One Dead, 90 Injured in S.Africa Train Crash


A train driver was killed and at least 90 other people injured Tuesday when two crowded commuter trains collided in Johannesburg, South African officials said, adding that emergency teams had cut one woman free from the wreckage.

"Paramedics, along with various services, arrived on the scene and found the wrecked trains blocking the tracks completely," Russel Meiring, spokesman for the ER24 paramedic group, said.

"Bent metal and parts of the train had been spread across the scene."

The News24 wire agency said the driver had died when his train hit a stationary train.

The trapped woman was transported by helicopter to hospital after being rescued.

"We have got 90 people injured," Metrorail spokeswoman Lillian Mofokeng told Agence France Presse.

The trains were both travelling from the capital Pretoria when crash occurred at a station in Denver suburb, east of Johannesburg.

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