Hariri to Aoun: New President Essential to Appoint Army Chief

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

AL-Mustaqbal Movement leader Saad Hariri reportedly informed Free Patriotic Movement chief Michel Aoun that he rejects the appointment of a new army commander ahead of the election of a new head of state.

Sources revealed in comments published in An Nahar newspaper Friday that Hariri's envoy told Aoun that he doesn't object to the appointment of Commando Regiment chief Brig. Gen. Chamel Roukoz as army chief.

However, Hariri stressed that ending the presidential vacuum is a must to appoint a new army commander as “the new head of state, whoever he was, has to have an opinion on the matter.”

Conflicting reports emerged recently on whether Hariri agreed on the appointment of Roukoz as army chief.

The reports had said that Hariri informed Aoun about his consent on the appointment of Roukoz as military chief in return for the appointment of head of the Internal Security Force Information Branch Imad Othman as ISF chief.

Aoun has allegedly been seeking to receive political consensus on the appointment of Roukoz as army chief as part of a package for the appointment of other top security officers, but Aoun scrapped such reports.

Roukoz's tenure ends in October while the term of army commander Gen. Jean Qahwaji expires at the end of September.

The military posts in Lebanon are suffering as the result of the months-long presidential vacuum in light of the parliament's failure to elect a successor for Michel Suleiman whose tenure ended in May last year. The vacuum also threatens Internal Security Forces as chief Maj. Gen. Ibrahim Basbous is set to retire in June.



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Missing humble 22 May 2015, 09:58

It is about time for the Christians to designate the Caporal as the one who is destroying the future of the Christians.

Missing humble 22 May 2015, 10:02

It is not relevant to accuse Ebola of manipulating the Caporal for destroying the institutions and pushing for the Mutelateh. It is the 100% responsibility of the Caporal to obey like a dog.

Missing humble 22 May 2015, 10:17

The mareedman said :"They will elect me, if not I will destroy everything and they will be forced to elect me."

He is doing it.

Wa7ad majnuun

Missing peace 22 May 2015, 13:44

oh! look at this hypocrit who shut down the parliament for 2 years and now cries like a baby....

Thumb -phoenix1 22 May 2015, 14:29

Hariri to Aoun: New President Essential to Appoint Army Chief the title says. Isn't it the same thing we're telling Aoun? isn't it that same logic we've been trying to drill through his ears? Has he listened, or will he listen? No, he will never listen, because if this new president is not to be him, then there will be NO new president, no new army generals, no hope for all decent and patriotic citizens, nothing. Aoun is not here for the good of folk and nation, he is here for the take, personal take, he will use any grammar and vocab to get there, but he must achieve his holiest of grails, Baabda, Baabda, Baabda. Hezbollah knowing Aoun's legendary greed and his preponderance to accept anything to get there will keep propping him up if need be, chaos settles in. But that won't be, there are still decent folks in Lebanon, and they form the majority, thanks goodness.

Thumb -phoenix1 22 May 2015, 15:06

Ya FT, honestly I cannot thank divinity for having you answer in these ways all the time. So much for a meaningful debate with you.

Thumb thepatriot 22 May 2015, 14:30

Don't worry for Aoun... one way or another, he is doomed, he's destroying himself as he destroys Lebanon, the Christians won't forget... he is committing political suicide..

Missing peace 22 May 2015, 15:58

weel gayboy FT: you identify yourself so much with FPM that you are part of the shut down on which you agreed! LOLLLLLLL