FPM Source: Extending Terms of Military Officials a 'Political Trash'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A prominent source of the Free Patriotic Movement warned on Thursday against the consequences of extending the terms of the army commander and the chief of staff, describing the move as a “political trash.”

“Extending the terms of the army chief and the chief of staff will escalate tension and those who insist to violate the constitution will be blamed,” the source told As Safir daily.

“Any decision to extend the terms of military officers is political trash,” the source added on condition of anonymity.

“The cabinet has an opportunity to reform the abnormal path it is taking during the next session through the appointment of a new army chief of staff. We recommend the cabinet to take such a decision instead of proceeding with irregularities,” said the source.

September will witness the term's end of several military army officials including the Army Chief of Staff Walid Salman on September 7, Director general of Army Intelligence Brig. Edmond Fadel on September 20, Maj. Mohammed Kheir, secretary-general of the Higher Defense Council, on Sept. 21, Army commander Gen. Jean Qahwaji on Sept. 22.

While Brig. Chamel Roukoz, head of the Army Commando Unit, is set to retire on Oct. 15.

Reports have said that Defense Minister Samir Moqbel will not allow vacancy at senior military posts and hence is set to postpone the retirement of Salman next week, despite the opposition of Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun.

Thursday's cabinet session could face a thorny decision in that regard, and reports have said that the best formula for the cabinet may be to avoid the issue and suspend its sessions until the “storm passes by.”

Prime Minister Tammam Salam has warned saying: “If we failed to find serious solutions for the cabinet in light of the presidential vacuum, then we will arrive at a great inability.”

Lebanon has been living a presidential vacuum since May 2014 when the term of president Michel Suleiman ended.



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Missing humble 31 July 2015, 10:34

Caporal is really destroying the christians and the country.

Missing humble 31 July 2015, 10:36

For his personal interest and his family.

Missing humble 31 July 2015, 10:49

The enemies of Lebanon (in addition to the takfiris, terrorists and Israel) are:
1 - Syria
2 - Iran
3 - Ebola
4 - Caporal
5 - Any Lebanese supporting Ebola and any Christian supporting Caporal.

Thumb Mystic 31 July 2015, 16:07

Don't put Israel and the takfiris in your list hypocrit.
You just listed all the enemies of Israel & the takfiri.

Your Mostaqbal logic is always laughable.

Thumb jaafar.ibn.iblees 31 July 2015, 16:33

Mystic, is that a martyred iranian jihadi terrorist in your avatar?

Default-user-icon zapata (Guest) 31 July 2015, 17:32

Mystic, do you agree that Qahwaji is trash?

Missing humble 31 July 2015, 19:25

"Anyone, but not HIM" is the new logo...

Thumb Mystic 31 July 2015, 22:01

Wrong helicopter, nobody forced Sleiman out, we all simply waited for his term to expire, and it did. We do not want a Saudi puppet in Lebanon.

Missing helicopter 01 August 2015, 01:14

Binary thinking. If not Iran's Puppet then he must be Saudi puupet. You do not have any understanding of the concept "Proud Lebanese".

Thumb -phoenix1 01 August 2015, 15:43

If you call Suleiman a Saudi puppet, then what if I may ask you my honorable brother Mystic about Emile Lahoud, or Elias Hrawi? Did they drop from heaven through some heavenly vehicle rented out by Hezbollah? Where they not the lickers of Syrian butt for decades? Did they not sit at the same room waiting with your Hezbollah's cadres for Syria's occupation governors to order them to serve him his tea. You waited for Suleiman's term to expire, and in true gentleman, he left, was it what that dog Lahoud of yours did? Sadly for you, Aoun the claoun's wait will be eternal, and so will yours too be.

Thumb -phoenix1 01 August 2015, 15:44

Humble, pleeeease remove the double jointed gnome Frangieh, what about Dimianos Kattar?

Thumb -phoenix1 01 August 2015, 15:49

The real trash is a has-been who can no longer commandeer 70 vehicles through the streets of Beirut. The real trash is someone who is now well past 80 and still feels he can be president. The real trash is someone who wore that noble army uniform and made of it a mockery and abandoned his men to die at the hands of the Syrian butchers. That trash is the man who rushed to the French embassy and was spotted smoking Cuban cigars, eating caviar and rinking champagne. That trash is the man and the ideology that bites the hand that feeds him. That trash is not even fit to touch one speck of dust from the shoes of Qahwaji, that trash should now do the right thing, go the the mental hospital just a very few kilometers from where he lives. Michel Aoun, tu es fini.

Thumb -phoenix1 01 August 2015, 15:50

Michel Aoun, Degages!!