Residents of Kfour, Follow Naameh, Prevent Dump Trucks from Unloading

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Residents of the southern town of al-Kfour held a sit-in on Wednesday blocking the road leading to the town's landfill and forbidding dump trucks from emptying their loads, the National News Agency said.

“Our sit-in is open until the landfill is closed completely. It has become a source of diseases and insects of various kinds. All the land surrounding the landfill has become barren and the poison accumulating affects all neighboring areas,” the residents of the town that lies in the Nabatieh district complained.

Municipal chief of al-Kfour Hussein Darwish and the town's mayor took part in the sit-in.

They pointed that several residents of the area have left the town in the hot summer season to escape the fumes and foul smells rising from the landfill.

The sit-in coincides with a similar move taken by residents of the southern town of Naameh and the northern town of Hbaline.

Residents of Naameh have been holding a sit-in since July 17, the deadline for the closure of the town's landfill, prohibiting dump trucks from unloading and calling on the cabinet to abide by its decision.

The landfill was closed on July 17 in accordance with a government decision.

In January, the cabinet extended the operations of Naameh and the contract of Sukleen company which is responsible for dump collections.

Beirut and Mount Lebanon were plunged in a waste disposal crisis following the closure of the landfill.

The closure caused trash to spill out of dumpsters after Sukleen failed to dispose of waste following the landfill's closure.

It said it can no longer fill up its premises with accumulated trash.

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Default-user-icon @God (Guest) 22 July 2015, 15:23

Since many years industrialized good developed countries build energy from waste plants. Nowadays countries like Singapore and other countries follows...what a shame for Lebanon, drowning in waste and suffer on electrical energy...remind me on third world countries...but for sure we have a culprit...Iran, Saudi Arabia, USA and Israel causing this problems as usual.

Thumb -phoenix1 22 July 2015, 15:34

Peut etre que Hablabla peut nous fournir des solutions concernant la grandissante poubelle.