Army Arrests 3 for Conducting 'Major Financial Operations' for Syria Militants

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Three people have been arrested in Lebanon on charges of conducting “major financial operations” for the benefit of Syria-based armed groups, the army announced Thursday.

“Lebanese national Mohammed Dahrouj and the Syrians Ahmed Najjar and Ayman Ghotmeh were arrested by the Intelligence Directorate yesterday in Beirut on suspicion of conducting financial operations on behalf of militant groups operating in Syria,” the army said in a statement.

“The detainees confessed to transferring huge sums of money from Lebanon and other countries to Syria in a crooked manner,” the army added.

The detainee Dahrouj had been previously arrested on charges of transferring rocket-propelled grenades, said the army.

“Sums of money have been seized as a probe got underway under the supervision of the relevant judicial authorities,” the military added.

The Syrian conflict has spilled over heavily into Lebanon in the form of a refugee crisis, sporadic waves of violence and sectarian tensions.

Since the eruption of the crisis, the undemarcated border between the two countries has been used as a conduit for weapons and fighters, while also serving as a route for people fleeing the violence.


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Missing 21 May 2015, 18:51

I guarantee you if they were working for Saad, they would not be arrested. Have you not figure out that in Lebanon, only those that lose their political cover get arrested and charged!

Missing 21 May 2015, 18:55

And people wonder why many Syrian rebels are viewing Lebanon as enemy. While m8 thugs send armies to support the butcher regime at full view, they are hunted down and arrested.

Missing 21 May 2015, 23:20

'hariri_is_nusra' - Even your name shows how out of it you are. No it is not false because Samaha was arrested. He was arrested and charged because his crime was on a massive scale. He received a slap on the hand exactly because of political interference. A financial crime in Lebanon! Heck the Hizb and its supporters are the biggest culprits in this.

Missing 21 May 2015, 18:53

True - while ISIS takes over Tadmur and surrounding areas, the rebels takes over Mastuma - the largest regime base in Idlib and are close to capturing Ariha, the last city that the regime control in Idlib province.