Army: Total of 945 Suspects Arrested in February on Terror, Criminal Charges

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The army announced on Wednesday that its units arrested a total of 945 suspects in February on terrorism and criminal charges.

The suspects, who range from a variety of nationalities, are involved in terrorism, shooting, assault, drug, and smuggling offenses.

Some of the foreign detainees have also been found to be residing in Lebanon without legitimate residency permits.

Others were also driving vehicles without the proper legal documents.

In addition, said the army, a total of 209 cars, a fishing boat, 68 motorcycles, and a number of weapons, ammunition, military equipment, and drugs were seized throughout February.

The army had kicked off last month a security plan in the eastern Bekaa region.

It arrested a number of wanted suspects during raids in various areas of the Valley.

A similar plan had been adopted by the government and implemented by the army and security forces in Beirut and the northern city of Tripoli in 2014.


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Default-user-icon coolmec (Guest) 04 March 2015, 16:56

I have a question. If the prisons are overcrowded and we hear of several arrests on a daily basis. Where are these criminals being incarcerated if there is no room in prisons? are being released??