Six Wounded in Family Clashes in Wadi Khaled, Akkar


Six people were wounded Friday in two separate clashes in the North district, al-Jadeed television reported.

A dispute between the Attiya and Hammoud families escalated into a fight involving the use of batons and knives in the Akkar district town of al-Muqaybleh.

Gunshots were also fired in the air during the incident.

Al-Jadeed said three people were injured in the clash, identifying them as Raed Khaled Attiya, Mahmoud Ahmed Khaled and his brother Majd. They were all rushed to hospital for treatment.

In another incident, three people from the Haddara family were wounded in a clash with members of the al-Mir family in the Akkar district town of Mar Touma.


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Default-user-icon Nobody (Guest) 18 July 2015, 07:55

Thats the problem with Lebanese. Any article has to have hatred comments. How will you people advance. If your leader tells you to love group you people will love group A. Second day if your leader says to hate group A you people will hate group A. Why can't you people be civilized. You people talk about how shitty Lebanon is but don't do anything to fix it. You people are part of the problem and expect it to be fixed how? Both sides have good and bad. That's life. No one is perfect. But be Lebanese for once.

Thumb -phoenix1 18 July 2015, 16:25

Eh wala, ramadan kareem, huh!

Default-user-icon Sasha (Guest) 19 July 2015, 09:59

If there iate uneducated people all over Lebanon and no government to prevent such people ramadan doesn't have to do any with theses people