Geagea Described Presidential Crisis as 'Misery,' Blames Vacuum on Iran

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea described the presidential deadlock as a “misery,” laying blame on Hizbullah-backer Iran and saying no solution was currently lying on the horizon .

“More than any other time Iran does not want a president for Lebanon unless he belonged to its camp,” Geagea told journalists who visited him in Maarab on Tuesday.

“This is a misery and brings sadness,” he said.

“At the moment I don't see any solution” to the problem, Geagea, a presidential candidate, added.

The LF chief said that Tehran had called for the mediation of French official Jean-François Girault. But Iranian officials later informed him that Hizbullah will not give up its support to the candidacy of Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun.

Girault, a French presidential envoy, has met with Lebanese officials during recent visits to Beirut.

He has also traveled to Riyadh, Tehran and the Vatican to resolve Lebanon's presidential crisis, which erupted after MPs failed to elect a successor to Michel Suleiman, whose term ended in May last year.

The rivalry between Aoun and Geagea and their camps is one of the major reasons for the vacuum at Baabda Palace.

But the LF chief insisted that he was committed to “the dialogue with Aoun no matter what.”

He said his expected talks with Aoun would help end their rivalry.

Officials from both parties are currently preparing a document to agree on several issues.

The signing of the document would be followed by talks between Geagea and Aoun.

Al-Liwaa daily on Wednesday quoted high-ranking officials as saying that the dialogue would limit tension.

But the sources refused to reveal whether the talks are focusing on the presidential deadlock.



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Default-user-icon Lebanese Christian (Guest) 04 March 2015, 07:52

well mr. geagea! you can prevent the interference by outside powers, by agreeing to elect a president by the people. Not by "bawasit" or "ma7adil", and this way no one can stop it.

Thumb sophia_angle 04 March 2015, 15:52

Lady gaga just reminds me of an ostrich feeling so big with his feather but inside his so skinny can’t even fly..when the goin gets tough he plants his head in z sh** hole …badna rjel as president GMA w bass enough is enough no way accepting to go backward anylonger!

Missing people-power 04 March 2015, 07:58

The only person who tells it the way it is

Thumb ex-fpm 04 March 2015, 08:00

yes indeed

Thumb nickjames 04 March 2015, 08:04

He said his expected talks with Aoun would help end their rivalry.

- How about these talks end their careers as politicians...

Missing humble 04 March 2015, 09:42

Iran, Ebola and of course their agent and servant the caporal.

Missing humble 04 March 2015, 09:59

Caporal will implose if he is not elected. A mareedman. Truly, really, completely mareed. Listen to what Abujamra - who knows him perfectly - says about him...

Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (Guest) 04 March 2015, 10:01

popular vote for presidency and proportionality law for parliamentary elections are the only solution to curb outside interferences and sterile political debates
god bless democracy
power to the people

Default-user-icon icar (Guest) 04 March 2015, 17:41

as long as the diaspora is allowed to vote. I am with you on the first 1 but rather prefer 1 district 1 MP system (do not care about proportionality as this system has proven a failure when the voting is not compulsory).

Thumb Mystic 04 March 2015, 11:44

Geagea is to blame for it all. A power hungry mass murder going for Presidency.

Default-user-icon Jaafar Ibn Iblees (Guest) 04 March 2015, 11:48

Is that a martyred jihadi terrorist familia in your avatar?

Missing rami 04 March 2015, 11:55

Geagea, power hungry? What do you call Aoun then, a simple man who wants to be a president? Take this piece of advise from me, during next Ashoura, don't bang too much on your head.

Thumb EagleDawn 04 March 2015, 12:36


Thumb the_roar 04 March 2015, 13:41

geagea = irrelevant.

unless you support sentenced child killers etc ! then it would read like this.

Geagea - President
Assir - PM
Atrash - spiritual leader

Default-user-icon wolf.the_roar (Guest) 04 March 2015, 14:12

roro, please bring back @wolf. We miss his posts, don't retire him in favor of your new aliases, please!

Thumb liberty 05 March 2015, 02:22

Nigerian scam