Beirut Design Week - Q&A

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1- What is BDW? What is its purpose?

BDW is an established annual platform to network, share knowledge, and showcase talent in order to strengthen the creative economies, develop entrepreneurship, and promote Lebanon’s innovative design culture

2- Who participates in the week?

Local and international designers and Architects of all disciplines (product, service, furniture, lighting, fashion, graphics, urban, interior…etc), as well as educational institutions and commercial entities that see value in Design for their business and development.

3- Who is the audience that would be interested in the Beirut Design Week?

The audience is generally young, mostly between 18 to 55, and design-tech savvy with refined taste. They are generally very interested in discovering the latest designer products and trends, but also very interested in learning about developing their own skills as members in the creative economy.

4- Where is the BDW held?

BDW is held across Beirut and beyond usually, in over 100 locations, which vary from studios to exhibition spaces, boutiques and even public spaces. We promote Beirut’s creative diversity by dedicating every day to a certain area of the city (Saifi Village, Beirut Souks, Gemmayzeh, Mar Mikhael, Hamra..etc)

5- What's new about BDW this year?

This year we have introduced an app to keep track of everything. One of the highlights is the 2-day conference with globally renowned names, which is focusing on the value of Design in Technology, Business and Social Impact. We also have a new Finnish Design Exhibition along with the Dutch Designers, as well as an exhibition dedicated to the Maker movement and digital fabrication; which is a rising trend in Lebanon.

6- What is the schedule of events at the BDW?

You can expend to find a variety of the latest designer exhibitions from local and international designers, as well as conferences about the latest technologies and innovations. You may also choose to take specific tours to discover the craftsmen neighborhoods, and also enjoy evening entertainment of sorts.

7- How many people (designers, brands, etc) are participating this year?

This year we have about 150 participants so far.

8- Are the workshops and activities open to the public or do you have to be invited?

Everything is open to the public, but people have to pre-register to save themselves a space in workshops.

9- Is there a fee to pay to attend the workshops?

Yes, fees are usually between $20 and $100 depending on what the workshop offers.

10- Where can we follow you on social media to stay updated on the latest news and happenings?

You can check our website:, our Facebook page, or download our new app available for both iTunes and Android.

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