Mustaqbal Slams Hizbullah and Aoun's 'Suicidal, Irresponsible Policies'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Al-Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc lashed out on Tuesday at Hizbullah and Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun, accusing them of implementing “suicidal, irresponsible policies.”

“The policy adopted by Hizbullah and its allies -- through their insistence on imposing a sole (presidential) candidate claiming exclusive representation of an entire sect – is a suicidal, irresponsible policy that might lead to Lebanon's destruction,” the bloc warned in a statement issued after its weekly meeting.

Criticizing recent remarks by Hizbullah deputy chief Sheikh Naim Qassem, Mustaqbal said it “condemns in the strongest terms the dangerous and shameful statement.”

“These blatant and unconcealed remarks have highlighted the identity of the party that is paralyzing the republic and its institutions and hijacking its presidency,” the bloc added, blasting Qassem's statement as a “massive national and political scandal.”

On Monday, Qassem said “the other camp has only two choices: electing General Aoun as president or (presidential) vacuum for an indefinite period of time.”

Accordingly, the Mustaqbal bloc accused Hizbullah on Tuesday of “implementing an Iranian agenda that is trying to subjugate Lebanon and its people and state through impeding the presidential vote and insisting on the election of a certain candidate who would become subordinate to Hizbullah and the Iranian regime.”

“Al-Mustaqbal bloc and the Lebanese people will not allow anyone to impose their agenda on them through force and coercion. The free democratic system that the Lebanese people chose is based on the principle of partnership and freedom of choice,” the bloc stressed.

It called on all political forces to seek the election of “a consensual, strong president whose personality, ethical conduct, leadership skills and unifying policy would allow them to become a symbol for Lebanese unity … and to pull Lebanon out of the dangerous dilemma that it has been implicated in.”

Mustaqbal noted that the same parties that are “impeding the presidential election” are the ones “who are now seeking to paralyze the work of the cabinet.”

The bloc also warned against paralyzing the parliament, underlining that it must be allowed to convene and pass urgent draft laws.

MPs from Aoun's bloc in addition to Hizbullah and other March 8 alliance lawmakers have been boycotting parliamentary sessions aimed at electing a new head of state since Michel Suleiman's six-year term ended in May last year.


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Missing humble 09 June 2015, 20:02

Caporal is the greatest traitor in the History of Lebanon.

Missing humble 09 June 2015, 20:05

This mareedman must be taken immediately to mental hospital.
His madness is the sole reason of his behaviour.

Missing humble 09 June 2015, 20:08

Caporal is destroying the institutions and the Christians for his personal interest.

Missing humble 09 June 2015, 20:09

Shame on any Christian who still follows this criminal.

Missing humble 09 June 2015, 20:25

Caporal has asked Ebola to prepare a coup to bring him to Baabda by force !!!

Missing people-power 09 June 2015, 20:37

Wait.... but The_Bore reassured us that the demented deserter ex-general was not a candidate?

Default-user-icon Alfred (Guest) 09 June 2015, 21:05

And in all this nobody cares of the majority of the Christian ?
and if this majority is challenged then why just not ask for the people's opinion ? Is it this way we have cooperation, partnership and peace by rejecting the largest Christian parliamentary bloc ?
I dont support anyone but in the same time lets just respect the basic rules of democracy : the one who has the strongest support takes it

Thumb theresistance4.0 09 June 2015, 21:16

:) blah blah blah. Don't worry folks I'm sure ur Al Nusra and ISIS will come to your rescue lol

Missing peace 09 June 2015, 22:12

good now hezbis have a new motto : do whatever we summon you to do otherwise ISIL and al nusra will come.

we don't hear any threats coming from israel anymore... they used to shake that scare though not so long ago, i guess ISIL sell their propaganda better now! LOL

Thumb Machia 09 June 2015, 21:18

Problem are the people who voted for Aoun. Lebanese who identify themselves as Christians and who cannot stand to see their privileges eroded.
They see the Lebanese of other sects having leaders that plunder the state and fill government jobs with their cronies and they think that they need such leaders. This is why Michel El Murr was so popular during the Syrian occupation. He plundered and filled government jobs but nothing compared to others like Jumblatt, Berri and Hariri.
They like this arrogant, populist and crazy general and think that he will give them back equal rights in the plunder of the Lebanese state.
All this corruption is financed by our deposits in Lebanese banks. We are happy to get 5pc on our money while it is used to finance the most corrupt government, justice, customs and tax system in the world.
This is why we have extremists who follow Aoun and Nasrallah.

Default-user-icon tric.portugal (Guest) 10 June 2015, 07:17

well said hass1978