Geagea: Strong Republic Requires Decisions to be Limited to the State

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea has stressed that security and strategic decisions should only be made by the Lebanese state to have a strong Republic.

“The first and basic condition to have a powerful Republic is to give back the Lebanese state mainly security, military and strategic decisions,” said Geagea in an interview with France 24 that will be broadcast on Tuesday.

“We have continuously asked Hizbullah … to hand over its arms to the Lebanese army or else we will remain in a virtual” state, he said.

Asked about the vacuum at Baabda Palace, Geagea reiterated that lawmakers who are boycotting parliamentary sessions aimed at electing a new president are to be blamed.

A head of state has so far not been elected over lack of quorum, said the presidential candidate in excerpts of the interview published by his press office.

The majority of the March 8 alliance MPs, mainly from the Loyalty to the Resistance bloc and the Change and Reform bloc, are boycotting the sessions.

Geagea also spoke in the interview about the dialogue between the LF and Free Patriotic Movement.

“The speed of the talks is not the same in several of the dialogue's paths,” he said.

“There has been some progress in certain issues such as parliamentary cooperation … But some other files such as political issues have seen a slow development,” Geagea told his interviewer.

He stressed, however, that “both the FPM and the LF have the full conviction and intention for this dialogue to continue.”

The talks between the two rivals' officials are expected to culminate in a meeting between Geagea and FPM chief MP Michel Aoun, who is another presidential candidate.



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Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (Guest) 07 April 2015, 14:54

god bless you president Obama hope hakim will listen to your wise words

Default-user-icon wow (Guest) 07 April 2015, 17:03

Refreshing to see a lebanese leader talking about a strong Lebanese Republic especially after I had to endure the twaddle of yesterday when another Lebanese leaders was talking up the Islamic Republic of Iran and it's dream of the impending Persian Empire.

Missing humble 07 April 2015, 17:13

It is normal for you to insult everybody who loves independent and sovereign Lebanon away from Ebola, Syria and Iran...

Evil souls cannot win.

Default-user-icon smurf (Guest) 07 April 2015, 17:22

How did KSA Veto Aoun?
By convincing Aoun & Hezbollah not to go down to parliament election sessions and vote for themselves. Darn KSA works magic it seems.

Thumb Mystic 07 April 2015, 17:25

Geagea still having plans to build railsroads from Beirut to Tel Aviv? Poor old murder, can't get what he wished for.

Default-user-icon mystic@bill.thebutcher (Guest) 07 April 2015, 17:34

well said @Mystic

Missing greatpierro 07 April 2015, 17:46

Iran and Hizbollah are building their ideology on the hate of Israel, jews and Sunni. They need it to keep existing and ruling in a tyrannic manner. We believe we should make peace with everybody so that we can build a prosperous and peaceful future for our children and ourselves. Your Iran, Hizbollah and co. cannot live in peace but rather need continuous state of war to justify their existence and keep on striving to dominate their neighbours.

Thumb -phoenix1 07 April 2015, 18:21

Talking of which my dear Mystic, railroads are in truth made mostly of steel. If you still find reasons to call Geagea a murderer, then I wonder where that will put him on the scales compared to the lives taken by your Sayed and your Caporal. However, not to derail the topic from railroads, Geagea should not find much logistical problems sourcing and building that railroad of his to whatever destination he wishes to orientate it to and you know why? Because our dear country Lebanon is literally brimming and filled with the railroads that Your beloved Sayed and his militia of mercenaries have built over the years and years and whose orientations invariably lead to Damascus and Tehran, two destinations whose rail-cars are totally stained by blood.

Thumb Mystic 07 April 2015, 19:58

Phoenix, your 7akim is desperate on all accounts. You are beginning to write the same way he talks, you can dream forever alongside Kataeb and LF for railroads to Israel, it will not happen.

Thumb -phoenix1 07 April 2015, 20:44

And you ya Mystic your railroad to Damascus is long gone and dead. Then your road to Tehran is now filled with obstacles, none less than the ones that your masters there have agreed to with uncle Sam. No matter what, the US Dollar is your king and where more is it worshiped more than in Tehran if one cares to ask? Geagea has no interest in Tel Aviv, maybe more like Riyadh, but no matter what, he is NO rat hiding in a sewer like does your Sayed, or his madman Aoun the claoun. Say what you will of the LF or the Kataeb, I dare you to try your chance on one single one of them, no wonder you remain nailed where you are now.

Thumb -phoenix1 07 April 2015, 20:47

As for you you PLO rat, you were once a cat, but when you got your whipping in the butt, you became a rat. Now you appear as PLO rodents know what, then again under another acronym. here we have again the same rant, just a small name change, but one more sewer rat like his masters in Rabieh and Dahieh, don't I love the connotation? The sad with people like you is simple, you have a rich imagination, and that is your worse predicament. Keep describing me into whatever that takes your fancy, but nothing is worse than a feline turned rodent, no, Rat. Life is a bitch indeed.

Thumb -phoenix1 07 April 2015, 20:55

The M8ers of the Orange Room are back at it again, they're doing all they can to make things personal and derail the threads. So many new yellow trolls in one thread, don't you guys give up? Shehh?

Thumb Mystic 07 April 2015, 21:04

Phoenix, it satisfies me to notice, that you are having a more aggressive stance than before. Your lust for power exceeds you, which is why you are doomed to fail as Geagea, you do not hold the kind of strength you wish you had, thank God for that. The LF zionists lost all power they had during the last civil war

I am sure, that if people such as Geagea, had more power or if he were powerful in any possible way, then there would've been a second civil war around here by now.

Well the world powers finally realized that Iran had no intentions of building a nuclear bomb, Imam Khamanei even issued a fatwa against it a long time ago. They also recognizes Irans growing strength & influence in the region, that they simply couldn't turn a blind eye to any longer.

So just like Netanyahu, we can hear M14 complain and curse all day long about that.

Missing greatpierro 07 April 2015, 17:37

do not forget that the Syrian Arab Army made massacres on christian population in Lebanon. We do not want to involve our army with an army that responds to a ruthless dictator that does not hesitate to send barrel bombs and chemical bombs on innocent civilians. We do not want our army to be involve with a dictator that killed in a savage ways innocent civilians demonstrating peacefully for freedom. It is the direct result of Assad policy that islamist terrorist have appeared.

Default-user-icon smurf (Guest) 07 April 2015, 17:38

The Lebanese model that Lebanon was built upon and all Lebanese envision for their country entail - 1 nation - 1 state - 1 gov - 1 Army & security forces - Democracy - Freedom & Liberty will triumph. While Hezbollah vision of a Lebanese version of Iranian Model will not succeed because it doesn't have enough adherents in Lebanese Society.

Missing greatpierro 07 April 2015, 17:40

tric.portugal by saying that Geagea is a takfiri you are precisely behaving like takfiri do. If we are against Assad it does not mean we are with takfiri. We are neither with takfiri that we consider to be among the worst type of terrorist and we believe that they are a threat on christians and muslim alike. But that does not mean we are with Assad who is a ruthless tyrant. Believe or not there is third way: to support moderate people who strive for democracy and peace.

Missing greatpierro 07 April 2015, 18:22

no tric portugal our allies are no daesh nor quaeda. our only allies are the moderates. Unfortunately there are less and less of them as the extremist on both sides are dominating. Do not think that we rejoice if daesh is winning over hizbollah or the regime on the contrary . We only believe that the solution is through a political agreement and that a moderate democratic government should be in charge.

Missing greatpierro 07 April 2015, 19:34

but tric portugal, why are you only looking at the quatar wahabi daesh strategy which is indeed violent? Why are you not also criticising the Assad strategy that is at least as violent.

Missing greatpierro 07 April 2015, 17:42

No one among m14 or non M8 are supportive of Daesh on this forum. Please show me one example of someone who has supported Daesh. But then again if we do not support Assad it does not mean that we support Daesh. We actually believe that Assad has done everything possible to help create this form of terrorist militia. By acting in a most savage way against the innocent civilians demonstrating peacefully, by killing in a indiscriminate way civilians, refusing dialogue, freeing over 2000 islamists in syrian jails, and arming militias he led to the result we know it all.

Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (Guest) 07 April 2015, 18:12

god bless president Obama cause he pin pointed the real danger

Missing greatpierro 07 April 2015, 18:26

tric portugal spare us stupid comments. If geagea is against Assad it does not mean he is a takfiri. Common what is this logic of yours. It is totally normal to be against a tyran dictator whose policies have led to the destruction of syria and the emergence of militias and terrorists. Assad regime is an evil. Thirty years of dramatic and criminal occupation in Lebanon is not enough for you to know the reality of this regime. The true enemy of both Assad and Daesh are the moderates that Geagea and M14 supports. Unfortunately the fighting ring is now duopolized by extremist on both sides.

Missing greatpierro 07 April 2015, 19:52

tric portugal, geagea nor m14 are not responsable of what is happening in syria. The true responsible is Assad who has savagely repressed his people when they demonstrated peacefully. They had enough of 42 years of tyranny. It had to happen as people will always strive for liberty. Instead of Assad accepting to reform the regime and introduce a truly democratic system he has savagely fought his own people and freed islamist in jail knowing that they will form extremist militias that will direct their weapons first against the moderated and not against the regime. What M14 and Geagea are saying is that the Assad regime is the one responsible for this mess and no solution can be found with this regime.

Thumb -phoenix1 07 April 2015, 18:29

Tric, Geagea is today being called by your likes a Takfiri? People like Geagea were also called by names during the war, things like Kafir, In3izaliyon, hence and so forth. So Tric, what did you expect, that during the war years, that a certain segment of the Lebanese population just kneels and accepts the massacres perpetrated by the Palestinians, the Syrians and their Muslim Lebanese allies of those times? people like Geagea stood in defense against their odious plans to sell Lebanon to the highest bidders. The same dynamics prevail today, very little has changed, we still have bigots whose very aims remain the same, they still have those same dirty tongues to label, and sadly for them, they still have people like Geagea who will defeat their every single evil plan. You will need to live with that I am afraid.

Missing coolmec 07 April 2015, 18:54

why should he build railroads from Bey to T. Aviv? no need cause no one wants that

Thumb -phoenix1 07 April 2015, 20:50

Coolmec, Mystic my good brother is losing his Cool, like all M8ers, when the tide turns, their head turn. Geagea is his worst nightmare and now it shows, for lack of any valid argument, he turns into the same old rants.

Thumb Mystic 07 April 2015, 21:06

coolmec, you can ask our friend phoenix above, about the Lebanese Forces dreams for railsroads to Israel.

Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (Guest) 07 April 2015, 19:23

god bless president Obama

Missing greatpierro 07 April 2015, 19:39

tric portugal, just plug it in your thick head: no one among m14 supports daesh. It does not mean that if we do not love your hizb of devil that we support daesh. We put daesh and hizbollah on same footage. Remember, hiz of devil storm beirut and killed over 70 armless citizens. It will not hesitat a second in shooting on innocent civilians as much as assad and iranian regime does.

Thumb irani 07 April 2015, 20:33

The Cristhians of the Levant and the Shits of Sayyed Hathan and the Shits of Iranian and Irak and the Lebanon Army should stand with the Syrian Arab Army against the Aliance Daesh-Israel.

Thumb -phoenix1 07 April 2015, 20:50

Maybe you find it more apt for Lebanon to take orders from Iran or Damascus then? Sorry, times are changing, better get used to it.

Thumb -phoenix1 07 April 2015, 20:52

Look ya Tric, there will be No Daesh in Lebanon and there will be NO Hezbollah state either. Hezbollah now is just a mercenary militia for rent, soon there will be no takers either.

Thumb liberty 08 April 2015, 04:57

poor flamethrower... it is mutating into a new low-life form.