Jumblat Ready to Accept Waste Bulk but Urges Christian Action

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Progressive Socialist Party chief MP Walid Jumblat has allegedly expressed readiness to accept the dumping of around 2,000 tons out of 2,500 tons of waste in Dahr al-Baydar in return for stashing the rest of the garbage in the districts of Metn and Kesrouan.

Al-Akhbar daily said Thursday that 3,000 tons of waste are collected from Beirut, its suburbs, and the districts of Shouf, Aley, Baabda, Kesrouan and Metn daily. Sukleen treats around 500 tons while the rest are dumped in landfills.

A member of the waste management committee that has been holding consecutive meetings since the garbage crisis erupted earlier this month, said: “Jumblat guarantees the transfer of waste – around 2,000 tons - from Beirut, its suburbs, and the southern part of Mount Lebanon to Ain Dara.”

“But the Christian parties should assume their responsibilities in guaranteeing a location to dump the remaining 500-ton garbage of Metn and Kesrouan in the two areas,” the source told al-Akhbar.

Trash collection resumed in Beirut over the weekend after an almost week-long crisis that has seen streets overflowing with waste and the air filled with the smell of rotting garbage.

The collection restarted after a temporary deal was found to begin taking trash to several landfills in undisclosed locations.

But the deal led to protests in several areas, where residents refused to accept the waste of Beirut and Mount Lebanon.

The protesters blocked roads in Jiyeh to stop trucks from transporting garbage to Iqlim al-Kharroub and in Dahr al-Baydar, where the residents of Ain Dara have warned against dumping waste in the area's old stone crushing plants.

Meanwhile, in remarks to As Safir daily, Jumblat expressed concern over the fate of the cabinet, saying he is carrying out intense consultations along with Speaker Nabih Berri to prevent the possible collapse of the government.

Prime Minister Tammam Salam's government is the “last safety valve,” which the Lebanese should preserve, he said.

Its collapse would lead to a “reckless adventure” particularly that the presidential elections are not looming on the horizon amid a failure to reach an agreement on a consensual candidate, Jumblat warned.

Recently, there have been rumors that Salam would resign over the failure to bridge differences between the bickering parties and his inability to find a solution to the government's decision-making mechanism and the waste crisis.

The situation worsened when on July 17 the Naameh landfill, which used to receive trash from the capital and Mount Lebanon area, was closed.



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Default-user-icon Georges (Guest) 30 July 2015, 09:11

I dont understand now..which Christian parties? M14 keeps telling the whole world that Christians are represented by Sleiman, Ghattas Khoury and Henri Helou... why doesnt he talk to them ?
Funny that when they really need the consent of the people, they knock the door of "Christian parties".
Let him talk to Dory Chamoun, he has million of members in his PNL.

FPM, LF and Kataeb are the past and do not represent anyone, right ?

They are not supposed to talk to parties...but to a President and officials who really represent people and are mandated to talk on their behalf.

Do they really want a country where all are united and live under the rule of the law? or do they want to continue their business based on turning people against each other ?

Default-user-icon Jaafar mish Georges (Guest) 30 July 2015, 10:46

you make so many great points and I like your style and approach.

Missing helicopter 31 July 2015, 07:12

Before 1975 Lebanon was the Switzerland of the Middle East because HA did not exist, Iran was still civilized, And the constitution was respected.

Thumb Mystic 30 July 2015, 16:39

Jumblat should care more about the Druze being slaughtered in Syria. But Saudi dollars can easily change his views.

Missing helicopter 31 July 2015, 07:13

Why? Do you want him to be secular minded like HA and never think about Lebanese issues.

Missing humble 30 July 2015, 10:45

It is technically forbidden to dump waste at an altitude of 1500m...the rain that will infiltrate will pollute all aquifers.
Our politicians think of themselves, their families, their pocket. They are destroying this beautiful country.

Thumb ado.australia 30 July 2015, 14:05

very true! its a travesty that they destroy Lebanon's water and mountains by dumping and burning rubbish in the mountains.

Missing helicopter 31 July 2015, 07:14

What keeps those rotten Politicians in power is people like the 10 who gave you thumbs down.

Default-user-icon poor.roar (Guest) 30 July 2015, 10:46

well said and hot

Thumb ado.australia 30 July 2015, 16:15

terrorist... the environment minister, the interior minister is avoiding their responsibility! why does it have to be crisis before anything gets done? The FPM provided a solution 2 years ago but it has been ignored because they are FPM! why is it only addressed when it is a crisis?! Forget the political sides and reasons, but why is the original option presented by the fpm ignored originally? its a joke that nothing happens until its that important!

Thumb ex-fpm 30 July 2015, 18:40

what solution did the FPM provide? and when? Do you mean when they had the whole government all by themselves with HA for almost 2 years?!!!
Wrong ado, and you are a typical FPM/HA distorter. The facts are: The solution was taken in 2010 during Hariri's government. The one way ticket was issued; FPM/HA appointed Miqati and got busy stealing money from the electricity file and dumped the whole waste treatment plants approved under Hariri's government. Your FPM have been sabotaging Salam's government from the onset.

Missing helicopter 31 July 2015, 07:22

What did the FPM ministers achieve when they had many ministries for 3 years (such as with Electricity). Do you want them to hire 2 Turkish vessels to load garbage.