Army Arrests Syrians on Terror Charges, Illegal Entry to Lebanon

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The army on Monday arrested several Syrians in the eastern Bekaa region on terrorism charges.

"Army intelligence agents arrested a terrorist group comprising 4 Syrians in Jib Janine and Kamid el-Loz in western Bekaa," LBCI television reported in the evening.

Earlier in the day, the military said it detained Mohammed Kamel Roq, Haeb Hussein Haider, and Anas Hassan al-Masri on suspicion of belonging to terrorist groups.

They were held in the Hrabta and al-Labweh regions in the Bekaa, it said.

In Beirut's Haret Hreik neighborhood, the army detained two wanted Lebanese on shooting charges and another citizen for the possession of equipment used to produce explosives.

Earlier, 28 Syrians were arrested in the border region of al-Masnaa in the east for illegally entering Lebanon, added the military in a separate communique.

All detainees have been referred to the relevant authorities for investigation.


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Thumb marcus 15 June 2015, 14:21

اعتداء على عناصر “قوى الامن” في بعلبك
وقع اشكال قرب ثانوية الصلاح في بعلبك، على خلفية احتجاج على توقيف رخص البناء وقطع طريق عين الشعب، تطور الى الاعتداء بالضرب بالايدي على عناصر قوى الامن الداخلي من قبل متعهدي ومقاولي البناء.

Thumb ex-fpm 15 June 2015, 14:43

lol you are arrested on "suspicion" of belonging to terror groups. Yet, the terrorists in Baalbek, Dahieh, and the South roam freely and terrorize people. The little boy died a few days ago by stray bullets fired by the outlaws and gangsters claiming to be resistance.

Thumb ex-fpm 15 June 2015, 15:38

the gangsters of the resistance were firing in the air at the news of the death of their fighters in Syria. Of course they were pointing their guns towards tariq el jdeedeih and a bullet hit a 4 year old boy in the head. He died in the hospital 2 hours later.

Thumb ex-fpm 15 June 2015, 16:17

Three wounded from gunfire during Hezbollah funeral in Lebanonجرح-طفل-في-منطقة-قصقص-جراء-رصاص-أطلق-من/المستقبل-جرح-طفل-في-منطقة-قصقص-جراء-رصا/المستقبل-جرح-طفل-بقصقص-جرا-رصاص-أطلق-خلال-تشييع-قت

is that enough for you flamethrower?

Thumb ex-fpm 15 June 2015, 16:20

3 wounded in Beirut from Hezbollah funeral gunfire

Missing peace 15 June 2015, 16:22

it was also on the tv news.... the horror in this story is that this little kid RIP fled from Yarmouk with his parents hoping for a peaceful life in Lebanon... thanks to those hezbis firing in the air we all know the sad ending...
and not one single apology from the terrorist party...

Thumb EagleDawn 15 June 2015, 16:53

the reason the troll did not hear about it in the news is because it only reads iranian news.

Thumb Elemental 15 June 2015, 17:42

How about the rest of the foreign illegals claiming to be Lebanese and legitimate?