Israeli killed in overnight Hezbollah border 'ambush'


An Israeli was killed overnight in a Hezbollah attack in the occupied Kfarshouba Hills, the Israeli army said Friday.

Hezbollah said it has targeted overnight in a combined attack an Israeli military convoy near the Ruweisat al-Alam post in the occupied Kfarhsouba Hills. The group said it used anti-tank missiles and artillery shells, destroying two vehicles. It said its fighters had ambushed the convoy shortly before midnight Thursday, adding that the Israeli army used smoke screen to evacuate the casualties.

The Israeli army reported that two anti-tank missile strikes had hit northern Israel from Lebanon overnight, injuring an Israeli citizen who later died of his injuries. It said the man was an Israeli civilian doing infrastructure work in the area.

Israeli media identified the man as Sharif Suad, a resident of the Bedouin town of Sallama.

Artillery and warplanes bombed in retaliation the outskirts of Shebaa, Kfarshouba and Halta. The Israeli army said fighter jets struck Hezbollah "infrastructure" near Kfarshouba , including a weapon warehouse and a rocket launch pad.

Hezbollah had on Thursday denied a comment by Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant that "half of Hezbollah's commanders in southern Lebanon have been eliminated" in the months of violence.

On Friday, Israeli artillery and tanks shelled the outskirts of Dhaira, Yarin and al-Jebbayn and a house in Yarin.

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Missing un520 26 April 2024, 12:57

So they killed an Israeli arab, and we got his name in a matter of hours. Do the Hezbollah-fanatics still believe that Israel hides HUGE numbers of dead soldiers?

Thumb doodle-dude 26 April 2024, 15:31

lol @ " It said the man was an Israeli civilian doing infrastructure work in the area "

Thumb 26 April 2024, 15:43

Sharif Suad the palestinian Bedouin working for the Zionists, like any SLA or SLA sympathizer deserved his fate.

Thumb 26 April 2024, 22:23

And the other Zio simp… sympathizer !