanon, who has written a report you can find on google > SYRIA THE PALESTINIANS AND THEIR LEBANESE ALLIES TERRORISM AND WAR CRIMES < It is a long and very detailed account of the tragedies suffered by the Lebanese people, a warm, charming, hospitable and dynamic society - distinguished by it's brilliance and love of life. Before they were assaulted and violated by those they extended their friendship to. Israel has never been an enemy of the Lebanese people. God bless and protect you always

Thumb thepatriot 08 October 2011, 12:05

One can only conclude to one thing: We wouldn't be in the middle of this mess if we had no Hezbollah!
These tools only serve their syrian or iranian masters when they need to threaten israel!

Thumb jabalamel 08 October 2011, 13:55

latest 3 posts from caananite, mansour and the zionist patriot is definitive proof that they are from zionist information war department.

and there are others there...actually, that probably one nerd using many nicknames

Thumb joesikemrex 08 October 2011, 14:20

Time to free Lebanon from garbage. We want peace and love, not only us, but Syrians and Israelis also. we want to LIVE in PEACE and not worry about getting attacked or ordered to attack others. Syrians, and sc*** them want to change their government, good luck, not our f*** problem, Iran wants to fight Israel, good luck, not our f*** problem, Israel want to fight Palestinians, good luck, not our f*** problem, Our problem is this useless puppet government and Hizb. We need a solution now before they destroy our Lebanon.

Time for us to rule Lebanon again, time for us to disarm all, time for us to take charge. God bless Lebanon!

Thumb shab 08 October 2011, 14:44

Syria, Iran Israel are enemiies of Lebanon

Default-user-icon Jerry (Guest) 08 October 2011, 18:28

My daughter lives near Tel Aviv. Those of you wishing for destruction of Jews or Israel should get a life.

Default-user-icon nostalgic (Guest) 08 October 2011, 18:33

ah just like old times, syria and israel combining to destroy lebanon

Default-user-icon Will (Guest) 09 October 2011, 01:06

This is like turning Stockholm into a smoking crater in retaliation for Pearl Harbor.

Default-user-icon Danny B (Guest) 09 October 2011, 11:08

We don't care what this Ahbal Jabelamal says and keeps his bullshit.
But Israel has nothing to do with Lebanon as long borders are quiet, same as was for many years since 1948.
Lebanon can only blame itself for opening its legs for foreign terror troops whom acted against Israel from Lebanese soil.
Israel will not agree to be threatened by thousands of rockets from Lebanon,
Israel will no stay calm to see Lebanon becoming an Iranian or Syrian branches.
Remember today the terrorists are part of your government, in case of hostility coming from Lebanon all the country will suffer,
Its up to you.
Lebanon can return to be the Switzerland of the Mediterranean.
We did not destroy your country, you brought it to yourself.
You can consider Israel as your enemy we don't care as its up to you.,
Lebanon can keep good relations with Israel or be hostile once again its up to you.
We won't allow a single rocket to be shot from your country.

Default-user-icon beirutburger (Guest) 09 October 2011, 20:34

southern lebanon will one day b known as the largest israeli graveyard in the world. we beg for peace, but we also welcome their war. after the fall of the assad regime, isreal will have their choice of war or peace... "no war without egypt, no peace without syria"